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Alright everybody! Welcome back to the Asian Guys Talk About the NBA!
The Jeremy Lin edition.
In Charlotte North Carolina
This is part two.
Watch part 1 in the description below.
Alright. We're gonna talk about some more fun stuff for you kids
Because this is really dope for us
Wanne be NBA geeks.
A lot of people on the Internet are saying
Yo Jeremy! What's up with the hair?
You look like a...
Asian bowl cut. Some people will more go like GOHAN
And then next game you went with GOKU
And I feel like the Mohawk right now is this
It's like a kind of punk rock
Like Sum 41
First of all, I'll give you guys nice look of my hair
So, I've been surprised how much attention my hair has got
Basically, how it all started was me and my little brother
If you watch the way we dress
or some of the things we like to do
Sometimes a little off the wall
Just express yourself and have fun with it
So um, my little brother has a rattail
I've had a Mohawk before
I wear some little bright loud colors and clothes
We're sitting there one day this summer, and I was like "Hey man"
"I really want this for my hair style."
And I'm not gonna say what it is. I can't.
And he was like "What?"
"I was thinking the same exact thing!"
And I was like, alright, we're going together
And we're like "Alright, cool!" But then
We end up getting five other people to join us
My trainer's doing it; my cousin's doing it.
My agent's doing it
There's gonna be seven of us doing it
The problem is: This awkward middle phase.
I mean, people who like to make fun of my hair are like
Men, you know, you don't think I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and be like
Yo, what is this?
Obviously, I think it's terrible, too!
I've had a mohawk for another five years!
Can I suggest some...
Cause I kinda have a little long hair. I got the pompadour. If you ever think about it
Let me know. I'll cut you.
What in you opinion is your signature move?
My signature move is my hesitation right
I just come up
I hesitate
I pause for a little bit
And I just keep on going to the right
It's a very very simple move, but
If you can get the deception down
The change of speed, it should work pretty well
Oh I know. We gotta talk about you going to Adidas.
You've been to Adidas for how many years?
Um. Like a year and a half or so
I'm in the Crazylight Boost
I got the player edition
So I got to design them
They put my logo on there
And I got to choose the material
like the sole, the way it looks
Just the colorway
The new ones is about it
So that was pretty fun
I saw you recently posted the ones with the ice blue sole
The ice clear sole
That's the one that you design
Yeah, I designed that one and I'll probably post it soon 'cause I just got it a couple weeks ago
I worn them in my most recent game but there is a galaxy edition that I make
'Cause I was like, "Purple and teal."
I have a backpack that's kind of purple and teal, so I was like, "Let's make a galaxy shoe."
So you played in the Bay, you played in New York, you played in Houston, and LA.
Those are huge Asian markets.
You are now in Charlotte. I believe it's 4% Asian.
What are you gonna miss?
I'm definitely gonna miss seeing Asian people
'Cause like, I grew up with a lot of Asians, in family, in church
So I definitely miss that
Last year, it's like, oh you want bubble tea, you want dim sum
Well yeah you can like Korean BBQ or good sushi or whatever, it's not like Chinese food, but it's Asian
You know, out here I'm like, "I don't even know if I'm gonna eat sushi out here."
Let's just eat sandwiches. Yeah.
I miss being close to my friends 'cause a lot of my friends are Asian
and so, you know when they come visit, it's a lot harder to fly across the country than just go to LA
I guess one question I had was, and this is just from the people that I grew up around
I don't think they understand it. I think that I have an understanding now especially meeting you, just kind of following your career
They're like, why doesn't Jeremy want to try really hard to adapt to or be ultra cool in the NBA.
You know what I mean
Essentially like a Jabbawockeez but a NBA player, or you know Jay Park, a K-pop rapper type thing
More urban
You know I'm a big fan of just being who you are
People can't always understand 'cause they see one side of me and they're like, "Alright that's one side of him."
But then they see something else and it's like, oh man, he plays basketball so he is probably like this
But then, he went to Harvard, oh shoot! Now I'm really throwing off.
And then like, he likes gaming, and he plays video games and watches Naruto, that's pretty Asian
And then it's like, oh man he just put out a youtube video where he is like hanging out with all these NBA guys
For me it's like, I don't like being put in a box, and I don't like having people put other people in a box
because, like, i've already been put in a box enough growing up and just like
Oh you're Asian American, you're not supposed to do this, you're supposed to do this
Everything about that has always bothered me
So for me, I'm always just like, dude I wanna be myself
And as long as I treat people the right way, as long as I earn their respect
Then they'll respect me for who I am and I'll respect them for who they are, and that's kind of what it boils down to
Right, 'cause a lot of people do think if you hoop, you can't watch Naruto and play DotA
Yeah...it's like, no, you can. Because once you finish the game you can go home and then you watch Naruto.
