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Thank you. - Thank you.
Thank you. - Thank you.
My life is nothing less than a festival.
A never ending festival.
In which I am the host as well as the guest.
Me and my alcohol have too much...
...fun all through the nights together.
There isn't anyone to ask me.
There isn't anyone to stop me.
And when morning arises...
...I go back to those four walls...
...which are regarded as a home by sundry people.
The car of my life is going on this same speed.
I ride this car.
But I don't have any idea as to...
...where it's steering wheel is.
In fact, I didn't even know that...
...my car would stop at a signal very quickly.
The first raindrops would bring such a moment...
...with them, after which everything...
...would change for ever and ever.
Police station? Police station?
Police station? Police station?
Why don't you take a job in the police station?
Come here. - Yes sir.
Give an orange juice. - Yes Sir.
Just a minute. Give coffee. - Yes sir.
Without milk. - Yes sir.
Greetings sir. - Greetings.
I have come for his bail.
You are his father?
I get the salary of a butler, but I work as a father.
Twenty two years, eleven months and nine days.
And since yesterday night, it is...
...sixteen hours that I am staying with him.
I worry more for him than myself.
I stay so worried for him...
There will rarely be any dad worried so much.
I haven't yet been able to understand...
...as to how are you related to him.
Please let it be, sir.
The mind cannot understand...
...the relations of the heart. So...
...what has this child done?
Has he committed some serious crime?
Please have a seat.
Yes sir. Thank you. Thank you, inspector.
Thank you. Thank you. - Okay.
It is good that the girl didn't set a police complaint.
She just had you beat up and let you go. What is it?
Didn't you get any of my principles?
You saw a girl on the street.
And you kissed her in broad daylight?
You stay that I stay away from girls.
But the girl was something like this.
I don't know. My feet just walked up to her.
I couldn't tolerate it.
You mean, because of you...
...the girls should stop going out on the streets?
It doesn't matter, son. Come home.
The limousine is waiting for you.
The limousine? - Yes. - Daddy? - Yes.
No, uncle. I won't go alone. You will...
...have to come with me. Please!
Oh. How will you not go alone? Even your father will go. All alone.
In your father's presence. Come on.
You are keeping the family's prestige.
You are a very weak man.
I pity you.
Dad, if you had to tell me this...
...you could have told it over the phone.
What was the need of sending... a limousine and calling me here?
I have called you here to talk about marriage.
With Anahita Madhwani. - Anahita Madhwani!
No. Dad.
I can't do this marriage. Please.
It is my wish. It is your grandmother's wish.
And Devendra Madhwani wishes it too.
Dad, Devendra Madhwani, rogue, criminal.
How can he become my father-in-law?
Who isn't a criminal today?
In the business circle, everyone...
...is a criminal on a smaller of higher level.
It will be better...
...that you pay attention to the wealth that...
...you will get by marrying Anahita Madhwani.
Dad see.
I will marry when I meet such a girl...
...who will love me and I can love her too. All right.
If you don't agree you will lose 100 million dollars.
You will be disowned from my will.
Mittal house will close it's doors on you forever.
You will have to do hard work.
And you will have to earn yourself.
Actually, Anahita isn't that bad a girl.
She is a very sweet girl.
She is a very sweet girl.
She is a very sweet girl.
I am ready for the marriage.
Congratulations. Son. Congratulations.
Madhwani will be very happy hearing this.
Come on, give me a hug. Give me a hug.
Son. Taking this decision, you have taken the...
...certificate of being rich all through your life.
After mummy's death, what have...
...I got from you and this family?
Except wealth? Yes?
Are you thinking of filling the swimming pool...
...with alcohol and jumping in it?
John uncle, please move from my way.
I am very angry. I don't want to...
Oh go! Wow! You can show this arrogance to me.
He doesn't even squeak to his father, ma'am.
What is your name?
What should I do then? Should I fight? Should I scream?
He won't give me one rupee.
I will move around hungry and thirsty.
