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You're sitting at a restaurant,
and you can't help but overhear it.
A young woman excited about her pregnancy.
It'll be a boy yeah
There's only one problem,
the boyfriend who think he's the father really isn't.
The baby's not John's.
Worse yet, the expected mom has no plans to tell her boyfriend the truth.
He thinks he's about to become a dad.
-It's a boy. -Oh my God!
That's amazing.
What would you do if you were a fly on this wall?
We bring our hidden cameras to the Cloverleaf Tavern in Caldwell, New Jersey.
Hi I'm Elisa and I'm playing the pregnant teen.
Her friend Emma is also an actress.
I'm playing the best friend of the pregnant girl.
I can't tell him... I just don't know what to do.
Hi I'm John.
The boyfriend of course, pretends he has no idea .
I have a surprise for you too.
What's that?
I'm gonna leave school.
Elisa opens up to her friend.
I thought about it and I have no other option.
John is the better option for the husband and I can't...
I can't tell him it's not his baby.
These women are clearly shocked but they try to carry on with their own conversation.
It's really hard, I don't know what to do.
Still nothing from the women at the next table,
so now Emma turns to them for some motherly advice.
Can I ask you guys something?
You can ask me anything you like.
My friend is pregnant...
I see that.
and she told this boy that he's the father, um... but he's not.
Without skipping a beat, the women form a united front,
and offer some guidance.
You know what, you seriously need to start with the truth to the guy.
That's what I think.
After the baby is born, I would do another DNA test,
if that one comes out the same, then you have a decision to make.
So I shouldn't say anything to him?
Me personally, I would not until you have another test.
Okay I'll agree with that.
Time to tell them this dilemma isn't real.
Hi ladies, I'm John Quiñones.
This is all part of the "What Will You Do"
They asked you for your advice, and you were very frank and motherly.
I... you know what, you just gotta be sure, and then you'll have to go with your feeling,
I mean...that's what I said, you know,
because we're talking about a lifetime.
But he's not the father!
Whether he's the father or not the father, the happiness is...
even this girl raises this baby as a single person, if that baby is happy and grows up in a good environment, that's what counts.
The legal system seems to agree,
causing controversy throughout the country, courts have ruled in favor of the child's best interest.
Often ordering child support from men even if they're not the biological fathers.
Fighting paternity fraud...
I am, a paternity fraud victim.
Back at the restaurant we bring in John, the unsuspecting father to be.
Now these sisters have already heard Eliza's confession.
Will they speak out in his defense?
Isn't that amazing?
He's gotten so big!
I know.
As Elisa plays out the facade, they continue to listen in.
I think you're gonna be such a fantastic father.
I have an idea, tell me what you think,
I think that we should name him John!
And when John pretends he's calling his parents to tell them he news, Jodie Poshmic just has to speak up.
You need to tell the real father.
Trust me.
Sorry... I'm sorry what did you say?
I'm sorry, I'm a mother. Nothing.
The only reason I have to say this, and then I'll leave you alone.
God forbid someday this baby is ill and something needs to be from the father.
If you don't say anything now, it's going to come out someday, somehow.
And then what?
He has no idea.
Don't worry, I would never say a word.
Jodie sympathizes with our actress, but will she keep the secret bottled up when John returns?
What's going on?
Just chatting, kids...
We now send Eliza away, leaving John alone.
Still, no one says a word, until John tries to engage them.
Any advice for having a kid?
At this age?
yeah right.
Really? Adoption.
Jodie is torn, she wants to help but just how much is she willing to say.
Why do you think adoption?
Because you're young.
So far she's kept her promise, but then John raises doubts of his own.
You know I was so surprise that she told me it was my kid.
We'd broken up and she's like a week later just kinda had ...
she told me and I was like ... wow... it's fate, fate i guess, you know.
I guess we're just suppose to be together.
Jodie just won't take the bait, she continues to eat her meal,
and then offers one last bit of advice.
Be ready for sleepless nights.
Now Elisa is back. We asked John to step away.
Hey babe I'm gonna to to bathroom too.
Still uncertain about her decision.
Elisa has a question .
Do you think I should tell him before the pregnancy or?
And Jodie goes back to what she said at the very beginning.
I think he deserves to know the truth.
I think it will bite you if you don't.
Time for us to finally come clean.
Hi guys, I'm...
Oh my God.
We were wondering what advice you would give them.
I said she had to tell him.
And then he was suspicious, but you wouldn't tell him.
How can I... how can I, I don't know him and she asked me not to.
Did you feel sorry for the guy?
I did, and I knew eventually, if this was a true story, it would really come out.
It was one of our most personal dilemmas ever, and maybe because of that, during an entire day of filming, no one would confront this young man with the truth.
In the end they seem to say it's all up to his pregnant girlfriend.
You're advice was tell him.
Yes, absolutely. Tell him for the baby absolutely.



