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Rain. sleet Ice. Ice. Snow. All of the signs of the winter season.
So today let's keep you ten steps ahead of Jack Frost with these warm and cozy winter life hacks.
Walking around in wet conditions can really dampen your mood and your shoes.
Simply grab yourself a cheap candle and carefully rub it over the outer fabric of your shoes themselves.
Keep applying the candle wax until you have a thick layer covering the exterior.
Now fire up your hair dryer on high and blast the shoe
until the wax melts into the fabric forming a clear layer of water protection
Next time your shoes come in contact with water, it'll bounce right off.
The shovel is best for deeper soggy snow, but next time your walkway is buried in fresh powder.
Grab yourself a broom instead.
Not only can you clear your path faster and easier but you'll also spare yourself some backache
Now if the snow does build up and you need a shovel
you probably know how annoying the sticky snow can be.
So here's a quick tip
Grab a can of nonstick cooking spray and lubricate your shovel front and back.
This will up your scooping game making most of the sticky snow slide right off
so you can get back to more important things like baking. One simple way
to conserve energy during the winter months is by utilizing the excess heat
from your oven right after baking.
Just leave your oven cracked open after you shut it off
and reap the benefits and extra bread.
It's your office building cold but the maintenance crew lock down the thermostat.
No problem. Head to the break room and fill a bag with ice.
Drop it on top of the thermostat and after few short minutes
it'll be tricked into turning on again by lowering the ambient temperature.
Just a couple degrees should do. Oh and you might want to clear this with your boss first.
One unfortunate side effect of winter is the common cold, but it's nothing a hot shower and a Vicks shower bomb can't handle.
You only need baking soda, Vicks VapoRub, and some corn starch.
Go ahead and pour half a cup of baking soda into a large bowl and follow up with one full cup of corn starch
Now break out the Vicks and scoop out 5 table spoons into the bowl
Remember it's sticky, so take your time until you get the amount you need
Finally just add 2 to 3 tablespoons of water
Now I suggest putting on gloves and mixing up the ingredients with your hands
Really working together and form a nice mixture of the powders jell in water.
It should be moldable and if it's not, just add a bit more water
Now grab an empty ice cube tray and pack all the holes with your finished mixture
Push them down hard and we really want to form a nice solid cube here
Now I suggest adding them to the freezer for a couple hours or until you need one
Pop one out of the tray and place it in your shower
Now fire up your hot water and hop on in.
After just a couple minutes you'll find many of your cold symptoms fading away
as the Vicks and steam work their magic
Gaps under your doors let cold air in making your furnace work even harder
So go to your foam pipe insulator closet or just grab one from about any hardware store for a buck
and slide the foam open end up along the bottom of the door
Now cut it to length.
It should be cut slightly shorter than the width of the door to avoid any jams
Each insulator is about six feet and it'll probably cover two doors
So just for a couple bucks, you can take care of all your entryways
But what about smaller gaps? A quick and dirty solution is molding clay
For just a couple dollars, you can plug up any areas that let cold air in.
This will form a nice seal to keep your heat inside once it's molded to fit.
Don't worry. No one sees it when the door shut just like you won't be seeing a high heating bill.
Why pay for a temporary hand warmer when you can easily make your own?
Just get socks and some rice.
Simply open the sock and fill it with rice leaving enough room at the top
to tie it off when you're done
We used baby socks but any size will do.
Once it's tied off, toss them in the microwave for about 30 seconds
and enjoy your rechargeable hand warmers
Oh and make sure the socks are clean
And finally the most common problem with cold weather is when you hop into bed and find yourself freezing.
Now if you lack a cuddle partner or a heated blanket.
The next best solution is to don your mighty hair dryer and blast away that evil blanket chill
giving you a nice warm nest to hibernate in. Good night.
Now staying warm isn't exactly rocket science but sometimes we need a little reminder.
Be sure to share this with your friends and family and we'll see you next time



【生活知識】十個超級棒冬天生活小撇步 (10 Amazing Winter Life Hacks)

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陳怡平 發佈於 2017 年 12 月 21 日    陳怡平 翻譯    Loïc 審核



sleet 冰霰,它跟雪長得很像,結構和雪也類似,但是落下的途中,周圍空氣還不夠低,有些雪花融化,冰霰質地比較軟,也容易碎,因此落到地上就會立刻溶解。

另外還有其他種降水現象 precipitation,在這邊介紹給大家:

rain 雨:大家應該對雨都不陌生,當空氣中溫度不夠低,大氣中的水蒸氣凝結成小水珠,當雲中的水珠比浮力大時,就會落至地面,這就是降雨。

hail 雹:冰雹通常都是在對流旺盛的積雨雲中形成,水珠不斷的在雲層內上升、下降數次,不斷凝結、融化,越來越大顆,直到浮力大過其重量時就會落至地面,落到地面尚未融化、還是固態狀態時就是冰雹。

freezing rain 凍雨:當冰晶遇到下層超強的冷空氣會開始結冰,落到物體表面上就會立刻結冰,凍雨會讓道路結冰,對駕駛來說很危險。

snow 雪:大氣中的水氣凝結成冰,當小冰晶大到可以克服空氣阻力和浮力時,便會掉落地面變成雪花,雪花的重量比較輕,會緩慢從天空中飄下。

霰跟雪有什麼不同呢? (What is sleet?)

2Jack Frost0:09
Jack Frost 冰霜傑克是西方傳說故事中冬天的象徵,他也是冰、雪、寒冷的化身,人們認為冬天寒冷的天氣和凍傷是他帶來的。電影 Rise of the Guardians 捍衛聯盟角色裡有不同的守護精靈,而主角就是 Jack Frost

捍衛聯盟 (Rise of the Guardians) 預告片 - Rise of the Guardians: Official Trailer

3life hacks0:12
life hacks 這個字最早出現在程式工程師領域,意指透過方法減少資訊過載的問題,現在則引申為生活小技巧、生活小撇步。
This useful website offers life hacks for better sleep.

大家對 hack 這個字比較熟悉的用法可能是「駭客入侵」或是「被盜帳號」,I was hacked 「我被盜了」,一般會用於網路資訊被入侵,所以 I was hacked on Facebook 就是「我的臉書被盜了。」,而駭入帳號的人稱作 hacker 駭客。

4shower bomb1:44
shower bomb 沐浴皂;淋浴球,顧名思義它球狀像炸彈,而且跟洗澡有關,沐浴皂裡面有許多不同香味、配方,在泡澡時,可以將沐浴皂丟進浴缸裡,讓它慢慢溶解,會散發不同香味,水也會呈現不同顏色,有些也會有滋養皮膚的功效。這個影片教大家加入有藥效的 Vicks VapoRub 維克斯薄荷膏,自己製作紓解感冒的沐浴皂。

5Vicks VapoRub1:46
Vicks 是美國著名的製藥公司,1890年由 Vick 醫生創辦,致力於研發舒緩和治療感冒、過敏、咳嗽的藥品,是歐美家庭的常備藥。其產品 Vicks VapoRub 維克斯薄荷膏是一款歷史悠久的鎮靜舒緩藥膏,可以緩解不舒服、咳嗽,它的歷史地位就好比台灣的萬金油、白花油!

6rocket science3:57
rocket science 直翻是「火箭科學」,但在日常生活當中,變成譬喻的用法,指的是「尖端科學」、「高深的學問」,現在比較常聽到的是「否定」的口語用法 "It’s not rocket science.",指一件事不複雜,很容易理解。
A:How do I turn on this TV?
B:It's not rocket science. All you have to do is to press the "on" button.


文/ Reina
編輯/ Jenny Hsu




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