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SIMON: So we just came back from Taiwan, and filmed a whole bunch of delicious, amazing food videos, coming out soon.
But for today, we have a load of Taiwanese snacks, that we didn't actually get to try while we were in Taiwan, so we're trying today in Korea.
MARTINA: I'm excited!
SIMON: Let's give this a shot. The first one we're trying
is one everyone told us about - Pineapple Cake.
MARTINA: I would say that this is more like a luxury item, we're not exactly "convenience store" fooding this.
SIMON: Oh, they're individually packaged! MARTINA: I somehow pictured a huge loaf.
SIMON: Me too! MARTINA: Did you? SIMON: Okay, okay, here we go.
MARTINA: Ooh, heavy! SIMON: Ooh, really dense! MARTINA: (oohs) SIMON: (sound of excitement)
MARTINA: Okay, Pineapple Cake. SIMON: Pineapple Cake.
SIMON: Okay, this is really dry. MARTINA: This is nothing that I expected.
SIMON: This looks like a biscuit.
MARTINA: K, let's see... SIMON: Here we go.
SIMON: Oh my God.
MARTINA: OK, that's not dry at all.
SIMON: It's filled with pineapple jelly. MARTINA: This tastes like a shortbread cookie wrapped over pineapple jelly.
SIMON: That is shortbread. MARTINA: Oh my God, this can't be good for you.
SIMON: mm, oh yeah. MARTINA: Oh my God SIMON: Oh yeah MARTINA: Wow
MARTINA: OK, I don't know, this is really surprising to me. Holy cow, thumb up for me.
SIMON: Now here's the thing, when we came back to Korea we brought two extra boxes for other people on our staff and I just decided not to give it to them.
we're gonna keep these for ourselves now. MARTINA: They might have already eaten it Simon.
SIMON: So here we're gonna try next something that doesn't look that good. MARTINA: Why y'all gotta pick the scary one next?
SIMON: I thought this was gonna be tapioca. MARTINA: Let's just merge into the happy potato.
SIMON: No no no, we did a good one, we need to do a challenging one. MARTINA: He's wearing an American bowtie.
SIMON: No we're doing this one first. MARTINA: I don't know what this is, there's an egg and a questionable mushroom.
SIMON: Okay, MARTINA: I don't want to. SIMON: These actually are eggs
MARTINA: Don't look at what it is SIMON: and they are a delicacy. MARTINA: just eat it.
SIMON: Okay, MARTINA: I thought they were boba tea.
MARTINA: I thought they were like SIMON: Yeah I were like tapioca bubbles, here we go
SIMON: Oh yeah, that smells like soy sauce. MARTINA: Hmm.
SIMON: Look at how congealed that is. MARTINA: That can't be egg.
SIMON: Look at, these are eggs alright. MARTINA: Really
SIMON: You know what, I've never actually had eggs that stick together MARTINA: Do you just break them apart?
SIMON: I, I don't know MARTINA: Or.. SIMON: I think you just gotta shove the whole thing in your mouth.
MARTINA: No, no that's not happening. SIMON: OK, now grab an egg.
MARTINA: Uhhh SIMON: Now grab one, pull it off.
MARTINA: Oh, this is definitely an egg SIMON: Yep I can see like the egg yolk.
MARTINA: Is this the kinda thing where we're supposed to be eating this with rice and we're just gonna stick something mega salty into our mouth? SIMON: Maybe,
SIMON: maybe you eat on its own. MARTINA: It's like visiting Canada and America and someone being like this is beef bullion and everyone's just like mmm, and they just like eat it.
SIMON: We'll see MARTINA: Alright here we go.
SIMON: Whoa, whoa MARTINA: That has some very specific spice in there that I remember
SIMON: I'm actually gonna eat another one. MARTINA: These are really good. SIMON: The outside is really gummy
SIMON: but the flavoring here, like what do they marinate this in? MARTINA: It's got some kind of, what is it, like Chinese five spice, all those different flavors.
SIMON: That is a lot better than I thought it was gonna be. MARTINA: This is like a muscle builder's dream snack, you're like let's go to the convenience store and buy an egg brick sandwich.
SIMON: Good choice, whoa.
MARTINA: Okay, bags of chips time. I have here what looks like pirate melon and this is American potato soup chip man.