你會怎麼做?他不是孩子的生父,你會挺身說出秘密嗎?(What would you do? He's Not the Father, Would You Tell?)

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Angel Cheng 發佈於 2017 年 10 月 26 日    Angel Cheng 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核



1without skipping a beat 1:51
skipping a beat 就是「慢半拍」的意思。所以 without skipping a beat 字面上就是「完全沒有慢半拍」, 也就是毫不遲疑的意思。這裡表示因為女人們本來就在偷聽女演員們的對話,了解目前的狀況,便毫不遲疑地給了女演員一些建議。

還有一個很相似的片語是 heart skips a beat,也就是我們中文常說的「心跳漏了一拍」囉!這可以用在驚嚇、震驚或興奮的情緒中。
Andy's heart skipped a beat when the dog jumped in front of his bike.
當那隻狗跳到 Andy 的腳踏車前的時候,他嚇得心跳漏了一拍。

My heart literally skipped a beat when they announced me as a finalist.

【TED】克服演說時的失序 Finding your voice by overcoming speech disorders: Aslan Maleki at TEDxOU

2biological father6:42
biological 是 「生物的」意思,biological father 就是「親生父親」。而「養父母」的英文則是 adoptive father/mother,稱呼則習慣用 step father/mother 來代表「繼父母」。

補充兩個跟 biological 相關的英文:

biological clock 生理時鐘
Being a flight attendant has completely messed up my biological clock.

biological gender 生理性別
In a world where everything is politically-correct, we emphasize not on the biological gender but the social role within society.

3paternity fraud 3:13
paternity fraud 直譯為「親子詐欺」,paternity 是「親子關係」;fraud 是「詐欺」。所以 paternity fraud 是指一方 (通常是懷孕的女方) 欺騙另一方 (通常是男方) 孩子是他的,要求共同承擔撫養義務,或是要求贍養費等等。

來看看 paternity 這個字還有什麼常見片語:

paternity test 親子鑑定
A paternity test can identify whether a man is a baby's father before the baby is born.

paternity leave 產假、育嬰假
Male employees may be entitled to paternity leave and still get paid if their partner is having a baby.

4God forbid4:03
forbid 原本是「禁止」的意思;God forbid 的意思卻是「上帝保佑」。其實 God forbid 在字典中的意思是:a way of saying that you ​hope something does not ​happen.,也就是「上帝保佑這件事不會發生」。
God forbid that his parents should never find out.

除了 God forbidheaven forbid 也是同樣的意思唷!
Heaven forbid I won't fail on the exam.

5 bottle up 4:23
大家應該都知道 bottle 是「瓶子」的意思,不過在這邊是做動詞使用,直譯的意思就是「裝瓶」,延伸的意思則是「隱藏 (情感);壓抑」,像是把感受和情緒封進瓶子裡的感覺。
I just love to sneak a bite or two while helping my mom bottle up my favorite homemade salsa.

You should go see a therapist or just talk to friends. You can't bottle up all your sorrow.

【The School of Life】對親密的恐懼 (The Fear of Intimacy)

6 dilemma 6:23
dilemma 的意思是「兩難的困境」,注意並不是所有困境都是用 dilemma 這個字,一定要是必須在兩個 (或以上) 選擇中做決定的情境。可以直接用 in a dilemma,或是用複雜一點的片語 on the horns of a dilemma,但表達的意思是一樣的。
Having to choose the lives of her own children is the cruelest dilemma she had ever faced.

另外有一個容易混淆的詞是 quandary「為難;窘境」,也是用 in 這個介系詞,有時候兩者的意思的確可以互通,可是 in a quandary 不一定要做出什麼決定,而是指一種困窘或是為難的狀態。
He finds himself in a moral quandary of whether he should confess the affair with his wife.

囚徒困境 (The Prisoner's Dilemma Explained)


文/ Angel Cheng
編輯/ Jenny Hsu




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