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Why do you think every Asian person is Chinese?
That's like me saying to like a white person,
"hey, you're English."
26 Questions Asians Have For White People
Why do you think a film or TV show is diverse just because there are one or two black people in it?
We're here, too.
Why are the awkward nerd characters the only roles available for Asians in film?
We do a lot of other stuff, too.
Why are all of you talking about our penises?
Why do you think Asians can't be the stars of movies?
There aren't gonna to be Asian celebrities out there to cast if we haven't been given a chance yet.
Why do you think that watching Korean dramas and K-Pop makes you an expert on Korean culture?
Like, does me watching Girls make me an expert in white culture?
It does.
Why do you cast white people to play roles that are meant for Asian people?
I'm not gonna forget Emma Stone.
Why do you think saying "namaste" is an appropriate way to greet me?
Why do you think saying "ni hao" is a good thing to say to us?
If you're not actually gonna to converse with me in Chinese,
I don't need to hear it.
Why do you think I eat dogs? I have two dogs!
Why do you think that Hindi and Hindu are the same thing?
Why are you so surprised that I can speak English well?
I was born in America.
Why do you always ask me, "You know, where are you really from?"
because obviously I'm from my mom's vagina.
Why do you guys think it's okay to call me an immigrant or a foreigner?
I was born in America.
Why do you think Indians aren't Asians?
India is literally in Asia.
Why do you say it's basically the same thing
when I tell you I'm from Sri Lanka and not India?
They're different countries.
(Talking about race)
Why does a person of color automatically mean "black" to you?
I'm a person of color, too.
Why do you think all brown people are Indian?
Why do you think you deserve a high five for pronouncing my name correctly?
Why do you think including diversity in the workplace reduces the quality of work?
I thought you thought we were all nerds.
Why do you think it's okay to call me "exotic"?
I mean technically we're the largest part of the world population,
so shouldn't white people be exotic?
Why do you think I can't see properly?
Do you really think my eyes are that small?
Why is it weird when all Asian people hang out,
but it's fine when all white people hang out?
So tell me, what does a sunburn feel like?
Why do you keep trying to justify "yellow fever"?
I don't know why they use fever for all of these things,
it's not a disease.
It's just f*cking.
Why are we being stereotyped as cheap or stingy?
Maybe I'm just cost efficient.
Why do you think all Asian people are smart?
I mean, when I was in high school, there was a Korean valedict...
No, actually there was an Indian valedictorian--
No, dammit.
I guess you guys are right!
Asians are smart!
Have you tried that new white people restaurant?
There's like, a mayonnaise dish that is so mayonnaisy.



【超有趣】刻板印象急轉彎!26個亞裔想問白人的問題 (26 Questions Asians Have For White People)

79009 分類 收藏
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