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Today, you are going to try...
It's soda!
The good thing is I'm not allowed to eat fizzy stuff,
fizzy stuff with my retainer,
and I don't have my retainer in.
So yay!
We're gonna have you try a few different types of soda,
and have you tell us what you think of them.
Okay. Okay.
As long as they have sugar in them, then I'm probably gonna like 'em.
Wait. Are you guys gonna trick me?
I don't think I am trying these.
Drum roll.
Here's your first soda to try.
I have a feeling these aren't the same.
Egggh. This is not normal soda!
What the heck?!
That's so-- oh my gosh! That--
Oh, that aftertaste!
If it's like some disgusting flavor, like the BeanBoozled thing,
I'm gonna hate you guys.
Yup, this is Fanta, definitely.
Thank you.
This is NOT Fanta!
I don't like that.
(smacks lips)
Mmm. (gags)
It tastes like bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad fruit.
All I know is it's the bacon one, isn't it?
Yeah, I've had bacon soda before
because my dad wanted to try it with me,
so I drank some and it was-- mmm.
This flavor was bacon soda.
Who would ever want bacon in their soda?
I like bacon!
I don't like bacon soda.
You can't put bacon in a liquid.
It's like leftover bacon grease.
This one, dump in the trash.
Here's the next soda.
All these look like different sodas,
so that one looks like orange soda,
now this one looks like Sprite.
Mmm! It's not bad.
Kinda coco-nutty.
That tastes like coconut. I do not like it.
It tastes like coconuts and Clorox wipes.
It's sweet and it kinda tastes like a Sprite,
but you put a flower inside of it.
This soda tasted like smelly socks, plastic, and band-aids.
And the flavor of this drink:
ranch dressing soda.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Who would make that?!
And I thought that was good.
Who makes ranch dressing soda?
I don't even like ranch dressing.
Now I tried the soda and I like it.
I love ranch dressing. How can this taste bad?
Why do they have to make food and food dressing into soda?
Here is another soda to try.
Noooo! No, no, no, no, no, nooooo!
Mmm! I know what this is.
Cotton candy.
Mmm, this is really good. I'm gonna finish it.
I'm gonna drink the whole entire thing.
That was actually good!
Oh! The aftertaste is terrible! WHY?!
This is a good one.
It tasted a little bit like a watermelon juice.
I liked this one. This is the ONLY one I like probably.
You just tried peanut butter and jelly soda.
Mmm! Tastes good.
The heck? I hate peanut butter and jelly.
I've never tried the real sandwich.
I hate peanut butter.
I can't believe I just drank that and liked it.
And the next one!
- Wait. (sniffs)
It smells like an orange. But I bet it's not.
That was, like, decent.
It tastes like orange soda, but not made by Fanta.
Is this, like, hot sauce?
It's probably hot sauce flavor.
Like, all these sodas are so weird!
This time we had you try buffalo wing soda.
I love you guys!
It's good! It's really good.
Did they mix it with orange or something?
It tastes nothing like buffalo wings.
It could either be the new trend, or the worst idea ever.
And, finally, the last soda.
This one looks like Coca-Cola.
And if it is, thank you.
I have a good feeling that this will be a normal soda.
Can I take a little sip?
Cinnamon sugar soda.
This tastes good.
And it tastes like chocolate, root beer, and Sprite.
It tastes exactly like S'mores.
It tastes like chocolate,
but it's like a bad chocolate.
It's like chocolate, spoiled.
It tastes like an old, weird, bitter chocolate milk.
And the final soda today... chocolate soda.
I was so close!
I knew it.
Yeah, that was obvious it was chocolate.
I liked it.
This one's actually, I think, the best.
Which of these sodas would you recommend to people?
Peanut butter and jelly.
The ranch dressing.
Buffalo wings.
Ranch. The ranch one.
Buffalo wing!
I liked the peanut butter and jelly one.
Peanut butter and jelly soda.
Chocolate, but I don't think I should drink it that much
because I feel like you can get diabetes.
Thanks for watching this episode of Kids vs. Food.
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We have new shows for you every week.
Ranch dressing is for carrots, not for soda.
I mean, seriously. Who comes up with this stuff?



1915 分類 收藏
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