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This episode of DNews is brought to you by Audible.
All you kids out there who hate waking up early for school? Worry not, 'cause science has your back.
Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews - and like many of you out there, I am NOT a morning person.
Having to wake up at 6 am every single day was probably the thing I hated most about school growing up -
and now, there's research to prove that it can actually affect our academic performance.
A new study conducted throughout 718 public elementary schools in Kentucky - finds that
earlier school start times are associated with lower performance - but ONLY in students from middle or upper class backgrounds.
Researchers assessed academic performance using standardized test scores, as well as
attendance rates, teacher-student ratios, and retention rates -
which is the number of students required to repeat a certain grade.
They theorized that earlier start times would be associated with lower performance in almost all of those areas -
particularly in disadvantaged schools. But to their surprise,
the results showed that wasn't true. Kids who attended schools in disadvantaged districts saw no difference in performance,
regardless of what time school started.
However, children attending affluent schools, saw a significant decrease in academic performance, the earlier school started.
Researchers say sleep deprivation could be what's at hand here.
Not getting enough sleep could cause students to lose the ability to remain alert and focused in class -
and it may also lead to an increase in illness.
As for why this only seems to affect children in affluent schools, the answers are still mostly unknown.
Although they believe it may be because disadvantaged children have so many other risk factors at play.
Now before we start rallying to have schools start at 9 am - there were some other unexpected findings.
The study also found that the later school starts, the higher the chance there is of students having to repeat grades.
For every additional minute later school starts,
retention rates increase by 0.2 %. So starting the school day off even 5 minutes later than normal -
could lead to a 1 % increase in the amount of students being held back.
Now, that's pretty antithetical to the rest of the study, which links later start times with improved performance,
but one possible explanation for that, researchers say, is that starting school later may cause average students to improve,
while those with learning disabilities have an even
harder time keeping up.
They also warn that because this is the first study to ever examine the relationship between school start times and student retention in pre-adolescents,
more research is needed before solid conclusions can be drawn.
Still - think of all the things you could get done if school didn't start til 10 am!
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Best of all, you can get a free audiobook download of your choice by signing up at audiblepodcast.com/dnews.
Every sign-up helps support the show, and encourages reading - the best education of all.
In the meantime, let us know what you think of this study! Would you hate it - or love it - if school started a half hour later?
Parents, I'm sure you feel differently than your kids,
but let us know anyway! Just leave your answers in the comments below -
and as always, thank you guys for watching!



為何上課不要在大清早? (Why Schools Should Start Classes Later!)

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ioannestong 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 3 日    Yu-Chun Chang 翻譯    Naomi Hwang 審核



1upper class0:39
upper 是一個形容詞,表示「上層的、較高的」,而 class 並非我們熟知的「班級」,此處代表的意思是「社會階級」,合併起來表示「上流社會、上層階級」。
The upper class is often composed of the wealthiest members of the society.

Some of the upper class have never known what working for a living means.

另外,有上層、就有中層、下層,那麼「中產階級」便是 middle class , 而「勞工階級」則是 lower classworking class
The middle class is a group of people that falls between the upper and the lower class.

Working class occupations include blue-collar jobs and few white-collar jobs.

【知識力】中產階級有多強大?(How Powerful Is The Middle Class?)

2sleep deprivation1:18
deprivation 作為名詞,指的是「剝奪、損失」。而前面加上 sleep ,合併起來便是 「睡眠剝奪」的意思。
Memory loss is one the consequences of long-term sleep deprivation.

Scientist have found out that people suffering from sleep deprivation are more likely to cheat on their partners.

deprivation 的形容詞,則是 deprived 「被剝奪的」。
Nearly a third of Taiwanese students are seriously sleep deprived.

3at hand1:19
at hand 照字面翻是「手邊」,也就是「在附近、隨時可用」的意思。
I'm so excited because this semester is about to end and this means that the summer vacation will be at hand.

There's big trouble at hand. We have to solve it immediately.

on hand 則是「在手上」,表示「尚待處理」的意思。
A: Do you wanna join us tonight at the nightclub?
B: Nah, I've got loads of work on hand.
A: 我們今晚要去夜店,想加入嗎?
B: 不了,我還有一堆工作還沒處理完。

另外, in hand 也有「在手上」的意思。也可指「正在處理」、「在控制之下」。
Don't worry, the situation is well in hand.

同義詞: under control
Everything is under our control. You can trust us.

rally 在影片中當作動詞,有「(重新) 整合、集合」的意思,另外也可當作「振作精神」的意思。
I know you're heartbroken because she dumped you, but it has been 3 months now. You should rally your courage and move on.

It's our last year in college. We should rally our classmates and try to win the baseball game.

The day after 911 happened, the US government rallied all the retired soldiers.

5conclusions can be drawn2:28
我們常常說「為某件事下結論、達成協議」,通常使用的動詞為 draw ,所以是 draw a conclusion to something,而這句則是「結論可以被做出、被確定」的意思。
We need a lot more evidence so that conclusions can be drawn.

Hey guys, we've been discussing this topic for almost an hour. Can we draw a conclusion now?

It's difficult to draw a conclusion to something when all of us hold our own perspectives and we never take in others opinions.

另外,補充一下 draw a conclusion 的同義詞:

reach an agreement 意思也是「達成協定」。
After 4 months of discussion, we still haven't reached an agreement.

心理學:月暈效應 (The Halo Effect - Science of Attraction)





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