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beginner's mind
is a lovely orientation to bring to the present moment
this moment is always fresh
always new we've never been in this one before
and yet we bring so many ideas and attitudes and
desires to every moment
that we can't actually allow ourselves much of the time to see things as if for the first time
imagine bringing awareness to your children with beginner's mind
so that you actually see them not through your lenses of ideas and
opinions about your children but
fresh the miracle if then the amazing nature of thme
so this is something that would we could bring to any moment
it has the virtue of
sometimes we so expert that
our minds are just for
our expertise but it
leaves us without any round for
a novelty or new possibilities
in the mind of the expert they say they're very few
possibilities but in the beginner's mind
their infinite possibilities because we come to it fresh
so it a kind of a disciplined
to try to bring beginner's mind every aspect of your life
and not be so stock in our ideas and opinions about
how much we like this we don't like that or what the outcome of a particular situation might be
and when we come to things with this freshness
it actually again has tremendous transformative
qualities associated with it and when you bring it to other people
and you openess spacious with them
and don't insist that they be the way they were half an hour ago or two years ago or
whatever it is
they feel seen and recognized and met in a way that
they might not have the ways experience
that benefits them and it also benefits us
Verbatim :Onishi Keisuke 英文聽打:大西啟介 中譯:牧行者


正念的九種心態 (0102-正念的九種心態-02-初心-Mindfulness 9 attitudes 02 beginners mind--中英字幕)

1623 分類 收藏
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