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  • Starting a business? Then you'll need a plan - a road map, taking you on the straightest, fastest route to where you want to go.


  • Your business plan will include 6 sections and will help you think through your business idea, making sure you've covered all the angles and eventualities, before you set off.

    你的商業計劃書必須包含 6 個部分。它可以幫助你想通你的創業點子,讓你在開始創業前,確保已想清了所有的風險和可能的突發狀況 。

  • The first section is the executive summary.


  • Presenting an overview of your business, this section is vital as many investors make judgements about your business based on it alone!


  • A great tip is to leave this section until last to write.


  • Once you have written the others, you'll find it easier to do, as it will be a summary of the key points you make in the other sections.

    一旦寫完了其他部分,你將會發現這部分變得簡單許多,因為這是其他部分的重點總結 。

  • So start with your business details.


  • provide a short description of who you are, what you plan to sell, why and to whom.


  • Include the location of your business, identify key employees and any other qualities that make your business stand out.

    其中包含了你創業的地點、確認你的主要員工和其他可以讓你的事業脫穎而出的要素 。

  • Now, enter your marketing and sales strategy.


  • Show that you've done your homework, that you understand your target market.


  • Outline why you think people will buy what you want to sell and detail how you plan to sell to them.

    簡述為什麼你認為大眾會購買你的東西,並詳述你計畫要如何銷售它們 。

  • Then add in your management team and personnel.


  • People reading your plan need to believe and have trust in the management of your business, so outline your credentials and the people you plan to recruit.

    那些閱讀你計畫的人必須對你的管理方面有信心。所以你要拿出證據,並概述你所想要雇用的人員 。

  • Then detail your setup.


  • Explaining what facilities the business will have, from your premises to your management information systems and IT.

    解釋公司裡會有哪些設備,從公司場地到管理資訊系統和資訊科技 。

  • And explain how it will deliver the product or service to the customer.


  • Lastly, list your financial plan and projections.


  • This part translates everything you've said in the previous sections into numbers.


  • It will tell you whether the business will be worthwhile or whether you're wasting your time and/or money.

    這個步驟將會告訴你,這項事業會是否有前景,又或者它只是在浪費你的時間和/或金錢 。

  • Your business plan will change as your business grows.


  • It'll help keep you focused, so you'll know where you are, and where you're supposed to be, so that you can correct your course as needed.

    它將能幫助你專注於自己的目標上,如此一來你才可以知道你現在進展到哪,以及你該如何朝目標前進,讓你可以在必要時將自己導回正軌 。

  • Here are our 5 top tips:

    以下我們的 5 大訣竅:

  • Keep it brief: If it takes too long to write, it'll take too long to read!


  • Get rid of the fluff: Cut the waffle and just get to the point!


  • Be realistic: Be honest and note all the challenges facing your business.


  • Use visuals: Graphs, charts, and images can help bring your idea to life, and;


  • Be creative: So that your business stands out and grabs attention.


  • And for a bit of extra help, download a business plan template from the Business Wales website.

    再給你一點小幫助,你能從 Business Wales 網站下載商業計畫書的模板。

  • So there you have it, plan your route to make sure you reach your destination!


Starting a business? Then you'll need a plan - a road map, taking you on the straightest, fastest route to where you want to go.


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來學習如何撰寫創業企劃書吧! (How to write a Business Plan)

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