SIMON: No no, the bottom is ahh, oyster omelet. MARTINA: But look he's got a little American bowtie on, I don't know why
SIMON: Yes, and here we have pea crackers, garlic pea crackers, and here we have SQUID.
SIMON: Alright gonna try 'em. MARTINA: Gotta try them out.
SIMON: These are interesting MARTINA: Oh! I have never smelled a chip like this before in my life.
SIMON: I say we try the safe traditional one that we're used to first. MARTINA: OK. So we don't really know what flavor this is.
SIMON: Well these look like Ruffles. MARTINA: Yeah.
MARTINA: Oh my God. SIMON: Whoa MARTINA: We needed luggage loaded up with these guys
SIMON: This is intense. This is great. MARTINA: These are, these might be the best chips I've ever had in my life. I'm serious.
SIMON: I don't know if they're the best, they're really good. They have that um, seaweed taste to them MARTINA: They taste like ramen, but they have
MARTINA: seafood, they have seaweed, have like a sweet oystery taste. SIMON: Oyster sauce it tastes like.
SIMON: Oh man MARTINA: This tastes like I'm eating take out seafood ramen.
SIMON: Oyster omelets on chips. MARTINA: Oyster something. Oyster soup. This is amazing
MARTINA: I would definitely pass up on this if I saw it in a store because I would have been like ooh oyster egg flavor but that would have been a terrible mistake.
MARTINA: What are you doing!
SIMON: (unintelligible) MARTINA: Save some for me.
SIMON: Now we're gonna try the pea crackers MARTINA: These are the, they look like spaghetti, it looks like whats it called spaghetti
SIMON: Fusilli MARTINA: Fusilli? SIMON: Are these fusilli? What are the curly spaghetti called?
MARTINA: Aaaah SIMON: Curly spaghetti, rigatoni! MARTINA: Spiraly, no
SIMON: Porcini? MARTINA: Porcini's a mushroom isn't it?
MARTINA: Rotini? SIMON: Rotini.
SIMON: Ri-rigatoni, tony-moly MARTINA: Ro-ti-goli
Spiral pasta!
SIMON: Ready?
SIMON: That is strong MARTINA: Wow, that one is not messing around with the flavors.
SIMON:that is MARTINA: garlic SIMON: roasted garlic to the extreme
SIMON: I love roasted garlic MARTINA: Okay, this tastes like, the pea chips are actually the texture
is quite interesting, it has a creamy taste rather than like the potato texture, the flavor of the garlic
tastes like garlic bread at a restaurant. This is amazing.
Okay, okay, what's up Taiwan? Why have you been holding these secrets from us?
SIMON: Taiwan I don't think you understand the concept of this video. We're supposed to taste some stuff that's gross
MARTINA: and be like, "eww" SIMON: and weird, but all this is delicious.
I hope this squid stuff sucks. I'm waiting for the squid stuff
This better suck or I'll be disappointed.
Okay, we're doing the squid ones next.
These ones look a little bit iffy
MARTINA: These look like little, chopped up squid arms. SIMON: 'K, this better be gross.
MARTINA: This better be gross SIMON: This better be gross!
SIMON: Oh man MARTINA: It's not gross
SIMON: That was great MARTINA: Wow SIMON: It's so sweet
MARTINA: M'kay, these aren't SIMON: I like everything! MARTINA: these aren't my favorite though
These are kinda boring in comparison to everything else but these are good.
SIMON: Boring? Naw, they're still great MARTINA: [unintelligible] SIMON: [unintelligible]
MARTINA: Okay, you know what I will say? SIMON: Wha? MARTINA: These don't have the strong squid taste I expected.
When I have shrimp chips I enjoy that shrimpy left over flavor
This tastes more like some kind of sauce
SIMON: There you go MARTINA: Right. Yeah, take that! Your squid chips are
so so delicious.
SIMON: They're okay. MARTINA: Alright, I have high hopes for this to be awful. Ready?
SIMON: Please suck!
MARTINA: Right? SIMON: Smells like, what is that, creamy peanut butter?
MARTINA: It smells like- what is wrong with your nose? Smell it again
SIMON: Ahh, chunky peanut butter.
MARTINA: No. This smells like bubble tea, the Wintermelon burb- bubble tea that you hate. SIMON: Burble tea, ha ha!
