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Hit that son of a bitch!
Do what you’re here for!
Hi everyone!
We are in Moscow attending a pre-show of Autumn’s most anticipated movie,
the film “Fury.”
The movie features real tanks, the main one being an M4 Sherman “Easy Eight”,
commanded by Brad Pitt.
The movie has been released and we have some interesting details!
Anton, the movie has been pretty successful in the US.
Do you think it will also be successful in Russia?
You know, I think that the Russian release will be even more successful than the US release.
Well, first of all, this movie has a great many things connected with our country,
and even if we don’t consider those, then the combination of interesting visual effects,
drama, quality story, and the fact that Brad Pitt stars in this movie,
give me great confidence that the movie will be really successful in our country.
Did you get the urge to get into a tank, to act as a driver or a commander?
At least in the game?
I think I know what you have in mind.
You know, I did try it.
Tell us, how did you come up with the idea of collaborating with Wargaming and World of Tanks?
Well, I can tell you, if this isn’t obvious.
The best pick the best.
So the movie started, meanwhile we’ll talk to the operator Roman Vasyanov.
I got a platoon trapped here, I need you to rescue my men, take the guns out.
How was working with David Ayer?
What is his work style like?
I think he dreamed of making a World War II movie for a while,
because his grandfather took part in battles in France along with the Allied forces.
So it’s his history, too.
Why make it about tanks?
Well, I guess because no one has filmed anything about the tanks themselves, in the US for sure.
It was a new and interesting topic.
And it turned out pretty fantastic.
How was it working with the actors?
Any interesting stories?
Yes, there was a story, Clint Eastwood’s son has a part in the film.
He plays a sergeant, who rides on the back of the main “Fury” tank as they go into battle.
And Shia LaBeouf and Brad Pitt were really living in that tank,
slept in it, treated this tank as a home,
so there was never any garbage, they cleaned it, looked after it, like real tankers.
So we shoot a scene, and Scott Eastwood starts chewing tobacco,
like his character is supposed to.
And when people chew tobacco, the have to spit it out
and he starts spitting it onto the tank.
At that moment Shia turns around and a fight starts right in the middle of the scene,
because he spat on the tank, and Brad was also furious.
In the end the director had to interfere, calm them down
and then Brad finds out that Scott was sitting on the tank,
spitting, according to the script and not out of ignorance.
It will end, soon, but before it does a lot more people gotta die.
- Well you know we do get a dollar 35 a day right? Best job I ever had!
- Best job I ever had
- Best job I ever had
I was really impressed, because I sat in the Sherman’s compartment,
and I can’t say it’s too comfortable, but it was a real home for those guys.
How did you manage to show this homey atmosphere?
This was a long process.
Our artists have been building this set for almost 2 months.
Since this wasn’t just a set, it was almost a real tank that had to move,
shoot, the levers should work, the oil should run.
The movements must transfer, I mean, people have to move together with the tank turning.
This is a very complex engineering design.
Then we developed a way to remove the sides of the tank to be able to place cameras there.
Without touching the actor’s world.
Because in a real tank they sit about 30 centimeters away from each other,
shoulder to shoulder.
It was very important for David to stay away from that world,
not spoil it with the camera,
lights, and the shooting process.
Okay, enough talking only about tanks.
Did you drive a tank yourself?
Would you like to drive a virtual tank?
Well, David and I, we actually sometimes play the World of Tank online game.
A great game, yeah.
I think it is.
I hope that the game’s fans are watching our movie, because there were a lot.
We consulted them, discussed lots of things, they told us a lot,
because I think that the creators of this game know more about tank building
than anyone in the world.
So we consulted with them, and David treasured this cooperation.
So I play from time to time.
What tank do you play on?
Well, I drive a T-34, my grandfather was a tanker, so I … hahaha.
That’s great.
What can I say now?
Go to the cinema, watch the movie about real friendship, tanks, struggle, and victory.
And thanks to our cooperation with SONY,
every tanker can feel like the Sherman Fury’s commander, because you can buy it in the game.
Don’t miss your chance to be a movie star!
We aint never run before why we gonna run now.
We’re still in this fight. Still in this fight!


怒火號 (“FURY.” Opening night in Moscow.)

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