That's how it works. You're not mutually exclusive.
Well, I mean, you got to do it, too. If you look at the youtube thing, it's like
Alright, well, today's people see youtube a certain way, but then some of the stuffs you guys talk about, or some of the things you try to do
they go a different direction. So why do you do that? It's because that's who you are, that's what you love doing
and like, you wanna challenge the whole notion of like, Asian American youtube celebrity, like, what does that mean
Eat cinnamon.
The point is like, dude, stop trying to tell everybody what an Asian American youtube celebrity supposed to be
Take each individual for who the individual is, and you gotta push in that same value in the different way
I appreciate that, man. To even, for you to say that about us, man. When you doing what you're doing, man. I appreciate..
Was it at all a process for you got arrive at this conclusion where you like
You know what? I'm just gonna be me and break the stereotype with my own way by liking what I like
Or was there a point where you thought
Oh maybe I should just trying to combat every single one. Or was it just very organic..
No, like, when I first started I was like
Man, there is so much pressure, I gotta do this and...
everyone's gonna think this. And then after a while I was just like
It's not even making me happy, like, I put so much pressure on myself
to try to be who everybody wants me to be, that's like...
That's kinda dumb, that doesn't even make sense, like
The whole reason why everyone cares about my story is because I did it the different way
So why all of a sudden now that I'm in the NBA, why do I have to...
try to do it the way everyone else wanted me to do all of a sudden (crafted in some sort of picturesque way...)
Exactly! For me it's like: 1. That's fake. 2. It's not a happy existence.
Now, I actually have a strong desire to change the whole perception of gaming, too. 'Cause it's like...
Oh my goodness! He is good at gaming! He must be a skinny, Asian kid, in the basement of his mom's apartment, wear glasses, and eating hot pockets.
It's like...What? No, there are like so many different gamers. Stuff like that was just like....
Do you think when you first came in the league, you'd be like, "Nah...I'm not into that...nah I'm not into that stuff..."
Or would you be like, "Oh yeah that's cool, yeah I'm in."
I would be like, if people ask me about it I'd be like, "Yeah that's awesome, DotA is awesome, Halo 3 is awesome."
You know, like, I would say that, but I wouldn't go to a DotA tournament like I just did.
Why did I go to the international's is because, I think people need to see that basketball player, gaming, you can be both
You'll dunk on them, but then you just beat them at DotA 2. Oh, man!
I wouldn't say I'm gonna beat them. I wouldn't say I'm good at DotA, but I love DotA.
How do pre-existing DotA people feel about you entering the world?
It's not like all of a sudden I'm gonna 0 to 100 declare my love for gaming.
I always have for a while, it has just become a little bit more publicized recently
I think they're cool with it. I think they're cool with it as long as I know what I'm talking about, as long as I actually know the game.
When you start saying wrong thing. Yeah, if I'm like calling heroes the wrong heroes and making up names
They'll probably be like, "Alright he is just faking it."
I got a question about gaming, again.
A lot of people go to gaming to kind of get what you receive from basketball.
But you play ball, play sports, at an extremely high level, and then you game.
What do you get from each one that's different? Or is it a similar feeling somehow?
People always like, "Why do you love gaming so much?"
Especially girls, like my mom, my sister, my cousins. They do not understand why.
'Cause I play, my brothers play, my friends play
And all the guys would be like, "Yes! We're gonna...."
And then all the girls are like, "Oh! So what are we supposed to do?"
You know, and they were like, "Why do you love it so much?"
And then I'm like, "Alright, well, if you think about basketball, it's five on five. DotA, five on five."
I didn't even know that.
Yeah, so it's like a five on five game, and you just work together, it's all about the team, you know like
For me, I grew up with brothers and I'm super close with my brothers so it's always been like, how we can do stuff together
Be a team, and like, play and fight for each other.
And that's like video games, and basketball as well.
Is there offensive and defensive schemes just like in the league?
Yeah, there are definitely offensive and defensive schemes.
So I just read this quote about how you were an economics major and a social minor.
And I feel like nobody really ask you to delve into your thesis or whatever you graduated with from Harvard
And it says here that it was about urban communities, non-profits, and all the different dynamics that are working in those systems
Is that something obviously you still really passionate about?
Yeah, 100 percent. Everything I studied in college was to eventually be able to help poor communities.
First of all, understand why they're poor, understand why they're in poverish, why there is high crime
why the kids, you know I love kids, so it's always been interrupting for me, why are these kids behind the eight ball.
Eventually, all my off the court stuff wants to go back into this non-profit philanthropic like underprivileged children avenue, and so
I have a long term vision for me, and for the J-Lin brand, for the J-Lin foundation
where everything we're doing is gonna eventually cater.
Even if you look at my endorsements now, every single one of my endorsements, every single one of my business
they all have a philanthropic side of it.
