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ZionX: A wood can be crafted into 4 wood planks.
ZionX: And 4 wood planks can be crafted into a Crafting Table.
Fox: Then how many Lucy can be crafted into a scrap bundle.
Just For April Fool's Day.
Pause a sec please. 1. Fox is the natural enemy of Lucy. 2. According to what Fox said, Lucy have interest in licking dog's hair. 3. I don't know why can't my computer show Annie's skin even if she had official account.
Lucy's first time in MineCraft.
ZionX: Lucy is a nube. He just joined us.
Biscit: How come a dog house is located here?
Fox: That must be Lucy's house.
ZionX: This is a new base for Annie.
ZionX: See, she put a "Fish" over there. Arrogance.
Annie: That's made by you. ZionX: Haha.
Biscit: Let's go to find Lucy~
Lucy: Hey, I'm...
Lucy: Where is the strange place I am? ZionX: Lucy, where are you?
ZionX: I can't find..Oh! Got it!
Biscit: This is a "monster jail" with a terrible monster inside.
Lucy: WOW~ I wanna eat human being.
Lucy: WHAAA I'll kill you! Biscit: WOW!! He's coming out!!
ZionX: This is Lucy's room.
ZionX: Why don't you built it with wood planks?
Annie: It can be crafted. ZionX: Don't, don't, don't fight near me!
ZionX: Oh! Wait! He's reviving!!
Biscit: GET OUT~!!
ZionX: Let's see Lucy's room from... HAHAHA Lucy: Eh! No, I tell you..
Annie: E? Why is Fox so quiet?
Fox: What? You guys wanna see Lucy's mistery?
Fox: Why do you think that I'm always attacking Lucy? We are best friends!
Lucy: Hey! I got an achievement.
Fox: Success of "perfectly picking up trash five times."
Lucy: May I ask a question? How is the backpack...
Annie: Huh? Fox: She haven't said you can.
Lucy: changed to.. She have said "Yes", you fucking deaf? Annie: Yes, I said yes.
ZionX: have you built up your house?
Annie: See, you need to parkour to get in his house.
ZionX: (Horse's neigh) Why it turned like this?
Annie: I'll never know how to parkour.
Annie: I need to get my things back, where are they?
Lucy: What the.. I was just crafting..
Fox: Do you have problems even for backing home?
ZionX: If we go up to the 3rd floor,
Turn left, it's a viewing deck. You'll see the sunrise here.
Turn right, I would like to make a bridge to other place..
But suddenly, Lucy joined us when I was building it.
I thought it was a great place for him.
At first, there was just a bed.
And you can see the sunset in your room!
Lucy: Yeah. And that's why I still stay here.
Fox: waiting for being humiliated?
Lucy: Or I'll leave.
Fox: What a great sun so contributive.
ZionX: Lucy, did you know what is the second funniest thing of this game?
Lucy: I even have no idea about the first one..
ZionX: What? The first..
The first funniest thing is what you're doing now
Building your own first house.
And the sencond one is going on an pit adventure!
Annie: Lucy Let me take you there!
Biscit: OH!!
ZionX: Haha! Did I scare you?
Biscit: Suddenly, a man, squating behind you, handing a torch,
aiming at your bum...
ZionX: I didn't aim your bum!
Lucy: Hey!! I lost one piece of my meat!
Lucy: What should I do? ZionX: Why does it sound strange?
ZionX: You have to eat something.
Lucy: Is flower edible?
Annie: Come downstairs! I've put some food on the ground floor.
Lucy: Hey! Wait! I got a roasted potato. Why?
ZionX: That's a giving from Annie.
Lucy: Ya! Amen! Fox: That's what you pick up by rag-picking.
Lucy: That's not bad? Fox: That means what you'll be in your later years.
Annie: Hey Lucy! Look! That way!
Annie: Look That way!
ZionX: Oh! Creeper! Annie: There it is. You have to give it a hug >.^
Lucy: Need I kill it?? WAAA! ZionX: You can give it a gentle touch.
