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And we're recording
Here we go
Ready Casper?
Three things that you've probably heard of
But maybe not been offered yet
So I'm here with the help of my good friend, and roommate, Caspar Lee. Say hello.
Hiii! Oh sorry, hi.
What's wrong with your voice?
This short little video is just a little heads up
To sort of give you some advice and guidance when it comes to being offered these three things.
Now everyone that I know and I mean everyone that I know,
Has either been offered drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.
So Caspar, you've been offered stuff in the past. What happened? Tell me what happened. I wanna know.
Well, uh, you know growing up
You get offered, you usually get offered drink first.
Yes, I found that too. Caspar: Or cigarettes.
And then as you get older, you're maybe offered drugs
The first time I ever saw someone my age smoking was when I was like 11.
And they were like 12 and they were really cool and they were telling me to smoke as well.
And there were three of them but I was lucky enough to feel confident to say, like, no.
I don't need that.
And I was obviously really scared of cigarettes
As you probably should be, as cigarettes aren't very good for you.
And it was quite scary to say no.
Why was it scary to say no?
I think cause I wanted to be a part of a group
And when you're that age, that's very important.
Even if that group is doing something that you wouldn't want to do.
When you're in that young stage, I remember when I was younger, sort of around that same sort of age
There was kids, in my school, this is a primary school that were smoking.
And I was like, for me, I never even want to try it.
There's a tiny little bit of curiosity as to like
Why are they doing this? At that age, I was too young to really know
What was cool and what wasn't cool.
But then you go through a stage, obviously, where's it more secondary school
Like late teens, early teens, late teens.
And I feel like then, there's way more pressure on you, as a person, to join in.
Caspar: Yeah. Joe: And do that kind of thing.
So when I was offered cigarettes, when I was younger, luckily
I grew up around a load of guys who were
Really into sport.
The Rugby Lads!
Yeah, growing up through school, I hung out with the rugby lads
And obviously, they're really into their rugby, so they didn't smoke.
They were all about healthy eating,
Fitness and that kind of stuff.
So, and to me, they were the coolest group in school.
Whenever I got offered cigarettes, it was very easy to say no.
But I kind of feel like in today's society,
It, there's a minority of people that smoke.
Nowadays, there's so much promotion for healthy eating.
It's cool to be clean!
Alcohol is a whole different story I guess.
When you're younger, sometimes you start drinking for the wrong reasons.
Umm and obviously, you shouldn't be drinking at a young age.
But I know it happens.
But I think the thing is to be doing it on your own terms and not be doing it because you feel you need to.
With these kind of things, it's never the case of 'oh I wanna sit with the crowd'
Do you know what I mean? I think nowadays,
It's so much more important and more respected
If you stick to what you believe in.
If you're not ready to try these kind of things, that's fine.
It's someone judges you for that, then that's their problem.
How should, that should not effect you in the slightest.
And it's not a rite of passage.
It's not a rite of passage.
You don't have to do all these things.
Have you ever been offered drugs Caspar Lee?
Caspar: Wellllll Joe: Don't lie to me!
Drugs include cigarettes and alcohol.
Umm, I think the main thing is to just figure out your own stance on these three things.
And just stick by your guns.
The whole point of this video is to remind you how important it is to be yourself.
And not have to do what other people are doing.
I think that's what makes you cooler at the end of the day.
Joe: Yeah.
And as well, I think you'll have so much more respect for yourself.
And it shows how strong you are as a person,
If you can make these decisions on your own.
'Cause to be honest, they're big decisions.
If you do those things a lot, you'll be associated with those things.
And if you want to be associated with them - that's fine.
But if you dont
That's also fine.
So guys, I hope you enjoyed this video.
And thank you for making a serious video for once in your life.
That's a very good point. This is my first ever serious video. Caspar: Really?!
Joe: Yeah bu- Capsar: Aww you did really well. Joe: Yeah but you know what, I'm actually very happy with it.
Caspar: Yeah? Joe: Ahhhhh.
That really hurt.
I wanna hear you got to say, so in the comments section below
Let me know your experiences when it's come to
Drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.
I want to know what your experiences were like when you were offered these things.
And how you dealt with that
So let me know in the comments below.
What's that supposed to mean?
Like cool dude.
Oh, we'll see you very, very soon. Cya later! Bye!


尷尬對話 (Thatcher Joe | Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs | Rise Above)

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