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  • Louis C.K. Chewed up People SNL

  • I never understood people are judging people for the way they have sex as some

  • people get angry homosexuals just for being gay to get mad at them

  • her an early understood that you know like because they're just having sex

  • with each other

  • the governors in a PP which is running down the street is putting people the

  • ass willy nilly just like a pet stores

  • like without asking you know like you're the Atma what the hot

  • she says 10 minutes so glad you just might be right now yes seriously

  • threatening its important role in my new pants

  • in mall shared another one fact am I gonna put home this is ridiculous

  • in

  • but they generally don't do that so I don't know what the fucking promise

  • people get mad then when we get don't get married we don't have to go to a

  • wedding with the put you to the by many

  • it doesn't matter said something really well then ok I will marry his dog could

  • talk about me

  • blows his daughter who gives a shit it doesn't matter doesn't have any impact

  • on your life with the fuck do you care

  • or people to try to think it's not like I think it's a social issue

  • like when you see someone stand up on and on talk show inside how am I

  • supposed to explain to my child

  • the two men are getting married I don't know what your shitty Kate you fuckin

  • tell

  • why is that anyone else's problem

  • two guys are in love with a cake america's you want to talk to your ugly

  • child for work in five minutes

  • picking here's what you're surely he's really a faggot anyway

  • in scooping that

  • Aaron up

  • your stupid no

  • the only the only arm thing that a Ponzi have those that you're not you're not

  • supposed to laugh a gay people when they're funny

  • because sometimes they just harder for many like I lived in New York for a lot

  • of my life in my neighborhood everybody was gay and and it you know some guys

  • are just a guy walking on the street but some gay guys or a guy in little shorts

  • and a half shirt and

  • you know combat boots breaking its green

  • the the whistle when he's standing on the corner going to go out

  • packinghouse lives in history time business plan exists by the thousands

  • and some when I see them I laugh really loud I just do

  • you really don't have to get these did not apply because he's fuckin weird and

  • silly

  • his larry is in

  • by spose three-act allow over the whole

  • lawyers in seriousness

  • you know in

  • stupid him the only

  • you actually the 1i would blow a baseman

  • based on who he is is

  • Ewan McGregor that if there is this one guy out there I gotta say

  • that I have no game inclinations except for ice

  • met this fuckin dude in person I was they work on support show in Near East

  • and write their names like

  • popped like I was just blown away the she's

  • Christ is fuckin beautiful in

  • any live music you know and I was like fuck and shivered like Icarus shivering

  • like of the cookin

  • gracious in like a week later I just it was like staring off into space and when

  • I realize but I'll just daydreaming about

  • you McGregor and

  • like seriously I'm not gain any other week summer I wanna fuck that guy right

  • in the face I stole only want to fuck a space

  • I wanna talk that shit out of this place I want him to fuck me I do I wanna fuck

  • min

Louis C.K. Chewed up People SNL


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路易斯-C.K.-同性戀者_誰在乎#$? (Louis C.K.-Gay people_Who gives a sh#$)

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