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More and more people are becoming overweight and
experts call it an obesity epidemic and they're talking about normal people
like Barry
Barry is, well let's just say not very happy about his weight
He already has high blood pressure he starting to worry
because he's heard that obesity can cause other serious health problems
like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer
Barry wants to eat less salt and lose weight
much easier said than done. It's not just a problem of self-discipline
To plan a healthy diet, Barry needs basic facts about the foods in a supermarket,
like how much sugar fat and salt they contain
The British came up with a very good idea. Take a well-known and
easy to understand symbol. They use it on food packages to mark the levels of key nutrients.
The amounts are always given per 100 grams
making it easy to compare products. The color-coding gets the message across
even to children
Red is for high levels, amber for medium levels
and green for low levels. For the first time, reliable nutritional facts can be presented
On the front of packages in a plain and simple way. However
some retailers and food manufacturers were worried this label may hurt their sales.
Why? Well, let's look at this box of cereal
Barry's favorite breakfast food. It happens to contain
more than 35 percent sugar and yet it's called
fitness fruits, giving it an eye-catching high-sugar label
would destroy advertising allusions.
So, Tesco Nestle in company came up with their own labeling system
to pull the plug on traffic light: The guideline daily amounts,
a mixture complicated numbers and percents
What happens when our friend Barry finds this GDA label on his fitness fruits?
He reads it contains
fourteen-point one grams of sugar per serving
and this is only 16 percent of the recommended daily amount for
mmm... an average middle age woman.
Then, Barry discovers that the numbers are actually based on a serving size a 40 grams.
That's certainly much less than he needs every morning.
Checking out other cereal boxes, Barry finds many different portion sizes.
So basically he needs a calculator to figure out whether
other cereals are healthier than his fitness fruit. That's why consumers and
health organizations are speaking out in favor of color-coded labeling.
With traffic light labels,
Barry can compare products at a glance and choose the healthiest.
Now the choice is up to the politicians. The proposed
EU legislation for not only make GDA-type labeling mandatory.
It would actually prohibit member states from requiring traffic light labels
on a national level. We believe this must not be allowed to happen.
For Barry and for all the other consumers out there,
traffic lights color your food for information.


想要減肥嗎?紅綠燈用顏色幫你分類食物!(Barry wants to lose weight - Traffic Lights color your food.)

5277 分類 收藏
Harvey Pan 發佈於 2015 年 12 月 7 日    Harvey Pan 翻譯    陳怡平 審核
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