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- So everybody loves a good game show,
they're fun and exhilarating
because we get to see regular people
win some pretty extraordinary stuff.
But you pretty much only know about
the normal ones.
For example, like The Price is Right,
which has been running for over 60 years,
but not every game show in the world
is based off of simple and fun things
like spinning a wheel or even safe things.
No, no they're not.
No, in fact there have been some game shows
that are so outrageous
in not only what they do to the contestants,
but also what they make the contestants do,
that they're either going to make you gasp,
cringe, or just straight up gag.
(gagging noise)
So, today I'm going to tell you about
the most outrageous game shows that have ever aired,
and seriously, you're going to want to
prepare yourself for this one. It's freaky.
Here are the 10 craziest game shows of all time.
Number one is human tetris.
Let's start off with a game that mixes
one of the greatest old arcade classics of all time
with a strangely ridiculous amount of flexibility
and the requirement to avoid walls
that are quickly moving towards you.
That sounds safe!
Also known as Brain Wall or Hole in the Wall,
this game originated in Japan
and it involves contestants wearing helmets,
elbow pads, and knee pads,
and I'm going to explain why.
See, the contestants are required
to desperately contort their bodies
just so they can fit through the
tetris-shaped piece holes
in the styrofoam in the walls
that are moving towards them.
So, either you pull a hammy
or you're subjected to a claustrophobic nightmare.
That sounds like something
I'd like to subject myself to. No!
Now this game might sound strange to many of you,
and trust me, it does me as well
but it's now quite common pretty much
all over the world.
Personally, I'm not flexible
and I would never try this game
because what's the point
of winning a car when you broke your back
in the process of trying to win it.
Yeah, you see my friends, that's called logic.
More of these contestants should use it.
Number two is Distraction.
Well, the name of the game pretty much
says it all in this one.
Released in the United Kingdom in October of 2003,
this game show is hosted by British comedian
Jimmy Carr and only ran for one series.
And it'll make sense as to why in just a minute.
Yeah, that one series is all that was needed
to nab a spot on this list.
The object of the game
was to answer more trivia questions
than the other players.
Which seems harmless, except that each new round
introduced a distraction.
But these distractions either made the contestant
uncomfortable or actually delivered real pain
so that the contestant would be, you know, distracted.
These distractions included nudists running around,
electric shocks, and tattoo needles.
And the thing is, the contestants
never knew when the distraction was going to happen.
Sometimes they occurred during the round,
and sometimes they were activated when the contestant
thought that they had the right answer.
Either way, it created a pretty successful concept
that was both hilarious and bizarre,
except that it was cancelled because
you can't cause people real pain.
But I'm going to be completely honest,
you offer me a Lamborghini,
feel free to hook up whatever you want to me,
jumper cables, whatever.
Just, shock shock shock, Lambo Lambo Lambo.
That's it.
Number three is The Marshmallow Game.
See, some people think that marshmallows
are best for campfires and s'mores,
but the Japanese think differently.
This game originated in Japan and is yet another one
to find its way into Western culture.
In fact, it was actually featured on
the Ellen Degeneres show.
It's actually pretty simple,
an elastic ties the contestant's head
to a wall behind them, and then they basically
try to stretch forward without any use of their hands
until they successfully consume a marshmallow.
(growling sounds)
This is an incredibly silly game
and oh so awesome in so many ways.
Not only do you get to eat a marshmallow,
but you also get to entertain everyone who watches you
by contorting your face into ridiculous expressions.
(groaning sounds)
Holy God, you're welcome for that visual.
Number four is Tore!
And on to the dangerous one.
Another game invented in Japan,
this is basically the real life version
of the games that were played in the Saw films.
Just like many similar trivia shows,
the game requires you to answer trivia questions.
However, unlike those programs,
for every answer a player gets wrong,
they're wrapped up a little bit more
and a little bit more
until they resemble a mummy.
Then if you get enough wrong
and the wrapping reaches your head,
they quickly stuff you into a sarcophagus.
Yay for claustrophobia!
The game also gets stranger from there,
but that's pretty much the most terrifying part.
Oh, the Japanese.
Fear, entertainment, and comedy,
it all just gets mixed in together
into a weird entertainment stew. Got to love it.
Number five is El Gran Juego de la Oca.
This game is basically just a giant
63-square board game
in which the contestants are the pieces.
El Gran Juego de la Oca was originally created in Italy
and then ran off and on between 1993 and 1998
out of Madrid, Spain.
It translates to, and this is my favorite,
The Game of the Goose.
The game involves rolling electric die
and then moving that many spaces
while you try to land on the 63rd space
and thus win the game.
However, before the 63rd space,
there's a challenge that has to be overcome
or a change that occurs in the game.
How devious!
What kind of challenges?
Well, for example, on some spaces
gross foods would need to be consumed
at a fictional Chinese restaurant.
Others require the player to mud-wrestle
a professional wrestler
and some involved being shaved bald or waxed.
