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Hello FoodTubers, I am Jean from Paris and I'm going to show you today a salad in Jamie's garden.
I'm going to see what I found
I'm going to do a home-made mayonnaise with Rhubarb, to do with it.
So let's go! So this is amazing, you know to be in this huge garden.
I have in Paris my own small garden but it's not like these.
So first I'm going to take some zucchini because they are wonderful.
I want to do salad with the flower of zucchini
and also the zucchini themselves.
Artichoke. I like this.
In Brittany where I'm from in France this is a perfect season for artichoke.
I'm going to take one beetroot, a small one.
This one is a red one, I will take one yellow one, like this yeah.
Hey, that's nice. You see this is a top of a carrot,
but it's very nice if you fry it, it tastes like carrot.
It's amazing, we're going to put on the top of the salad.
And I will take one big piece of rhubarb to do the mayonnaise.
One piece, I'm going to make mayonnaise with the juice.
so first I'm going to do the
homemade mayonnaise with rhubarb, slice it in small pieces
put it in a pestle and mortar with little bit of water
do this to extract the juice of the rhubarb
I put a little bit lemon in the rhubarb juice so it's not going black
now I put this juice on a side
and I'm going to homemade mayonnaise so one bowl
one yellow egg, mustard, little bit salt
we have to use like cooking oil,
not an olive oil, for mayonnaise it's better
and I'm going to put some oil
very slow inside yellow
We have to put the oil slowly because if you don't put slowly it's not going up
mayonnaise is not strong - it's not good
mayonnaise is OK. Can feel it, okay no problem!
it's okay after I'm put the juice of rhubarb inside the mayonnaise
okay now my sauce is ready and I'm going to do
the zucchini and the beetroot to go
with the mayonnaise I just picked fresh so it's important to wash it
I'm going to put the pan on, I'm going to cut the zucchini
in big pieces like this put some
olive oil on the pan, put the zucchini inside
I put salt and pepper I wait like 1 minute
like this I want its soft but hard, medium
it's not almost cooked I want medium cooked
and I'm going to put a little bit vinegar
after I put the flower just like that and that's it.
We put it out, we just let
the zucchini continue cooking themselves outside
more oil and I wait until the pan is very hot because we're going to fry
you know the herbs above the carrot, okay when the pan is very hot
we are going to fry like this, it's just
few seconds, you put some salt quickly
and we leave, I'm going to take just
one part of beetroot like this, cut it
like this, very thin piece
of beetroot, little bit of olive oil
We salt and I'm going to take some rosemary over there
cut it slow, very thin, yeah it's just to season nice
the beetroot and now we are ready to support all together in the back I'm
going to put the mayonnaise rhubarb, then I'm going to put the zucchini nice
going to put the mayonnaise rhubarb, then I'm going to put the zucchini nice
then we're going to put some flower zucchini on the bottom
like this, put some beetroot, just
it's like this and to finish I put the crispy carrots you know
just to make it different texture
so this is my homemade mayonnaise with rhubarb
and delicious vegetables from Jamie's garden
so make sure you subscribe and you have alot of video more from me
and better english of course. hi guys Jamie here
click the link to head over to drinks tube and check out my first ever soft drink
it's an amazing summer fruit punch, it's really refreshing
full of flavour and really simple. Give it a go!



自製美味夏日田園沙拉&美乃滋 (Summer Garden Salad & Homemade Mayonnaise | Jean Imbert)

12045 分類 收藏
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