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  • Running in a crowd In a faceless town

  • I need to feel the touch of a friend. In the countryside

  • I wander far and wide The isolation gets me again

  • I don't know where to go When I feel like crying

  • Oh my! It's time to open myself

  • Do something new I want to stop and grow up a bit

  • Then suddenly, my power and confidence start swelling up

  • Magically erupt And it's all because of the kindness that I feel

  • From people I don't even know

  • Then suddenly, my intuition and my wisdom grow

  • And then I know That most of all I sense compassion's real

  • Thanks to strangers where ever I go Thank you for waking me up!

Running in a crowd In a faceless town


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B1 中級 美國腔

優優學長開場3--微笑炸彈 (1080p) (Yu Yu Hakusho Opening 3 - Smile Bomb (1080p))

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    Anne 發佈於 2021 年 01 月 14 日