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  • -Today we're talking about writing poems to inanimate objects. -WHAT? -Yeah. Let's talk about that vid.

    -我們今天要來寫詩給無生命物體 -什麼? -沒錯,我們來聊聊這個影片吧

  • -Yo you're watching VidTalk on VoiceTube TV, I'm JR. -I'm Ray.

    -呦你在收看 VoiceTube TV 的 VidTalk,我是 JR -我是 Ray

  • And I'm reluctant to talk about poetry, aren't we supposed to be talking about Kobe Bryant's retirement?


  • Yes we are, fret not. We are talking about Kobe's retirement but more specifically we're talking about his poem that he wrote to basketball, that inanimate object.


  • Kobe and poetry, now that sounds totally off, that sounds awkward cause the Kobe I know shoots great hoops and does a lot of trash talk.


  • -Now that's Kobe. -That is Kobe, but... -Poetry doesn't go with him.

    -那才是布萊恩 -是沒錯不過... -他作詩真的很跳痛

  • Yes, but he wrote this poem to say goodbye, he wrote this poem to announce that he is retiring after this season.


  • So this is kind of his way to say goodbye to basketball, to the league, to his fans, he kind of poured his heart into this poem.


  • -So he's getting sentimental. -Yeah, it shows through this poem.

    -他很感傷嗎 -嗯有一點,在詩裡面看得出來

  • Well speaking of Kobe Bryant, he's 37 years old now, he's been playing in the NBA since he graduated from high school.


  • And he's been playing with the LA Lakers, that's 20 seasons in total, that's actually a record you know.


  • -Cause that's the most seasons played with the same team. -For a single team.

    -是單一球員在單一隊伍打最多季得紀錄 -只為了一隊

  • Within his record he's won five NBA championships and has been elected seventeen times on the all-star team.


  • -Wow that is a hell of a resume. -Yeah he's really got game.

    -哇他的經歷真的是豐富的嚇人 -他真的是很有兩把刷子

  • And because of his outstanding performance on the field, he's earned himself a couple of nicknames.


  • For example, the Black Mamba, Peter Pan, and there's this one: Kobe wan Kenobi.


  • -May the ball be with you. -From Star Wars.

    -願球永遠與你同在 -從星際大戰來的

  • Speaking of his name though, do you know where his real name comes from?


  • -You mean Kobe? -Yeah, Kobe. -Where does it come from?

    -你說科比嗎? -對,科比 -哪來的?

  • Well actually before he was born, one day his dad was eating in a restaurant, he was having Kobe steak.


  • -Really? -Kobe steak. And it tasted so delicious, he decided to call his first child Kobe.

    -真假? -神戶牛排,好吃到一個境界,他就決定把小孩的名字取為科比

  • -For real? -Yeah, that's right. So for your case, you like to eat stinky tofu right?

    -是喔? -對啊,所以如果換作是你,你喜歡吃臭豆腐對吧?

  • -Right, so following that logic, I would name my first child Stinky and my second child Tofu. -Stinky and Tofu.

    -對所以跟著這個邏輯,我會把第一個小孩命名為臭臭、第二個腐腐 -臭臭和腐腐

  • And I'm sure there are a lot of Kobe fans right here in Taiwan because I think he's visited us for a couple of times?


  • -Four times in total as far as I recall. -06, 07, 09, and then... -This year.

    -我記得沒錯的話是四次 -06 07 09 還有 -今年

  • -Right, 2015. -This summer actually. -Right.

    -沒錯 2015 -今年夏天 -沒錯

  • -And so he has phenomenal influence in the basketball community. -How's that though?

    -所以他在籃球界有絕對的影響 -他是怎麼做到的?

  • Off the top of my head, I can think of a couple of amazing feats and accomplishments that he did.


  • First thing, he once singlehandedly scored 81 points by himself in one game.

    第一,他有一次單槍匹馬在一個比賽裡就拿下了 81 分

  • That's crazy! 81 points? What's the final score though?

    超誇張!81 分?最後比數是什麼?

  • It was 2006 against the Raptors. The final score was 122 vs. 104.

    那是 2006 年對暴龍隊,比數是 122 比 104

  • Wow so he scored 81 points out of 122, that is amazing. He really blew the competition away.

    所以 122 分裡面他得了 81 分,他完全壓制對手了

  • He must have been at the top of his game at that time being.