MARITNA: I'm going in for it
SIMON: Okay, that's so-so. No actually that's quite good. Martina: That's pretty good
MARTINA: Haha SIMON: That just dissolved in my mouth and that tastes really good.
MARTINA: That tastes really good. SIMON: You gotta put more than one in your mouth.
MARTINA: It almost has a creamy, marshmallow- let's see how many we can put in our mouth.
MARTINA: Okay, and we're gonna see who can whistle first? SIMON: Whistle first.
MARTINA: No, whistle, or sing a song? SIMON: Whistle first. MARTINA: Otherwise you'll just start singing and have food flying everywhere.
SIMON: You ready? First one to whistle wins. MARTINA: Ready, go!
MARTINA: [whistles] SIMON: Oh!
MARTINA: Oh! Oh no. SIMON: It just sucked out all my moisture.
MARTINA: That's why I did one at a time, technique. You know what this tastes like?
The left over milk from cereal, after you eat like a fruity pebbles or like fruit loops or like a marshmallow cereal
and the milk tastes like this. This is what it tastes like.
You have tons, how much stuff don't you lodge into your beard? You have like an entire factory
of melon puffs in your beard
SIMON: This I'm sure is gonna be gross! It has to be gross. There needs to be something gross here.
MARTINA: You know why I'm suspicious that this is gonna be gross?
There's a traditional teapot on. What we've learned in our experiences
is that traditional things taste like medicine.
SIMON: This is ISO 22000 MARTINA: Yes. Just go for it
SIMON: What is- this just looks wrong MARTINA: I can't tell if it's a fruit or SIMON: I'm excited
MARTINA: a vegetable or like a squid, I don't know SIMON: Okay
MARTINA: Does it smell medical? SIMON: Smells like soy sauce.
MARTINA: It smells good. SIMON: Smells good.
SIMON: but it doesn't look good. Look at this. MARTINA: look at that, ahh, what is this?
SIMON: It looks like a leather shoelace.
MARTINA: Oh no, it's gonna be the worst SIMON: This is gonna suck. Alright lets go.
MARTINA: but it smells so good. SIMON: You ready? MARTINA: Yep
SIMON: Okay, I don't like this one MARTINA: Okay, we have a winner.
SIMON: Don't you mean loser?
MARTINA: I think this might be fat. SIMON: I think this is tofu. I think it's marinated
SIMON: dried tofu cut into shoelaces. MARTINA: The spices on the outside aren't bad but it's a bit
MARTINA: the texture is kinda unnerving. SIMON: Yeah MARTINA: Not my favorite thing
SIMON: No. MARTINA: There you go SIMON: Finally! Taiwan finally got something wrong.
MARTINA: It's not even that bad SIMON: No its really not. MARTINA: We're just trying really hard to be like, 'I don't like it'
SIMON: Okay, this is, I will not enjoy- MARTINA: I will not purchase it again. There you go.
SIMON: I'll purchase everything else here again. MARTINA: Okay so really the only thing we're disappointed with
the tofu? thingy. This one here. Was just kinda like, ahh, I didn't like it.
Other than that everything here was amazing. SIMON: The oyster chips were amazing MARTINA: Oh my God.
I've been nicely surprised. I really didn't expect all this food to taste so amazing. SIMON: Exactly.
MARTINA: Really different from the food we're used to back home. SIMON: Mm-hm
MARTINA: I just want this to be an encouraging video to people so that when you travel to another country
SIMON: Try out all the stuff! MARTINA: Yeah SIMON: You might find something that you fall in love with
MARTINA: I mean it looks strange on the outside but it tastes, like these eggs, these eggs look terrifying
SIMON: Yes MARTINA: They taste fantastic!
SIMON: They're great MARTINA: Yeah exactly
SIMON: Also make sure you subscribe because we have a whole bunch of other Taiwan videos coming up with a whole bunch of warm food
freshly made in Taiwan. One of the best food experiences of our lives. Make sure you check those out when those come out
MARTINA: The night market SIMON: Ah, man.
MARTINA: The soup dumplings SIMON: Oooo, all the bubble teas
Martina: Oh my gosh guys. SIMON: Coming soon



【超有趣!】鳳梨酥、鐵蛋、乖乖...老外吃台灣零食的好笑反應 (中英字幕) (Taiwanese Snack Tasting)

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