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What’s the latest fashion trend? It’s a monocle!
Believe it or not, the one-lensed eyepieces we often associate with 19th century aristocrats,
and military commandants, are making a comeback. In the past year, online retailers like Nearsights
and The Monocle Shop say sales have TRIPLED. What’s going on?
Well, as most fashion trends go, monocles are having their inevitable “retro” moment.
Meaning, today’s millennials are embracing them for the same reason they’re embracing
tweed jackets, vinyl records, and knitting classes. Because they offer a hip new way
to stand out from the crowd – even though monocles have actually been around since the
1700's! Also, it turns out monocles are a perfect
accessory for today’s smartphones. James Berry is an eyeglass retailer in San Francisco
who says many of his customers are guys in their 40's and 50's who refuse to wear normal
reading glasses. But they don’t mind using a prescription monocle.
Get this: Monocles are a surprise hit in trendy restaurants. A lot of chefs keep one clipped
to their aprons, to help them read recipes and some restaurants offer monocles clipped
to the menus, to help customers read the small print in dim light. Want to be hip cool and
groovy? Get yourself
a monocle.


單鏡 (The Monocle - The New Trend In Eyewear)

1673 分類 收藏
Yorick Hsieh 發佈於 2016 年 1 月 9 日
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