You will like it then.
John uncle...
This isn't the marriage of two people.
This is the marriage of two bank accounts.
Two bank accounts.
Eight days. Just eight days.
And that Anahita Madhwani...
...will be clasped to my neck permanently.
And my dad will have a jackpot permanently, okay?
Do you know what the people...
...in rural areas do to catch a monkey?
They put some peanuts in a pot...
...and keep it in front of the monkey.
The monkey puts his hand in the pot.
He clenches the peanuts in his palm...
...and he gets stuck up there itself.
Then he can't take his hand out from the pot.
Because, to remove his hand from the pot...
...he will have to let go of the peanuts.
Your situation is just like that monkey.
You want to be free too. But...
...you cannot live without the peanuts too.
Did you like my philosophy?
I didn't understand that. - Good.
John uncle, I don't understand...
...anything about this monkey. - Okay.
I am in a bad state. - Okay.
Wherever I see...
...that female monkey Anahita Madhwani...
...is jumping and clenching at me.
Who is she?
What happened? - That... - What?
The kiss girl. - The kiss girl?
At the bus stop. - Oh!
The one who made you go to the police station? - Yes.
She is stealing tie. She is stealing tie.
Don't look there. Let her steal comfortably.
Look at me... - Oh oh!
Oh! How the hell are you related with that?
Bye bye.
Excuse me.
Madam, just a minute.
Excuse me. Madam just a minute.
Just a minute, madam. Madam, just a minute.
What is it? - I want to speak to you.
What do you want to speak about?
The item that you took from inside...
...did you pay for it? - What did you say?
It is in your bag... here... - What?
Don't touch! - What did you say?
What do you think you are?
Tell me your name. Tell me your name.
Madam... it is in your bag... it is in your bag
What is there in my bag? - Don't you know who I am? - Madam...
Please listen to me... - I will make one phone call...
- Madam, please listen to me... - This uniform that you have worn...
...you will wear it all through the night and sleep.
You should be given to the police. - Madam...
Somebody call the police. - Please madam. Please...
Police! Police! - I will show you right away.
Ram Singh... what are you doing here leaving your work?
Mr. Mittal, it is a very small matter.
No, what is the matter? - Please don't meddle.
No. What... what... what? What is the matter?
Sir. You don't know.
This madam has brought a tie from inside.
Without paying for it.
See. See it in her bag. - Brought a tie? - Yes.
Look at it in her bag.
In the bag? - Yes. Look at it in her bag.
Give me the bag. - No. - Hold this.
Look at this.
Oh! For me!
Thank you! Come here, baby. Come.
I love you so much.
Sorry for that day. - Shut up, okay.
Get lost. Get lost.
Hey, auto...
Hey, for that day... - Don't take a...
...step ahead or I will slap you very hard.
Okay... I will... I will drop you home...
Stealing and attitude on top of it.
Now I came to know that the girl...
...whom I kissed wasn't anything common.
She was dynamite.
If I would try to find out anything more than that.
Her slap would have turned into a blast too.
All of a sudden, there was a fire in the chest.
The heart yearned to meet her again.
Brother Nikki... here is your tie.
Tie! Tie! Tie!
That's enough. Enough of this love.
I don't understand what you do of these ties.
Do you know how many problems are there in bringing these ties?
Yes... come on now...
Oh God! Brother! You have so many ties?
You don't wear them. What do you do of them?
You will have to tell me today.
Tell me.
Come here.
Come here, please.
Please come here.
Sit down here.
For my sake. Tell me. What will you do of these ties?
Tell me...
I will wear it on a suit. - You will wear it on a suit? - Yes.
Where will you wear a suit? - In your marriage.
In my marriage?
How will I marry? You know what I do.
Who will marry me? - A prince.
A prince? - Yes, a prince.
Where will a prince come from?
Will he waiting for me on the streets? - Yes.
Yes? - Open your mouth.
The Prince. The prince.
The prince, the prince, the prince.
