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If I fall asleep right now,
then I can still get eight hours of sleep.
So all I have to do is fall asleep
right now.
Damn it.
I have to pee again.
False alarm.
I hope no one saw me trip today at lunch.
I think Becky saw, I hope she's the only one.
What if she told everybody else and now no one
thinks I know how to walk?
It's way too hot in here.
Oh I forgot to set my alarm.
Ah, too bright!
And now I'm too cold.
Wait, did I forget to lock the door?
Well, I don't really have any enemies.
Okay, I need to get off my phone.
And I never set my alarm.
Okay, it's only been an hour.
If I fall asleep now I can still get
seven hours of sleep.
It's too bright in here.
Maybe I need to move.
Or maybe...
No one ever posts anything interesting at night.
What the hell was that?
This is because I didn't lock the door.
I need to stop eating in bed.
And I feel like a hostage.
I'm gonna take these off.
Where's my-- Where's my phone?
Where's my?
Oh, there it is.
How do we find peace in the Middle East?
Oh God it's five A.M.!
What happened?
I think I'm finally falling asleep.
Damn it, I have to pee.
Well, I didn't sleep at all.


失眠時的千頭萬緒 (Thoughts You Have When You Can

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Pedroli Li 發佈於 2016 年 3 月 14 日    Clément 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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