Lucy: What the fuck is that thing?
Lucy: Hoh.. It's 1 o'clock.
Fox: What happend? Lucy: Nothing>.^ Annie: (Pu-Ts)
Lucy: Sorry. I tell the wrong thing. None of your bum's business.
ZionX: This is Honpu's brother.
ZionX: Umamamamamamamama Lucy: Really?
ZionX: Ah! Honpu's brother! Ya!
ZionX: The one Who's PR is 15.
Fox: TS! Jesus.
Lucy: Hey. Suddenly, I got a mistery thing.
Lucy: What do I use seed to do?
Biscit: Seed is used to craft Bulbasaur.
ZionX: This is Jon.
ZionX: He is the designer of this under ocean tunnel.
Lucy: Where is the under ocean tunnel? ZionX: That is made by me and him... Here.
Fox: Don't tell him, it will be destroyed.
Lucy: I won't! ZionX: Jon and I made it.
Lucy: Is Jon's ID Wilson?
ZionX: Yeah! It's him. Lucy: Wilson!!!
ZionX: Live broadcast on LOL? I did it yesterday.
ZionX: And I picked Karma top what you guys hope.
ZionX: Let's adventure with Lucy!!
ZionX: He will die in there, give what you have to me.
Annie: I'll protect him. ZionX: Really? Fox: Huh!!?
Fox: It's first time in Lucy's life that he can feel warm.
Lucy: I always feel warm.
Lucy: I feel happy when I'm with you guys.
Fox: Oh.. Oh! I'm moved.
Lucy: Hey! Wait wait wait.
Lucy: If I wanna recover the box, need I break it?
Annie: Yes! Fox: Why, why you wanna recover the box.
Fox: Are you rag-picking?
Lucy: No! Just want to put it on the other side.
ZionX: I feel so small about your room.
ZionX: Hoh! So closely that I dropped down. It's scaring.
Fox: Fill in his room and put some charcoal.
Annie: Do you know the purpose of scissors?
Annie: It can be used to cut leeves and wool.
Annie: If you cut sheeps, they will left body.
Lucy: Wilson looks like dying.
Lucy: Hey wait! Where does the water come from?
ZionX: This is out of physical law.
ZionX: Because of your low IQ, it's hardly to explain to you.
Annie: Why even you do attack him?
Fox: I'm so sympathized with Lucy.
ZionX: When you grow up.... HOHOHOHOHO!!! You are the most unfriendly.
Annie: Use the crafting, crafting table. Here!
Fox: Fox: You're toast. Looks like Annie is almost out of patience.
Annie: Put two wood planks and one stick straightly.
Lucy: I already have "mahogany sword".
ZionX: Hey! You have wooden sword!
Annie: I just taught him how to make it.
Fox: Why do you teach him hot to make lethal weapons. It's equal to game over!
Annie: Come here, have you seen the door here? Fox: The world will be destroyed if Lucy has any weapons.
Lucy: Hey! Looks like we're going to a place which is full of evil things.
Fox: With the evilest one like you.
Lucy: Say that again.
Lucy: Mahogany sword must be anti-dandruff(devil).
Annie: Shampoo? Hahaha!
Lucy: Dear spectators, I have just played for 15 minutes.
Lucy: Ah!! Tsa!! It's dead.
Annie: Hey! There's slime, again.
Lucy: Hey! It's my turn.
Lucy: I'm.. Hey, I got an achivement "Monster Hunter".
ZionX: Did you beat it by a stick?
Lucy: How does the game know I'm the god of monster hunter? ZionX: Oh! Wooden sword. Wooden sword.
Annie: See, it's iron ore.
Lucy: Oh! The one with yellow. Tsa!!!
ZionX: Hey! Guys! I found diamond ore!
Annie: Come here, this is diamond.