This is me?
And this, with the tie?
'I love you.'
'I love you till the limits of craziness.'
'Don't make me crazy till the limits of craziness.'
'O beloved... '
'Ask me, how much I love you.'
'O beloved... '
'Ask me, how much I love you.'
'I love you.'
'I love you till the limits of craziness.'
'Don't make me crazy till the limits of craziness.'
'This isn't a game.'
'To fall in love with anyone.'
'Don't forget me after falling in love with me.'
'This isn't a game.'
'To fall in love with anyone.'
'Don't forget me after falling in love with me.'
'O beloved! Ask me, how much I love you.'
'O beloved! Ask me, how much I love you.'
'I love you.'
'I love you till the limits of craziness.'
'Don't make me crazy will the limits of craziness.'
'Why have I started becoming restless now? '
'What should I tell you, what has happened to me now.'
'Why have I started becoming restless now? '
'What should I tell you, what has happened to me now.'
'O beloved, what situation I am in, ask me!
'O beloved, what situation I am in! '
'I love you.'
'I love you till the limits of craziness.'
'Don't make me crazy till the limits of craziness.'
'O beloved! Ask me, how much I love you.'
'O beloved! Ask me, how much I love you.'
'I love you till the limits of craziness.'
'Don't make me crazy till the limits of craziness.'
Out. Out.
Don't take her in and bring her.
Come on.
To whom will she come in the times of need if not you?
Hey Reshma! Don't butter me.
Her needs are never fulfilled.
If it is her brother's problem. She dances on my head.
If it is the problem of her land lord...
...she comes to dance on my head.
If you want to dance...
...why don't you go to the stage and dance?
But where can she do that too?
I will go home at eleven o' clock.
I won't go out with anyone.
I won't sit with anyone and drink alcohol.
She will just ask a loan from me and drink my blood.
Doesn't she create magic when she is on stage?
Don't waste your time in her problems.
You go and do your work.
I won't give her anything.
She hasn't returned the loan...
...and she is talking... - Come on.
Please forgive me. You go.
Oh! Go!
Bye. - Bye.
Good morning.
Wherever you see, he follows me.
Come with me and don't turn around.
What... what happened? - Silent. - Let me go inside.
Where do you want to go?
I have to take the rent for the house from Jiya.
Hey, don't talk... - I know she is inside there.
She is not here. - Let me go inside.
Hey, what are you doing?
I will take my rent today.
Thank you.
Don't you think that fate is trying...
...to make us meet repeatedly?
I mean... you know...
No? - Taxi!
Okay. I have a car. I can drop you home.
You are chasing me. Stay away.
By the way, there is a restaurant nearby.
We can go and have food, have some coffee. Something...
If I had free time, I would be in the bar.
I would be dancing and earning money.
I can give you money.
Just because I dance in a bar...
...it doesn't mean that I am a prostitute, understood?
See. You misunderstood me.
I was just speaking about coffee.
That... that too, in a public place, okay?
Your like...
This means... that you want to just spend time with me?
That will take money.
Yes. How much? Two thousand... three thousand. - Three thousand.
All right.
Only one hour. - Okay. All right.
And don't come close to me. - No.
I don't have many friends.
But the ones who are, call me Daksh.
What is your name? - Why should I tell you?
Wow! Your parents have named you so nicely.
Why should I tell you? Very nice. - Jiya.
If you just keep babbling like this, I am going.
Okay. After this, I won't utter another syllable.
That's it.
From this time, My name is Deaf and Dumb.
Very funny.
Thank you. - Sorry.
Oh god!
The time is done, the money is over.
Is it necessary to go? Please stay some more. - Bye.
Okay, if I wish, you can stay for some more time.
According to your way. Yes. Your way.
I can arrange as much money as you want.
Only one week.
You seriously have some problem
If you really have so much money you should go to...
...a good psychiatrist and cure yourself. Okay?
We will never meet after today.
What rubbish.
See, fate is trying to make us meet again and again.
