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Hey, guys. Ready to learn some more slang?
Do you like bread? Mm-hmm. We eat a lot of
bread in Canada, and sometimes when we eat bread, bread actually means money. I'm going
to teach you about slang. "Going To The Bakery". For some strange weason... Weason. Reason,
we have a lot of slang words about toast. I guess we love toast.
I'd like to share with you the magic of toast. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a lovely piece
of bread. However, there is a magic machine called a toaster, and you put the bread into
the toaster, and doo-doo-doo-doo, it becomes toast. So, toast and bread are very different.
Toast is heated. Bread that's delicious, and bread is just bread. So, let's go on and learn
some slang, slang, slang about bread and toast.
The first one is "bread" means "money". Also, the word "dough". Now, this pronunciation
is strange, it looks like "douhug-ha", but it's actually just "dough". So, you will hear
in movies: "Hey, you got the dough?" And you're like:
"Are they making a pizza? Why are these bad guys making a pizza?"
They're not actually making a pizza. They're talking about money.
This actual part of the bread that I have... Bread is sold in a "loaf". I'll teach you
about loaf after, but actually, this part of the bread that I have is called the "heel"
of the bread, h-e-e-l. This means it's the last piece of the bread or the end of the
bread. So, the heel of the bread is the last piece. Usually... Or the first piece. Usually
people don't eat this one. I don't know. Poor heel of the bread. "Heel" also has a slang
meaning, it means a bad person. So, if you say: "He's a heel", or: "She's a heel", it
generally means they're bad people. So, "heel" means a bad person.
As I told you before, we have the word "loaf". "Loaf" means the quantity of bread, but English
slang is so crazy, we've made it dirty for you. "Loaf", you will hear people say:
"Pinch a loaf".
So maybe you're watching TV or watching a movie, or your Canadian friend says:
"Hey, guys, I got to pinch a loaf."
Pinch, pinch a loaf? Why are you touching my bread?
"Pinch a loaf" actually means go to the toilet and go poo.
Yay, or take a shit.
So: "Pinch a loaf" means you actually have to poo, not
anything to do with pinching my piece of bread, here.
Another word: "roll". "Roll" is like a piece of bread that's rolled up. It looks like this
a lot. This, in slang, means "go" or "leave". So you will hear people say: "Let's roll."
You'll be like: "Rolling, rollercoaster". "Roll" just means a piece of bread, but it
means: "Let's go! Come on, now, let's go."
And "bun" is a hair style where all the hair is on the top of your head or near the back
of your head. It's really popular for women, but it's becoming popular for men if they
have long hair. It looks like a bun, too. Would you like this bread? It's delicious.
"Buns" in the plural mean your bum or your rear end. So, if you're walking down the street
and someone says: "Hey, nice buns." It means your rear end, your buttocks, or your bum.
So it's a compliment. -"Nice buns." -"Why, thank you." "Bun in the oven" means that the
person is pregnant, so they have a bun in the oven. The oven would be the uterus, I
guess, and the bun would be the baby. Again, I'm not too sure how these words came about
in slang, but they did.
The next one when you're going to the bakery store... A bun is like a roll. Buns and rolls
are very quite similar. If you have a hamburger, it's the bread that you put between the meat.
So a bun and a roll, almost the same thing, but a muffin's different. So, "bun", really,
is the bread of a hamburger, but it can be a hairstyle or your rear end.
Now, "bun in the oven".
A "muffin top". Muffins are like cupcakes or sweet bread, but they don't have any icing
on top. So, a "muffin top", this is crazy, this is funny, is a person who wears their
pants too tight, and their midsection fat... So all the fat from the side hangs over their
pants. So, "muffin top" is something that we would try to avoid, but it actually looks
like you have a muffin on the top of your buns. Do you have muffin top? It's... It's...
You know what, ladies, gentlemen? It's... It's not really sexy to have a muffin top.
Of course, you're going to have some body fat, but try and tuck it in, maybe buy your
pants a bit bigger. Get rid of your muffin top.
And, oh, Ronnie, got to have a nice one. "Sweetie pie". "Sweetie pie" generally means that the
person is nice. Aww. So you can say: "Ronnie's such a sweetie pie." Th-... What? Ronnie?
Th-, this one? Yeah, I know.
And let's move on to the enormous task of the toast. You probably know this definition
of "toast", it's very common. You'll see in movies,
the people will be at a wedding in Brazil, and they'll be like:
"Raise a toast to the bride and groom",
and they drink. So,
"toast" means like saying: "Cheers", and usually the person has a wee, which means small, speech
to talk about the people. So at a wedding: "Raise a toast to the bride and groom", and
someone usually talks incessantly about the bride and the groom.
This is where we get into the lowdown of the slang. "Toast" as an adjective means it's
broken. So you might hear someone say:
"My car is toast."
You drive toast? That's insane!
Oh, it means it's broken.
"My computer is toast." Or:
"My marker is toast."
It basically just means it's broken. English is weird.
When we talk about people, people cannot be broken. You can't say:
"I am broken."
You can say you're hurt badly, but we never say people are broken. Things can be broken, but
not people. To be hurt badly. So, someone might say:
"If you mess with him, you're toast."
I'm bread in the toaster all of a sudden? Again, it means that you are going to get
hurt very badly. This is like a warning or a threat.
"Toasted", this means drunk or stoned. "Stoned" means you've done some kind of drugs. The
exact same definition for "toasted" would be "baked", which has to do with the bakery.
"Baked" means you're high on drugs, so does "stoned". So, "baked", "stoned", and "toasted"
means that you're high on drugs, but "toasted" can mean drunk or stoned. Mm-hmm. Slang gets
difficult. So you might hear someone say:
"Wah, I was toasted last night."
That means they're drunk. If you hear your friends or people you know, or on TV, people say:
"Let's get... Let's get toasted, man."
It probably means they're smoking some drugs.
There's a DJ phenomenal called "toasting". If you're familiar with Dancehall or Reggae
music, or one my favorite 1960's Jamaican Ska music, there's something called "toasting",
and this is basically lyrical chanting over riddim. Yeah, man, bring the riddim one time,
slowly. "Riddim" basically means music, it's like a Jamaican word for music. And we would
know it as DJing. So, maybe you go to the club and a song is playing, and the guy or
the girl on the mic, the microphone is yapping incessantly:
"Coming up next, blah, blah, yap, yap, yap. Yeah, yeah, guys! Welcome to the club. We're having a great time."
This, but if you actually say words and almost sing is called toasting. There's famous... A really
famous Ska band called "The Toasters", that's how they get their name.
"Toast" is also apparently New York City slang for a gun. Now, reaching out there, ladies
and gentlemen, do you know Fitty Cent? Also 50 Cent. He's a rap... A rap... Rap guy, rap
star, rapper. Rap, rap, rapper. And from New York City. In his song "Wanksta", he talks
about never leaving home without toast. He's not eating bread. He doesn't like bread. It
actually means a gun. That's something I had to look up.
If you have questions about delicious toast,
please go and ask a baker.
Maybe they can help you. Or ask me.
Catch you later.


英文俚語:從麵包店剛出爐的 (English Slang: fresh from the bakery!)

63518 分類 收藏
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