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There's this one girl...
You saw her for the first time in the elevator of your apartment building.
You guys actually had a really nice conversation.
She's perfect. She's beautiful. She's your whole universe.
Food, water, shelter, and her.
After a few conversations, you've already fallen in love with her.
You start to feel like she's the one.
You've already imagined the fairy tale romance you'll both share for the rest of your lives.
When you go to sleep at night, you close your eyes and cuddle with your pillow, pretending like it's her.
Now you're dreaming, and she's in it. God she's beautiful.
She grabs your hand and looks at you in the eye and says "I love you".
Your heart melts. You go in for a kiss. Then you wake up.
Reality hits you. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and are disgusted because deep down you know that your obsession with her is unhealthy.
You keep telling yourself that your puppy love is endearing.
Listen to me, it's not. It's toxic.
Why? Because you're not going to get this girl.
Maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe she has no idea you like her, maybe she put you in the friend zone.
None of these situations will end well for you.
Let's say she already has a boyfriend. You are the I'll-be-here-when-you-breakup guy.
You patiently wait for her to break up so that you can be there for the rebound.
You'll end up waiting for years until one day you log onto Facebook and see this.
So let's say you're not that guy, but if the girl you're in love with doesn't even know that you like her, then you're the I-can't-tell-her-how-I-feel guy.
You're so scared to ruin the friendship that you won't tell her you're attracted to her.
She has no clue you like her.
When you invite her over to Netflix and chill, you both literally watch Netflix and chill.
You know you should tell her how you feel, but instead you jerk off to the thought of being together every night.
Maybe you're not this guy either.
That means you are the friend-zoned guy.
You've tried asking her out, and maybe she's even agreed to go on a few dates with you.
But in the end, you got the "I don't wanna ruin our friendship" talk.
Now you're basically like her gay BFF, providing her emotional support when she complains about the guy she's dating.
You're hoping she'll come around and realize what a great guy you are, but she doesn't.
So what do you do in these situations? Well, you're going to stop.
Stop living under the delusion that she's the one. She's not the only girl for you.
She's not the only girl who will ever understand you.
Stop spending so much of your time on a girl that doesn't like you back.
With the time that you're wasting pining over this girl, you could be finding a girl that does like you back.
Stop feeding your obsessive behavior. Stop stalking her Instagram, her Facebook, her Snapchat.
In fact, don't ever look at them again.
So here's what you're going to do right after watching this video.
Step one: You're going to ask her out. If you've already asked her out and she wasn't interested, then skip to the next step.
Step two: If she isn't enthusiastic about the prospect of having romantic relations with you, then move the fuck on.
And do the following.
One: Talk to more girls.
Talk to the girls standing next to you in line. Talk to the girl at the metro stop. Talk to your cute co-worker.
Talk to as many girls as you can, because the more girls you talk to, the more likely you are to meet someone you mutually connect with.
Number two: Start working on your damn self.
You've spent most of your waking hours thinking about this girl.
And now that you have free time, go outside. Go traveling. Go to the gym. Get some hobby. Learn a new language. Go out with your friends.
Women like guys who lead interesting lives.
Invest in yourself and it'll pay off tenfold.
You'll be so glad you did.
I'm gonna tell you what I wish somebody had told me ten years ago.
You know that girl? The girl that you've decided is the one for you?
The girl you've already imagined a fairy tale romance with.
The one you fantasize about at night.
The girl you're sure is the only one for you.
Listen to me. You're wrong about her. You are wrong.
You're life is not a romantic comedy. She's not going to come around someday.
She's not going to leave her boyfriend.
She's not the only one out there.
You know who's actually the one for you? One of these girls you won't bother getting to know because you're too obsessed over a girl that doesn't like you back.
So stop making excuses and go meet more girls.
That's how you find the one.
No fucking excuses. Just go.



終極戀愛 SOP:遇到對你沒感覺的女生請你這樣做!(How To Get A Girl That Doesn't Like You Back)

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Ray Du 發佈於 2017 年 11 月 1 日    Eva 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核



1cuddle with0:26
cuddle 是動詞,意思是「摟抱、依偎」,特別指情侶之間,和另一個擁抱 hug 有程度上的差別。hug 比較像是禮貌性地互相擁抱,cuddle 給人的感覺要再親密一些。cuddle 的介系詞是 with ,例如:
Cuddling with a lover on sofa is one of the most romantic things in the world.

另外,snuggle 這個動詞也有「緊緊地依偎、擁抱」之意,例如:
The little boy snuggled close to his mother.

為什麼有些東西會可愛? (Why Are Things Cute?)

endearing 是形容詞,指「使人喜歡、討人喜歡的」,例如:
She is such an endearing girl that Tom cannot take his eyes off her.
她是個如此討人喜歡的女孩,Tom 無法將視線從她身上移開。

The puppy was so endearing to Anna that she decided to adopt it.

另外,endear 也可以當動詞,意思是「使 A 受 B 喜歡」。例如:
His great personality endeared himself to the ladies at the party.

3friend zone (或 friendzone) 1:02
friend zone 的意思是「好人區」,意指「被發好人卡」。這個詞來自美國影集《六人行》(Friends),Joey 告訴 Ross ,Rachel 只把他當成 "Mayor of Rachel's friend zone",因此當有男孩或女孩告訴你 "You're in my friend zone." 代表你已經沒有機會了!你只不過是普通朋友。 另外,be friend zoned 是動詞,意思是「被發卡了」。例如:
He did not confess to the girl because he was afraid of being friend zoned.

超爆笑饒舌決戰:當辛德瑞拉槓上貝兒!CINDERELLA vs BELLE: Princess Rap Battle

delusion 指「錯覺、妄想、欺騙」,常常和另一個 「幻覺」illusion 搞混。delusion 的「幻覺」可能是種精神疾病的特徵,或是根深蒂固的想法,例如:delusional disorder 即是妄想症。而 illusion 則指「快樂、無害的幻想」,是種短期的狀態,例如:
His delusional belief in his company will eventually lead to problems.

The mirror in the room creates an illusion that makes people look thinner and taller.

5pining over someone/something2:17
pine 在這裡是動詞,指「想念、渴望」,而 pine over someone/something 即是「瘋狂地想念對方」,也可說 pine for someone/something,例如:
Emma pined over/pined for Taiwanese foods after she studied aboard.

stalk 在這裡是及物動詞,指「跟蹤、偷偷靠近」,例如:
He had stalked the little girl for a month before he got arrested.

作為不及物動詞時,stalk 的意思是「生氣或驕傲地闊步走」,例如:
They stalked out of the court angrily. It seemed like they weren't satisfied with the result.

另外,stalk 作為名詞時指的是「植物的莖、稈;葉柄,或花梗」。

超腹黑! 如果伴娘誠實地告訴妳... (If Bridesmaids Were Honest)


文/ Jenny Hsu




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