Who knows? What if this fate unites us forever and ever?
Fate didn't make us meet. I came according to my own.
That means you don't believe in fate?
No. Fate is for rich people like you.
People like us move with our fates in our pockets.
Okay. Just a second, just a second. One second please.
Do you have a pen?
If fate wishes that we should unite forever see...
...sometime or the other this note will surely reach you.
All right?
Two candy floss please. Pen.
Candy floss.
I have an idea. You go to America.
I have heard...
...there are very good psychiatrists there. Bye.
Okay, before going, some address... ...phone number, just tell me...
I just came with you, because I needed money.
No address. No telephone number.
And don't follow me.
How much did you drink?
Wow! It is a miracle today. You didn't drink any.
Otherwise, your whole body stinks of alcohol.
Are you all right, son?
Because I met her last night too.
Okay... that tie thief? Okay. Okay.
So you didn't drink because of her?
I didn't feel like drinking. - Oh God!
And whenever she meets me, I won't drink. - Oh God!
She is a very good girl.
She is honest.
She is smart.
She is smarter than you.
Play son. Play. Play till you feel like it.
And then throw her away.
Rich son of a rich father.
Won't you marry the girl whom you father chooses?
Come on. I can sleep a bit, now that you have come.
Move it. Yes.
Come on.
Oh! Very good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Girl friend?
Good. Good. Good.
Take it. Take the comb.
Become smart.
Take it. Take the comb.
Hey! Hey!
Nikki! Nikki son, come back down here.
Please come down. Please... please come down.
Please come down. Please... please come down.
Please come down. Please... please come down.
See, Jiya has come.
Let me go. Move aside.
Please come down.
What happened to him? - No, madam.
When the ward boy went to clean the room Nikki...
...wasn't in the room. He went to the terrace...
...and closed the door. And he started saying...
...that he will jump down. It is more than an hour, madam.
I will go upstairs.
See. There isn't any way to go up.
You don't go upstairs. You stay here.
We are there, isn't it? - Oh! Him!
Come down. Come down, Nikki.
Come down, Nikki!
I will jump! I will jump!
I will jump!
Please don't jump. I have come.
I will jump.
Bring him down.
Bring him down.
You... you... you... what are you doing here?
Good question. What am I doing here?
Yes. I had come with your sister. - Sister?
Yes. Your sister is down there, isn't it?
Sister. I will jump down!
Yes. I came here and I saw that you are jumping.
See. I don't have any problem. Jump from here.
But before going, tell me something.
Why are you jumping?
That... Biba... Biba... that rascal Biba... - Yes?
He took four of my ties! - He took four of your ties?
He took four of my ties! Yes. Biba the rascal!
Then... so what if he took four of your ties?
How will I wear a tie on my sister's wedding?
How will I wear it? - Oh! Very sad.
It doesn't matter. I have many ties.
I have ties of every color. - Yes?
I have red tie, I have a blue tie, I have a green tie.
Suit... do you have a suit?
Yes. I have a suit too. I have a suit of every color.
Red suit, blue suit, green suit.
You don't have maroon... you don't have maroon.
I have a maroon suit.
I have twelve dozen maroon suits.
Give me one, give me one, give me one.
What is the need of giving you? You are jumping from here.
I won't jump. I won't jump. I won't jump.
Give me one. Give me one.
I will do like this. I will give the maroon suit to someone else.
I will give it to Biba.
No! Not Biba! Biba the rascal! Not Biba!
Give it to me please! Please give me one.
One. Just one.
Yes. Okay.
Okay. I will give you the suit. Give me your hand.
Give me your hand, or I will give it to Biba.
No. Not Biba! Not Biba! Biba rascal! Not Biba.
Give me your hand.
Nikki brother!
Some one stop him!
Nikki brother!
Oh! Help me! Help me!
You have a maroon suit, isn't it? - Yes, I have a maroon suit.
You have a tie too?
I want the maroon suit. Just the maroon suit.
