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One of the best things about the Cambridge School is the atmosphere here.
We quite a small school we're very friendly and informal.
We get to know the students by name and they get to know us,
so it's very special atmosphere here.
The school is in the West of Cambridge,
it's about 20 minutes walk from the city center.
And if you are coming by bike,
it's really quick.
There's lots of activities for students to do in Cambridge,
and I particularly recommend some traditional things like punting .
And that's on the river, in ponds,
which are long flat in our boats, that you pushed along with the pole.
It's quite difficult to go punting yourself,
so usually you go on a guided punt.
And it's a great way to see the city.
I think Embassy is really a wonderful place.
And here we have people from all around the world,
you get to know the cultures.
The economic level is so high.
I feel really comfortable about it,
because I have improved my English in so many levels.
I think the benefits to the student coming to study at Cambridge is that they get the whole package.
They get the cultural import as well as the language import.
They get to speak to native speakers,
and to the students from all over the world in English.
Do you see the sword?
Having the interactive white board in our classrooms is revolutionized the atmosphere.
Students today are used to moving images,
and they expect to see modern technology is what they grown up with.
They are more interested, they interact with it,
and I am sure it improves their English.
It's chocolat.
You like to try it?
It's good, try.
I can use my English when I will go back to my country,
because I want to work in a hotel and then it would be very useful.
I can also need my English when I travel around world,
because yes this is the first language.
I enjoy cycling everyday to the school.
I think the Cambridge is gorgeous city place.


【Go Education】英國遊學|Embassy Cambridge (劍橋) |英國語言學校介紹

3153 分類 收藏
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