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My name is Aaron Kyro
I'm a skateboarder from the San Francisco Bay Area
I've been skateboarding for a very long time
And today I'm going to teach you
How to Frontside 180
Before you get started on this trick
You have to be really comfortable just pushing and riding your board
I really want to stress this
Then there's a couple other tricks you need to know
Ollie, shove-it
You don't have to have the frontside shove-it, but it's good
And then you can get on to frontside 180s
The foot position is going to be exactly the same as your ollie
Basically all this trick is is just an ollie
With a 180 obviously
But with a small difference in the foot position of your back foot
Your back foot is going to be perched on the side of the tail
Rather than just right in the middle
So you can give a little extra force when you push your foot forward
And do the frontside 180 like that
So the main thing about this trick
And when you're getting started
Is it's really all in the shoulders
If you know how to ollie and you've got your ollies down
Really all you need to do from there is turn your shoulders
Your upper body turns first
And then your legs follow
So as you bend down and you start to pop up
Notice how I turn my shoulders
So you put your feet in the position
Bend down, pop up and turn those shoulders just like that
And then when you pop, your board is going to follow
Your feet will follow your shoulders
And then you'll be able to do the full 180
Just like right here
Notice the emphasis when I turn my shoulders
And the timing between when I turn my shoulders and the pop
So I bend down, then I pop up and begin to turn the shoulders
And then my legs follow
So the first thing that turns is those shoulders
That's very important
If you have your ollies down really well, like I said
This is very easy
Another good way to learn this trick is to ollie
Land on your front trucks and then turn your back foot
I don't want to make it too hard for you guys
But that is another way that you can learn it
And make it a little easier
So you just get used to pushing that back foot out
And making the board do the full 180
As soon as you pop, you swing your front foot around
And then your back foot will follow
And your back foot really swings out and around and then you can land
Practice this trick. Get it down really well
Because it's going to help you learn other tricks
And it's going to increase your ability to move that board
And make it do what you want
So do it A LOT
Do not give up on this trick
You can learn it and you will get it down
Thanks for watching this video
Go to brailleskateboarding.com for further videos
And other trick-tip tutorials
If you guys need help on your tricks
Film your best attempt and send me the video
And ask me for help
I'm working on some better ways to interact with you guys and help you better
So stay tuned on that and thanks for sharing my videos



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