Yes. I have a maroon suit. - Promise?
Yes. Promise, promise. Promise.
I want a tie too, give me a tie too.
Maroon suit. You have a maroon suit, isn't it?
Yes. I have the maroon suit. - You give me a tie too.
I have twelve dozens. I have twelve dozens.
I have twelve dozen maroon suits. I will take one. I will take one.
Come on. Nikki. Come on, Nikki.
Yes, you have come? - Yes I have come.
Come on. Come on, Nikki. - Yes, come on.
Tie... tie... tie... - Come on, come on, come on.
Will you take one? - Yes, it is all right.
Bye. - Bye.
Will you meet me tomorrow?
17th Victoria cross road?
Ten O'clock.
'I have decided.'
'I have decided.'
'Whatever be the case, I will love you.'
'I have decided.'
'I have decided.'
'Whatever be the case, I will love you.'
'I have decided.'
'I have decided.'
'I have decided.'
'This is the separation of a few days.'
'This is a distance of a few days.'
'Then, every season is that of meeting.'
'Then every moment is so saffron! '
'What should I tell you about the state of this...
...heart? I cannot tell you anything.'
'You have made me so restless.'
'I cannot stay apart from you even for a moment.'
'I have decided.'
'I have decided.'
'Whatever be the case, I will love you.'
'I have decided.'
'I have decided.'
'I didn't say anything with words.'
'I said everything without saying anything.'
You gave me the gift of my love freely.'
'There wasn't such fun ever.'
'There wasn't such a season before this.'
'Before I met you, there was loneliness in my life.'
'I have decided.'
'I have decided.'
'Whatever be the case, I will love you.'
'I have decided.'
'I have decided.'
'Whatever be the case, I will love you.'
'I have decided.'
'I have decided.'
'I have decided.'
'I have decided.'
The shoe is broken.
It doesn't matter. Come on.
No. - Come on. I won't bite.
Come on!
Jiya, do you know?
I never looked after anyone in life.
Always, someone has looked after me.
God forbid that you fall ill someday...
...or something happens to you...
...then I will come to look after you.
Then I will fall ill today itself.
And then I will stay ill throughout my life.
Then I will take care of you throughout life.
Daksh... - Yes?
Tell me something.
Who are you?
Are you the one who came on the streets...
...and kissed me like a shameless person?
Or are you the one who shied away from me now?
I don't know.
I am a bit impulsive.
Who himself doesn't know what he will do.
Jiya, I am like this since my birth.
I have done everything wrong since birth.
But not any longer.
Now. Whatever I do, I will think about it.
And I will do it in the right way. - How?
You won't laugh? - No.
Promise? - Promise.
The elder's permission is taken for marriage, isn't it?
I will come to your house tomorrow. You call your brother.
I will come to your house tomorrow...
...and ask your brother for your hand in marriage.
I will take his permission for marriage.
See, you are laughing. I know that I do everything wrong.
No, you fool.
I am laughing so that I can stop my tears.
Do you know?
I thought that all this only happens in fairy tales.
Every girl isn't lucky like Cinderella.
But I am.
So, I can come to your house tomorrow?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
What happened?
Did you change your decision?
No. Before meeting your brother I will have...
...to take permission from someone else.
You fool!
The doctor tells me...
Leave smoking the hookah or else you will die.
I said... you fool!
I have got just one life.
If I don't smoke the hookah in that fie on my life!
Come on! Come on! Take a puff too!
The thing that isn't coming from your tongue to words...
...that will come out as soon as you take a puff.
Come on! Take this! Take a puff.
Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy it?
Now, tell your grandma clearly.
What is your problem? Yes.
Grandma, I don't want to marry Anahita.
Grandma, a few days ago, I met a girl.
You are just like your grandfather.
If your grandfather liked someone...
...he would get ready to marry her.
Your grandpa's grandpa made him understand...
...that if you want to drink the water from a well, drink it.
But what is the need of bring the well in the house?
