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What is the state of US-Iranian relations?
delicate and complicated.
Last year, the Obama administration and the Iranian government negotiated a historic deal,
in which Iran agreed to restrain its nuclear program in return for easing the economic sanctions.
That deal is meant to go into effect later this week. But there are hardliners in both the U.S. and Iran who opposed the deal,
and the two sides' militaries operating close proximity to each other in the Persian Gulf, which creates the risk of a clash.
Just ______ taking place, two U.S. Navy vessels were taken at the custody by the Iranians after a ____ ran into Iranian waters before being swiftly released.
What is the broader geopolitical context?
There's a state of war and disorder all over the Middle East, which makes maintaining the improvement in U.S.-Iran relations very difficult.
Saudi Arabia, a key American ally, has poisoned its relations with Iran,
and the Iranians are also supporting the Assad regime in Syria and his belied Lebanon who the Americans are bitterly oppose to.
On the other hand, Iran and the U.S. are in a tacit alliance in Iraq, as they both fight to dislodge the Jihadists of Islamic State.
So is the Iranian nuclear deal secure ?
Not necessarily, It's clear that both president Obama in the U.S. and the president Rouhani in Iran are committed to the deal.
But they're not fully in control of the political process in their own countries or revenge on the ground in the conflict with the Middle East.
Over the next year, an accident could easily happen to derail the deal.


【金融時報】現今的美伊情勢如何? What is the state of US—Iran relations? | FT World

112 分類 收藏
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