Because that to me is like, you talk about culture creation or breaking down stereotypes, too.
It's like, we as people need to be more concerned about other people.
We're in the US, where it's just like, "American dream, American dream, American dream."
It's kind of a winner-takes-all society.
Yeah, and you drive by ten people that you realized
Oh my goodness, they never even had the same opportunity I had as growing up, and like, ok how can I reach out and help out.
I don't know if you remember the parody videos we did of you and what Andrew impersonated you back when you were at Harvard.
We were trying to predict certain endorsements that you would get.
And we just wanna have run it by you and see if you have been approached by any of them.
I'm not saying that you took them. You don't have to say it if you're thinking about it.
Alright, this video is from five years ago. "Jeremy Lin Interview: Talks race, groupies, & basketball"
...to take advantage of this great promotional opportunity?
Yes, definitely. I've been contacted by HTC, Kigumon, Qingdao, and Kaplan SAT prep.
And, you know, there's a ton more.
Lee Kum Kee, Rowland Heights, 99 ranch, Jay Chao.
You know, various engineer societies, business schools across the country, and basically higher education in general.
Wang Leehom...
Who approached you? Who are you with?
I would say about 75 percent of those have. We had discussions or...
Oh! Yes. Fortune tellers, man!
Can I do my Jeremy Lin impression...
You gotta go ahead and do it.
This I feel like, maybe even back then more? I feel like now you even loosen up and maybe open up more?
But back then you were like, "Oh yeah...um...just trying to really move the ball around...and um...just trying to make sure that everybody can get the ball..."
"It's just a...It's just a tough game."
Yeah, that's pretty good! You know sometimes I'll make fun of myself like
In an interview, I watched it and be like, "Why did I talk like that?"
It's like so serious you know, it's like a serious setting. And then, like you said
Recently I have just been like, "Uh...I'm just gonna loose it up."
I know you got chops, 'cause I know you said a couple funny things about Kobe back in the days.
Has anyone said that your interviews surprising? Like, for a Harvard guy, I kind of thought...
That's stereotypical, I mean, it's not like it screams Harvard sometimes in the Interviews.
'Cause I know you're smart
No, there's no question, I mean, a lot of it, that's...you know.
PR where it's like, you got to understand, and then
Interview is like a lot of time after a game, where I'm just like
Alright, thinking about the game. I don't wanna talk about the game, we just played bad, I played bad, and we lost. What else do I need to say?
And it was just like, "Yeah, it was a tough game."
What is your favorite NBA celebration?
My favorite NBA celebration?
It used to be the three-point goggles, but then like, you kind of got to switch it up every once in a while, you know.
The three-point goggles, I can't keep using after a while. (What's a get scene, like, a certain number of games..)
What's your favorite from somebody else? Right now you're like, "Oh I like that. I wish I would've thought of that."
I think Wes Matthews had like a Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, where he goes like that
Him and...actually I think the whole Trail Blazers team is doing it, where they're like sharpshooter
We got to...let's brainstorm some potential 2015-16 Jeremy Lin NBA celebrations.
This is actually from a Taiwanese-American dance troop called Instant Noodles crew.
So let's say you hit your third three in a row, and if it's in the fourth, how about you run back down the court and you go..
You know how James Harden got the cooking, right. What's the Asian cooking?
So you hit him with the Wok.
I mean, you can even take one step further into the cooking. There are so much about Asian cooking.
You can hand-pull noodles. You can do this.
Confucius beard stroke.
Like, when you thought of a good player...and you're like, "Yeah, I got this."
A gaming one. What's a gaming movement we could do?
They're all the same! It's a mouse and the keyboard, but what's on the screen look different.
You hit your third three and then just
Alright you could do the one that breaks the stereotype.
When you drive it in hard and you hit the and one. You are like, "I can drive, I can drive, Asians can drive"
Well, you guys can hit that one like those stick shift too, right?
Andrew: Oh! Like Fast and Furious. David: Initial D.
I'm gonna take these ideas and really brainstorm them.
Alright, you guys, thank you so much for watching the very special edition of Asian Guys Talk about the NBA.
Try to catch up Hornets' games this year. If not, keep up with the highlights.
Thank you so much for sitting down with us, man.
Excited for this season, man.
Appreciated. Thanks for having me. I'm glad I can be on.
Thanks for you guys' support. You guys were there from the beginning. Appreciated.
Alright, you guys. Make sure you let us know at the comment section below:
What's your favorite part of this interview was? And your predictions for the 2015-16 NBA season.
And until next time we and Charlotte, North Carolina, we yell, "Peace."


獨家專訪第二彈:NBA 球星—林書豪 (ASIAN GUYS TALK NBA: Jeremy Lin Exclusive Interview PT. 2)

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