ZionX: It's very rare. Lucy: Beautiful. Beautiful~~~
ZionX: What are you doing? It can't be dug by hands. 150 00:06:03.594 --> 00:06:06:330 Annie: I'm dying! I'm dying! I'm dying! ZionX: Where are you going? Who? 151 00:06:06:330 --> 00:06:07.697 Annie: I'm dead. ZionX: Ah! No one can save you.
Lucy: What's the purple one? Ahahah! I fall down.
Annie: Where's my thing.
ZionX: It's in Lucy's package.
Lucy: Let me throw them there.
Annie: You suck them back which you just throw.
Annie: You suck all things back!
Annie: Do not suck! Fox: What are you two doing?
ZionX: What are you doing? Looks interesting. Lucy: Truely! Then how should I throw? ZionX: Back more, back more.
Annie: He learns so fast that he's coming up.
Lucy: Huh! ZionX: Really?!
Lucy: Fire using, learned. Ah~~ Annie: And come here.
ZionX: Be careful not to fall down. Lucy: I'll press shift.
Lucy: Actually it needn't press shift.
Lucy: Hey I heard the sounds of monster. Have you listened?
Annie: Hey! It's here! It's here! It's here!
Annie: Here! Here! Got it! Dunjeon.
Annie: We found the dunjeon.
Lucy: Hey! Help me! Help me! I can't go up! ZionX: Hey! Wait! Don't kill. Don't kill. Annie: Heyhey! Don't get in! Don't get in!
ZionX: How do I help you? Annie: Come up quickly. Come up quickly. Come up quickly.
Annie: Hey! There is a disc. ZionX: I'm stealing , I'm stealing.
ZionX: It's all my, it's all my, my mom's. Lucy: Disc?
Lucy: I have being collecting discs.
Lucy: May you give me?
Lucy: Don't give him, he's lying.
Annie: And now we can make a "Spawning Tower".
Lucy: Listen, there is a zombie behind the wall I'm facing.
ZionX: You said. Lucy: Um.
Lucy: That's impressive, Lucy!
ZionX: What a great earphones you have.
Fox: I feel so so.
Lucy: Of course you feel that, you haven't played with us! What you have just a mouth.
Fox: Sure! ZionX: Kindless!
Fox: That must be a long time he standed, I can understand.
Fox: That must be a long time he standed, I can understand.
ZionX: Hey hey hey hey!! 188 00:07.29.033 --> 00:07:30.792 Annie: You guys go up! You guys go up!
Lucy: I must describe how I feel now.
Lucy: It is like that...
There is a taoist priest spelling magic.
And we are his apprentices.
And he say "Get out of there".
And we watch it beside.
Teacher spelling. Fox: What the FUCK you're talking about?
Annie: Why attack him? Fox~
Lucy: Hey wait!
Lucy: ZionX, you threw me an iron sword. ZionX: Yes what?
ZionX: You didn't have iron one? Lucy: I didn't have iron sword.
Annie: See me? ZionX: Hello! Lucy: I had a normal wooden sword.
Lucy: Give me a gold sword now!
Fox: Give him a swearword.
Lucy: Okay! Come on! Let's break the seal.
ZionX: Fox~ Lucy: Fox doesn't want to answer me, So good! Annie: You can make a road. Fox: Hum?
ZionX: He's out, he's out of control. Fox: Huh?
Fox: I'm prefer to give him some confindence. Or I'm afraid he would burn charcoal. 207 00:08.22.924 --> 00:08:25.627 Fox: Lucy, we are the best friend, don't we? Lucy: Always be!
Fox: Yeah! I know. BFF!
Lucy: Shall we go the other side?
Annie: Yes, then you can catch them on the other side.
Annie: This is called "Spawning Tower".
Lucy: What's the purpose of leveling up? Biscit: Is zombie able to handing a torch?
Annie: It's enchanting.
Biscit: Why can zombie hand a torch? ZionX: I'm curious, too.
Annie: Did you hit me? Hey! Hey!
Annie: Why is a zombie here? Why is a zombie here?! Jesus!
ZionX: So cute. Isn't he so cute? Annie: That's fine.