Ooh, sign me up for this one,
I've already completed one of the challenges!
My head's so cold.
Number six is AKBingo,
A variety series that knows how
to push the boundaries of entertainment,
AKBingo was hosted by Japanese comedy duo, Owarai.
Owarai, which translates into Bad Boys,
consists of spectacularly bizarre contests
which occur between contestants.
They involve quizzes, puzzle solving,
and physical feats that are just out there.
As if trying to be kind of a Fear Factor on steroids,
the game requires contestants to eat
really gross delicacies,
as well as playing a very strange form of dodgeball
that really doesn't have any rules.
One competition actually has two players
comparing the strength of their lungs
by blowing into either side of a long clear plastic tube
and trying to get a dead insect
into the other opponent's mouth.
(gagging sound)
I don't want to talk about this any more,
I'm not playing this game
Number seven is Tutti Frutti.
Originally developed in Italy and called Culpo Grosso,
or Big Score,
Tutti Frutti premiered in Germany in January of 1990
and ran for a total of 140 episodes.
This bizarre and very controversial game show
caused quite a stir,
drawing outrage from viewers
who weren't expecting the program
to have the level of, well, nudity and sexuality
that it did.
Now, the game was pretty innovative at the time,
However, when the objective of the game
was to get as many points
from guessing correct answers as you can
so that you can remove an equal number
of clothing articles from a stripper,
things are...
(clears throat)
yeah, a little bit controversial.
I've never seen this game,
are replays available online?
I'm asking for a friend.
Number eight is Don't Forget Your Toothbrush.
On air for only 2 seasons between 1994 and 1995,
Don't Forget Your Toothbrush
originated in the United Kingdom.
But, over the next 6 years
it was recreated in 14 other countries.
So, I think it's pretty safe to say that it was popular.
What was unique about this game
is that every member of the studio audience
who attended tapings of the show
were instructed that they had to bring with them
their passport and a packed bag.
Additionally, they had to be certain that
they had the next week off of work.
Why so much preparation?
Well, because contestants were picked
randomly from the audience
and instead of their prizes being awarded
weeks or even months later,
they actually received their prize, always a vacation,
immediately. Like, right now.
So, in other words, if you won a trip to Jamaica,
you were on a plane that night.
The producers felt that part of the fun of the show
was the insanity that at the drop of a hat,
your plans just changed.
That is absolutely insane and a lot of fun,
but I got to be honest, that is also a huge gamble.
Like, if I was one of the people in the audience
that did not get picked,
which the majority don't,
you just took the next week off
and you're sitting at home,
just making sad faces because
you're at home and not in Jamaica.
Number nine is The Intercept.
This game originated in Russia.
All the normal stuff comes out of Russia.
From the country that brought us
the most dangerous form of roulette
comes one of the most controversial
and craziest games that you could possibly play.
Called The Intercept, this game show
takes real people and offers a wonderful grand prize
of a new car.
Well that's not so crazy Matt, how do we win the car?
I'm glad you asked.
You have to steal it.
Seriously, you have to steal it.
Not only that, you have only 35 minutes to
steal the car and manage to escape
the real police officers who are trying to catch you.
Ah, that's not so bad, if I don't win I don't win.
No, it does not work like that
because if you are caught, you are for real arrested.
Incredibly, despite the fact that most contestants
do lose the game and thus find themselves in custody,
people still sign up to play.
Only a few people have every actually won the car
and that's quite the risk to take.
In Soviet Russia, game show play you. Da.
And number ten, Candy or Not Candy.
I find the title of this game disturbing.
Well, we can't close out this list without looking at
a game show that's designed for teething infants,
but is actually played by confused adults.
That's right, it's the show that answers the question,
what would it be like to eat my bedroom door handle?
What? It's Candy or Not Candy!
I don't like to guess what goes in my mouth.
This game consists of cakes and chocolates
that are made to mimic everyday objects.
Contestants, most of them Japanese celebrities,
big surprise, must determine which items
are what they appear to be and which ones
are simply confectionary clones.
But how do they do this?
Well, they got to do it by immediately
trying to eat the item.
That's bad for your teeth.
As you could imagine, this results
in some pretty ridiculous moments.
You know, of people eating things
that they shouldn't be putting in their mouth.
Mmm, fire poker.
(drooling sound)
Speaking of games, I want to give a big thanks
to my friends at Poker Stars for sponsoring this video.
They just launched the Spin & Go
Cristiano Ronaldo edition.
It's a really fun game that's completely
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It's a fast, easy game of poker
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So be sure to click the link in the description
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Again, it's free to download and play.
I really think you guys are going to enjoy it.
So give it a try, it's a lot of fun,
and like I said, you could win some really cool stuff.
So, click the links in the description below
and have some fun.
If you guys enjoyed this video
or even got a couple giggles,
be sure to press that red Subscribe button
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And be sure to add me to the Twitters,
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social media fun on there, baby.
I'll see you next video.


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