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  • What’s the latest fashion trend? It’s a monocle!

  • Believe it or not, the one-lensed eyepieces we often associate with 19th century aristocrats,

  • and military commandants, are making a comeback. In the past year, online retailers like Nearsights

  • and The Monocle Shop say sales have TRIPLEDWhat’s going on?

  • Well, as most fashion trends go, monocles are having their inevitableretromoment.

  • Meaning, today’s millennials are embracing them for the same reason theyre embracing

  • tweed jackets, vinyl records, and knitting classesBecause they offer a hip new way

  • to stand out from the crowdeven though monocles have actually been around since the

  • 1700's! Also, it turns out monocles are a perfect

  • accessory for today’s smartphones. James Berry is an eyeglass retailer in San Francisco

  • who says many of his customers are guys in their 40's and 50's who refuse to wear normal

  • reading glasses. But they don’t mind using a prescription monocle.

  • Get this: Monocles are a surprise hit in trendy restaurants. A lot of chefs keep one clipped

  • to their aprons, to help them read recipes and some restaurants offer monocles clipped

  • to the menus, to help customers read the small print in dim lightWant to be hip cool and

  • groovy? Get yourself

  • a monocle.

What’s the latest fashion trend? It’s a monocle!


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單片眼鏡--眼鏡的新潮流 (The Monocle - The New Trend In Eyewear)

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