Lucy: It's more boring than Di-A-B-LO.
Lucy: I'm hungry!
Annie: Eat rotten flesh! Eat rotten flesh! Eat rotten flesh!
Lucy: Uh~ Mamamamamamamama
Lucy: Don't steal my experience! >.^
Lucy: Hey I'm niffy now, what should I do?
Biscit: No no, it's actual that we're working in this place.
Biscit: So it is. Lucy: I'm dead, why?
Biscit: Was shot by...(ZoooX)
Annie: You was, you was Lucy: Hoh! Damn you! ZionX: Why what?!
ZionX: I didn't mean that. I thought it would be shot on wall.
ZionX: I smiled so tired.
Annie: I'm tired, too. It's all fox's fault.
Fox: Me again? I didn't say anything ne. Ne. Ne.
Annie: OK OK OK! Fox: When I watch you guys bullying Lucy, my heart just bleed.
ZionX: I'm gonna hunting. Annie: Hahahahahaha.
Fox: Lucy is my BFF!
Annie: I know. ZionX: Huhhhhhhhh!
Lucy: What's matter? ZionX: Nothing, it almost boomed.
Lucy: Hey let me do it!
Annie: Hahahahaha. ZionX: Huhhhhhhhhh!
ZionX: Ah! Wait wait wait wait!
Annie: How cute Lucy is! ZionX: That scared me.
Lucy: I envy the truth that you can play so lately.
ZionX: Then what are you doing? Lucy: I have to go home.. No no no, what am I talking about. Annie: Hahaha
Lucy: I have to go sleeping.
Fox: His toy poodle is waiting for his licking hair.
Lucy: That's rude.
Lucy: Hey, but I still don't know hot to use rotten flesh.
Annie: It can fed dogs. Fox & ZionX: Puh-Ts!
Annie: It's true! Ho! Lucy: Don't tell the topic so sensitive.
Annie: I didn't. It's ture! Ho!
Annie: It's scaring.
ZionX: Why did it become like thissssssss?
ZionX: Viewing deck.
Annie: Let me see Lucy's homeeeeeeeeeeee.
Lucy: Did it be broken? No..
Lucy: I didn't do this. I have nothing to do with it.
ZionX: Maybe it means that you have to jump into that hole.
ZionX: That's made by the man whose PR is 15.
Biscit: Peter house.
Lucy: Oh! I see.
ZionX: Did he misspell it, didn't he? Biscit: Peter House, it's time to...
ZionX: Then? Biscit: Picking, and inseting. Annie: Why did you break that?
Lucy: Hey! Here! I found a hole. ZionX: Huhahahahaaha!
Annie: What did he write? ZionX: Go watching it.
Annie: Huhuhahahahaha! ZionX: Huhahahahah! 256 00:10:59.528 --> 00:11.02.165 Annie: Why you so bad! ZionX: Huh huh huh! 257 00:11.02.165 --> 00:11:04.297 Lucy: So, does his brother be?
ZionX: I must show you something.
ZionX: See? Diamond Mine.
Annie: You may ask Lucy to dig! You may, ask, Lucy. ZionX: Huh?
Lucy: There is something moving, may I go to see? ZionX: Where?
Lucy: It's a pig. ZionX: Where? Where?
ZionX: It's a simple "Redstone Repeater".
Lucy: Hey! Here is an "Anywhere Door"! Annie: There is somthing on my left PUUUUUUUUUUUUU.
ZionX: Huh? Yeah, you may... Lucy: Anywhere door!
Annie: You may get in. ZionX: Hey! Don't break it, don't break it.
Annie: Huhahahaha!
Lucy: Wooooooooo~
Lucy: Ah~~~~~
Lucy: What is this??? ZionX & Annie (Collapseing.)
Lucy: Hey hey, I wanna do something exciting.
ZionX: I did it.
Lucy: Hey hey hey hey. Stop laughing. Listen to me.
Fox: No one wants to listen. I give you a chance to tell me.
