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Morning everyone. Welcome to MandarinMadeEZ
Welcome to MME guys
It's a hot and sunny day here in Taipei
And I thought I'd show you guys what eating breakfast is like here in Taiwan
How to order breakfast, and some tips for you at the restaurant.
So 早餐 is breakfast
Breakfast is one of those things I would miss the most when I was studying in the UK
You know, as I was just spreading some butter
on a piece of toast, I would be like "where is my 蛋餅"
"where is my 饅頭?"
So today, I thought I'd guide you through some of the things I like the most,
and also, just what Taiwanese people eat for breakfast on a day to day basis.
The most basic sentence you can use to order something is simply saying
I would like one order, or one portion of
If you want to be more polite you can say
So lets repeat the more, the simple ones. Lets say
I want one portion
Now lets talk about some of my favorite things I love to order when I go have breakfast here in Taiwan.
So number one, I think you've already heard me say
and actually, If you break down the characters
It just sounds like egg cookie or egg biscuit
that doesn't really kind of describe what it is
or on the menu's here I've seen it translated as an egg pancake.
and if you're coming here and you be like, "egg pancake" that sounds really weird.
but it's actually more like a savory, a savory pancake.
but imaging when you order a Peking duck, and you get those little round pancakes. Imagine that,
double the size
and what they do is crack and egg on it, and they can add all sorts of different things
They can add Bacon, they can add Ham
They can add sweetcorn. All sorts of toppings
This morning I'm eating a bacon "danbing"
I'm eating a ham "danbing"
I'm eating a pork "danbing"
Lets start!
So its actually a really popular breakfast item here in Taiwan, so as you can see in the video
I ordered a...
a bacon danbing. My sister ordered a
she ordered a ham danbing, and my sister's friend,
Yoko, ordered a pork danbing
So they're really really versatile
and for you veggies out there
There's always a veggie option so just ask the boss.
Then you can see here is the colorful "饅頭"
There's always something going on in the weekend.
Then here, this criss-crossy kind of
colorful bread
is a "mantou"
and it's actually one of those things I miss the most. It's this big carby thing
it's actually streamed bread.
and usually you just get it, the most traditional is in white.
and sometimes you get black sugar ones which are darker.
and this one is kind of like the baby of the classic one and the dark sugar one.
it's got a really light flavor
so, if you're looking for something simple in the morning
mantou is the thing for you
BTW, if you're wondering what this is
I was in a cat fight.
so now you've ordered your breakfast
and you want to add some sauce to it.
you can either add soy sauce
and that's just soy sauce, but actually with a lot of different foodstuffs we actually use thick soy sauce
膏 is a paste
so it's essentially just soy sauce that's been
been thickened, and it's just easier to dip into
so often at breakfast shops you'll see
and if you like a bit of spice in the morning like I do
you can order a "..."
"..." is chili
and "醬" is sauce
then finally
in certain breakfast shops they will also have a "..."
do you guys remember it from our flavors episode
"甜" is sweet and "辣" is spicy so it's a sweet and spicy sauce
don't mistake it for ketchup!
which is "..."
because it looks really similar
all look the same. so remember to ask the boss which one is which
and if your a 'sweater' like me
there's loads of tissues around. but sometimes they don't put it on the table
so look around on the walls
so they're sometimes stuck on the walls and you can pull one
and dab your sweat off
it's hot in the summer so there is no shame in sweating
and also you know, if you have just unwrapped your chopsticks
and you're wondering where to put that little bit of plastic
there is usually a little clip
on the desk that you can kinda slide the plastic cover on so they don't fly around
when you go to a breakfast shop they will usually have a huge menu
I mean huge, but they are always made of the same basic things
so you either get "蛋餅"s or you get burgers
you get sandwich or you can go for the classic little snacks
don't worry
a good technique is just to point at someone else's order
and then you can order
but you know if you have just come to Taiwan
and you are wondering what to have for breakfast
go with the "蛋餅" first
then maybe a "饅頭" and then
it's just like the tea shop there are so many variations that you can have
good luck guys. I am going to go enjoy my Saturday now
I hope you are having a nice breakfast
hopefully if you are watching this video
I'd love to know what you have for breakfast in your country
love you all. bye guys!


學習說中文點早餐 (Ordering Breakfast in Chinese [w/Eng Subs])

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