Did you understand what I am saying?
Paani Puri! Paani Puri!
We will have 'Paani Puri'! Bring it fast, Rosie, yes!
Yes. This is something.
Tell me something, Rosie? - Yes?
Is my grandson handsome?
Yes. He is very handsome.
Oh! He has shied away! Okay, you go. Go. - Yes.
This girl, whom you met a few...
...days ago who is she after all?
What does it matter, grandma? She is a nobody. But I love her.
You are accustomed to wealth.
You move around in the biggest of cars.
You drink the most expensive alcohol.
You are not able to live the life of poverty now. Yes.
You will have to marry Anahita.
This grandma... and your father.
They are very dangerous.
If you don't listen to us, you wont...
...get anything from the wealth of this family.
I will shut down your bank account.
I will snatch your credit card!
I am a bitch! I am a bitch! - Grandma...
You are my small and innocent child.
Shall I tell you a way to come out of this quicksand of this heart?
Do one thing.
Marry Anahita.
And make this nobody your mistress.
She is happy too, we are happy too.
Grandma... - Shut up.
Shut up! Shut up!
'This is an ebbing color.'
'Lt has scattered on my veil.'
'All the aroma is in my embrace now.'
'My feet don't settle on the ground.'
'This is a strange mischief within me.'
'This is a strange mischief within me.'
'Today, I feel that I am in the breeze.'
'I have got such happiness today.'
'My heart is not in my control today.'
'I have got such happiness today.'
'Today, I feel that I am in the breeze.'
'The meeting of a moment has colored now.'
'The meeting of a moment has colored now.'
'The meeting of a moment has colored now.'
'The meeting of a moment has colored now.'
'Lt has become a guest forever and ever.'
'I have got such happiness today.'
'Lt has become a guest forever and ever.'
'I have got such happiness today.'
'The beauty of shyness has draped me today.'
'The beauty of shyness has draped me today.'
'The beauty of shyness has draped me today.'
'Lt seems that I have become a bride.'
'I have got such happiness today.'
'Lt seems that I have become a bride.'
'I have got such happiness today.'
'I have got such happiness today.'
He has come. He has come. He has come.
Brother... brother... sit down... phone... yes, phone.
Hello, Jiya.
You aren't coming?
Sorry, Jiya.
I can't come today. I am sorry.
It's okay. If not today, some other time.
Jiya. Actually, I can't come tomorrow too.
Actually. I won't be able to meet you from today.
I am to be engaged, Jiya. I am sorry.
It doesn't matter.
At least we got to spend some moments of life together.
Thank you, Daksh.
Come on, brother. - He will come.
He will come. He will come. He will come.
He will come. He will come. He will come.
Nobody will come. - He will come.
Nobody will come. - He will come.
Didn't I tell you that nobody will come?
Nobody will come.
John uncle!
John uncle!
John uncle!
Yes sir, tell me.
Are you John uncle? Did I call you?
Go away from here. - Sorry sir. - Wait.
I am sorry.
I am taking someone's anger on someone.
No problem sir, no problem.
Where is John uncle? - Sir, he has gone to the hospital.
What has happened to him?
Son. I am dying. I am dying.
John uncle, what childishness is this?
Son, my thirty suits, my fifteen shoes...
...my twenty ties and my property in Goa...
I will make all of them in your name.
John uncle, you stop this joke. Or should I go from here?
This isn't a joke.
I have brain tumor. - I am going.
This isn't a joke. - I don't want to talk to you.
This isn't a joke. - Hey, wait! Come back.
I am all right. Come on. Come on.
Will you joke again?
What is it? You don't let me act properly too.
Come on.
How are you? - I am all right. I am all right.
Should I bring something from outside?
From outside...
...you bring for me the medicine to become young.
I want to become young.
Bring a bit of years for me from outside.
No reaction.
Everything is all right, isn't it?
I have told Jiya...
...that I am about to be engaged.
That's good.
So you have understood this in the end...
