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- So one of my favorite games to play with guests lately
is something called "Never Have I Ever."
I got to play with Madonna and Justin Beiber this season,
and it was pretty revealing.
Maybe a little too revealing.
I--well, you be the judge.
Here's your paddle. I'm sure you have one, but this is--
- Can we spank each other with it?
- Yes, you can. You can do whatever you want.
I'm gonna have a question
and we're gonna answer honestly.
I've never seen these, so...
Okay, "never have I ever had phone sex."
- You liar. - I'm not lying.
- Really? - Wow.
- Wow.
"Never have I ever used someone else's toothbrush
without telling them."
- Ew.
"Never have I ever fooled around
in a bathroom during a party."
- This is the 21st century. - These are tame.
- Yeah. - "Never have I ever
gotten kicked out of a bar."
- I just turned 21.
- Tur--be honest. - I just turned 21.
- Turn that thing around, Justin.
- I just turned 21.
- J? - I swear.
- All right. "Never have I ever dated someone
and their sibling."
Oh, good.
"Never have I ever fooled around
"with someone else in the room.
When--with someone else-- with someone else in the room."
- Just wave your hands in the air.
I mean, all these questions are sexual.
Just saying.
"Never have I ever forgotten the name
of the person I was fooling around with."
Come on!
You two are perfect for each other.
That's all that we have.
- Aww, that's-- let's do more.
- I know. It's a fun game, right?
- It is. - I know.
- I feel like I'm getting to know my new boyfriend.
[cheers and applause]
- Wait. Come up with a question
and we'll answer it right now on the spot.
- Never have I ever had-- ahem--
sex with two different people--
with more than two different people in one day.
I mean, two different people in a day, Madonna?
- Here's the thing... - Well, one--
- I want it to be special for my wife.
- Aww.
- Aww. I don't buy that. - That's--I don't [bleep]


【艾倫秀】Ellen's Favorite Moments: Madonna and Justin Bieber Play Never Have I Ever

106438 分類 收藏
高映彤 發佈於 2016 年 2 月 1 日
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