Lucy: Alright, listen.. 276 00:12.01.759 --> 00:12.04.099 ZionX: Here here here here.
ZionX: Diamond mine, do you have any pickaxes?
Lucy: I have. ZionX: Let's go!
Lucy: It will boom, will it? Annie: He have no pickaxes. He should have it. ZionX: It won't, it won't boom.
ZionX: Huh? He have! I have no pickaxes.
Lucy: See! I knew it! It suck!
ZionX & Annie (Collapseing.)
Lucy: Still have another? ZionX: Yeah, there's another, wanna play?
ZionX: It's here.
ZionX: You need to get down by minecart.
Lucy: It's cute! I wanna play! I wanna play!
ZionX: See you downstairs!
Annie: You have to press twice.
Lucy: Wuuuuu~ It's fun!!
ZionX: Puuuu... Lucy: Wuuuu OH!! SUCK GAME!
ZionX & Annie (Collapseing.)
ZionX: Oh! OKOKOKOKOKOK! I'm tired..
Lucy: Hey! It looks clumsy when I use F5 to look myself.
Lucy: My feet are outside the minecart.
Annie: How could Fox be so quiet?
Lucy: He would must say something.. Fox: I didn't hear it! Say again.
Annie: He said he looked clumsy when he used F5 to look himself.
Fox: Not right. I think he is a little handsome.
ZionX: This is Jon's home.
ZionX: WOW! It's spectacular.
ZionX: Next stop, Honpu's home.
Fox: Then.. Ask Bagger if he wanna go with us.
Lucy: See, how pitiful nicknames his firends' are.
Lucy: See, how pitiful nicknames his firends' are.
Fox: What matter? Does Shit(Lucy) sound respectable?
Lucy: Hey, you guys know what is watermelon in Japanese?
Lucy: But I think if I tell you, you will damn me.
ZionX: Tell us. Annie: Tell us. Fox: By transliteration.
Fox: By transliteration, in my mind. ZionX: Huh~ by transliteration...
Fox: Yes, just sounds like Si-Kwa (in Chinese).
Fox: But I don't wanna tell you, ohterwise I will be damned.
Lucy: Um HA! It's SU-I-KWA.
Fox: It's KA, bitch. Lucy: You see, huh?
Lucy: Guys! Let's play a game.
Lucy: Let's PK on this bridge. See who will fall down first.
ZionX: I can't, I have diamond in my package.
Lucy: Ah! Ah! Annie: Ah! Get down! ZionX: When the shepherds quarrel, the wolf has..
ZionX: Ah~ Hahahahahahaha (The wolf had falled down.)
Annie: Just meow once!
Lucy: Huhaha! I don't want to.
Annie: Hahaha! Please~! ZionX: Who likes to do that, you are so...
Lucy: Or.. ZionX!
Lucy: Let's play finger-guessing game, who loses who meows.
ZionX: I'll choose Rock. Annie: OK~
Lucy: Annie, help us counting to 3, and we'll tell what we choose.
Lucy: A moment ago, what did ZionX say he would choose?
Annie: He said he would choose Rock.
Lucy: He said he would choose Rock, OK, then I'll choose Paper.
OK, I start counting.
THREE. ZionX: Scissors la! Lucy: Paper. I hate U~~
Lucy: OK, fine, bet one's bottom dollar.
This video was broadcasted in 2013/03/31, going on April Fool's Day.
There will be a complete version at 04/05. You can take a break if you have interests.
About Annie→http://youtube.com/RSPannie72127 About ZionX, press more informations.
Next will be a 20-sec announcement for complete version.
Live singing "I'll make a man out of you(Mulan)" By Lucy.
Introducion of Four bases.
Chatting & more Fox with Lucy.


【菜喳麥塊】EP.1 愚人節和Lucy麥塊就對了--MineCraft With Lucy in April Fools' Day (【菜喳麥塊】EP.1 愚人節和Lucy麥塊就對了--MineCraft With Lucy in April Fools' Day)

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