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Me gusta! Cinco!
Ugh! Right up main street!
Three, Two, STUPID!...
Worth it!
Why are you counting bullets?
Why don't you just pick up one of our many weapons?
Well that's simple!
Because this makes me...
look like one Bad...
I took care of it.
And Language!
Get out of my movie you f...
Don't worry!
I'm totally on top of this!
Effort! No NO NO!!
And THAT's when the love of my life died!
No thanks to you, teen titans!
Hey! I didn't make you toss her off a 300 foot drop.
It was my maximum effort!
And what are you Micheal Bay?
Nobody asked you to make a cliche explosion in the middle of MY boss battle!
Colossus needed my help.
So yeah! Now I'm alone.
The only girl of my dreams... gone forever...
Thanks to the X-Men.
Now you know how Firefly fans feel.
Too Soon, Superman!
So what happened to Ajax?
You mean Francis?
He died under all that rubble.
Are you sure?
Well he better have!
If not I'm gonna find him, shoot him in the head, and then use the hole for...
This is making me uncomfortable.
Why because you're PG-13?
Or were you gonna say BATMAN.
No! I was... I would say...
Because I'm Batman!
Are we PG-13?
I always thought we were a hard PG.
Blu-ray might be rated R.
That is a terrible idea!
Uh excuse me, copycats.
We were talking about MY dead girlfriend.
Wade, please. You did not love this woman.
Oh really! Well what do you know about it Mr. Metal Sack?
I think you only enjoyed her for...
sexy times.
What!? That is not true.
Vanessa and I also made amazing sci-fi references together.
I loved that girl!
There was a montage and everything!
I didn't call her because...
I'm ugly now.
That's too bad.
Beast probably would've helped you out if you had just called us first.
I am going to kill you, little girl!
That's not nice.
You think the studio could afford Beast!?
You can't just murder your enemies, Wade.
Killing is wrong.
What? Why?
Superman does it.
I do NOT just murder my enemies!
You're right. Not EVERYONE in that destroyed city was your enemy.
Ooooh dear! Shots fired.
See! Deadpool gets it.
Are we really gonna do this AGAIN?
You're a monster.
Oh my gosh! I Saved the Earth, Bruce!
You've got to be stopped!
I feel like you guys need to be alone.
Excuse me. Oh. Don't get up.
Wouldn't want to have to animate you in a different position for a change.
Just uh.. Yeah. Get off me!
Uh huh!
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go find a place with a little more trouble.
Good Lord! Look at those cars!
What is this 2007?
And then he stabbed me in the leg, and I still didn't bleed out!
And you don't have any healing powers?
Nope. Wow!
Hello, Francis!
Wade Wil...
Now ((bleep)) DIE ALREADY!
Bleeps really?! Here?
Revenge stories... am I right guys?
Hey can I get some chimichangas?
Oh I'm afraid you aren't welcome here, Van Wilder.
Yes! Anti-hero.
What! How many times do I have to say this?
I am not a ((bleep)) hero!
You aren't evil.
I made everyone hate Green Lantern.
That's kind of evil.
But there is still good in you...
so leave us!
Ugh... fine.
But I'm leaving the old Deadpool with you guys.
Wait NO! Please don't! AAAAAGH!
Nobody likes THAT Deadpool!
I wanna Shoot baby!
Shoot stab shoot
Shoot stab shoot.
Shoot stab shoot stab shoot stab shoot.
Shoot stab shoot
Shoot stab shoot
Shoot stab shoot stab shoot stab shoot
Deadpool shoot
Deadpool shoot
Deadpool stab and shoot and shoot
Stab and shoot
Stab and shoot stab shoot stab and shoot stab and shoot
Aaaaawwe Yeah!
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We'll see you next time, baby.



你們都錯啦!死侍的結尾應該是....(How Deadpool Should Have Ended)

19653 分類 收藏
Ruby Lu 發佈於 2016 年 3 月 19 日    Ruby Lu 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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