...that life isn't any book or any film...
...which we can make or break anytime.
Actually, our life...
Even though it is ours, it isn't ours.
It walks according to someone...
...else's whims till the time that we die.
Come on, whatever you did was good.
In fact, whatever you say...
She is a dancer after all, isn't she?
A bar dancer...
John uncle, if you say another word about Jiya it won't be good.
I haven't got another girl like Jiya till today.
What has happened to you?
Even you have...
...started to speak like daddy and grandma.
I don't believe this.
Hey! At least listen, please listen.
Daksh, what will you do now?
Hello, Mr. Madhwani.
Good evening, Mr. Mittal.
Bless me, Father Bhisma.
Anahita, see who has come.
Your to be husband has arrived.
Come on down quickly or else...
...I will cancel this marriage. I will call it off.
Anahita was waiting for you.
She has gone to change her clothes.
Till that time...
...would you like to wait in the living room for her?
Obviously, I can't wait in the bathroom, can I?
Thank you.
I become very nervous thinking...
...about this marriage and this engagement.
I get very scared.
I don't know what happens to me.
Please tell me what I should do.
You know what I am talking about?
Hello, Daksh.
Mr. Madhwani.
You are here?
I was searching for you all around. You... - What were you saying?
What was I saying, father?
I was telling something to you. - You go.
Daksh. Not you.
You are here too?
That too, just half?
Where is your backside?
Do you remember what I was saying?
Do you know why nobody drinks in our family?
Because after drinking...
...a man doesn't have sense...
...as to what he is saying, why is he saying...
...and to whom is he saying...
...and what he is doing.
A drunkard is always confused.
He cannot decide as to what he wants.
Actually, you are right, sir.
Even I am confused a it about this marriage.
I think that the time has come...
...that the two of us should know each other now.
I wasn't born in a rich household like you.
I earned everything with these two hands of mine.
I achieved everything.
At the age of eighteen, I was a millionaire.
At the age of fifteen, I had a killed...
...a man with the bullets of this gun.
Do you know why?
Because he had barged into my house...
...to steal my hard earned money.
I remember the day even today.
As soon as the man started...
...running with the money from my cupboard...
I... bang bang.
I put two bullets into him.
And that thief.
He fell down on the carpet of my living room and died.
First of all he came to steal and then...
...he dirtied your carpet? Very bad.
You think that every thing I say I is a joke?
Do you know what the most priceless thing in my life is?
What, sir?
My daughter, Anahita.
She is my Kohinoor diamond.
I am a very bad man.
Anahita loves you very much.
And I wish that...
...that you keep her happy.
You give her every happiness of the world.
I will try.
No tries! You will keep her happy.
Till the time I am happy, I am happy, understood?
And yes...
You will have to stop drinking.
What about alcohol, I am ready to leave this life.
Shall we go? - Yes.
Goodbye dad! - Bye bye, child.
Waiter, come here.
Come here. Come here.
Yes, sir.
My doctor has said that if I want to be alive...
...l'd have to drink at least 10 scotch whiskies in 1 hour.
If you want me to be alive...
...then bring 1 large scotch whisky for me.
Ok, sir. - Go.
Well everyone, mind your own business please.
Calm down.
Calm down. What's wrong?
Who's missing you, when I am here?
This ring...
...was gifted by my grandfather to my grandma.
Ooh... Wow!
Both are dead.
Today I am giving this ring to you.
Please keep it carefully with you.
I don't know what will happen to me?
Oh Daksh!
Daksh, I was waiting for this since ages.
I still can't believe this.
You are giving this ring to me.
I can't believe that we are going to get married soon.
I don't believe that very soon, we are going to have kids.
Are you ok?
I think you wanna puke? Puke, right?
Go. Go from here.
Just get out from here.
Go away. Go away.
Go to the loo.
Oh God!
Jiya, I am back.
Jiya open the door.
Jiya, open the door.
Jiya, open the door.
Hi, Jiya.