  • And on top of that, second, he is placed overall in the third place in NBA history as the top scorer.


  • -In terms of total score? -Yeah, in terms of total scores. He's placed right above Michael Jordan.

    -總得分數? -對,他位在麥克喬丹之上

  • That definitely gives him some speaking rights. But he's here for a definite reason, cause he's a really hard worker.


  • Usually his team they do team practice at the gym around 7 in the morning, but usually he gets up earlier than that.


  • -He does individual training on his own. -Before 7? -So he gets up around like 4 in the morning. 4 in the morning to do practice.

    -他會先做自主練習 -七點之前? -對,所以這樣應該就是四點多起床,獨自練習

  • He's really dedicated, he really has strong work ethics.


  • And don't just take it from us, a lot of other professional players have said nice things about him,


  • so here are a few quotes of players paying homage to this excellent player.


  • Michael Jordan said in his 2012 biography that "Kobe's the only one to have done the work," and that "he deserves the comparison to himself".

    麥克喬丹在 2012 年的自傳說到「科比是唯一有付出精誠的人」、「他是值得拿來跟我比較的」

  • Wow that's a great compliment.


  • Jason Kidd in the 2008 Olympics said "Kobe was great. He practices as if it's game seven."

    賈森·基德在 08 年奧運說「科比很強,他練習都會付出全力」

  • "He wants to prove that he's the best player in the world every single practice."


  • And Shaq O'Neal, his old team mate, he said in a 2011 memoir that "Kobe works out every day, he practices every day. Unlike the other stars."


  • But you know, everybody has his ups and downs in life and Kobe is no exception to that.


  • Recently he's been losing his touch in his game, for the past few seasons, mostly because of some injuries that he's had.


  • And one in specific is his Achilles tendon. He's been really having some problems with that, suffering from that.


  • And the Lakers, speaking of them. Well they haven't been performing well in the past few seasons too.


  • Yeah painfully to speak, that is true. And Kobe personally, he has an accuracy rate of around 30-ish%.

    對,殘酷的事實就是如此。對布萊恩本人來說,他的進球率差不多是 30 多趴

  • So that's one out of three shots, which is not that good actually.


  • But because of his dedication and loyalty to the game, the coach refused to bench him and still puts him out there for every game.


  • -Because he's kinda like... -The symbol, the spiritual leader. -...of the Lakers team.

    -因為他有點像是... -代表、精神領袖 -...湖人隊的

  • But Kobe himself, he couldn't take this pressure anymore, he wanted to take this off his shoulders,


  • and he said, long beforehand, he has made this decision, and he felt that this is the right time to do it.


  • This is the right time to let go. To retire and to call it a career basically.


  • And he expressed this with his kind of melancholic, kind of determined poem.


  • -So this is where the poem comes in. -Right, this is finally where the poem comes in.

    -所以詩是這裡進來 -對,終於講到詩了

  • -Alright do you have the poem? -Yeah, so here we wanted to show you a little excerpt of the poem

    -你有詩嗎? -嗯,這裡要給你們看一小段

  • -so that you can get a feel of the inner world, the inner feelings of... -The Black Mamba! -...of Kobe Bryant. Here's the poem.

    -可以稍微感受到他的內心世界 -黑曼巴的內心 -科比布萊恩

  • Dear Basketball, you gave a six-year-old boy his Laker dream and I'll always love you for it.


  • But I can't love you obsessively for much longer. This season is all I have left to give.


  • My heart can take the pounding, my mind can handle the grind, but my body knows it's time to say goodbye.


  • And that's OK. I'm ready to let you go.


  • I want you to know that now, so that we both can savor every moment we have left together.


  • The good and the bad. We have given each other all that we have.


  • -Wow, that is deep. That is really deep. -Do you like poetry now? -No, I've always had bad memories with poetry. So no.

    -哇好深奧,好有感 -你現在喜歡詩了嗎? -還是沒有,我對詩沒什麼好印象

  • So this about it for Kobe's retirement, and right here we have a video for you that's a news highlight on this particular issue,


  • and after you check this out, we'll be back with the Weekly Challenge.


  • After 20 incredible seasons as one of basketball's brightest stars, Kobe Bryant is planning to retire at the end of the season.


  • Bryant wrote a poem published in the player's tribune announcing his decision to hang up his sneakers and call it a career.


  • And what a career it's been! Bryant will go down as the NBA's third all-time leading scorer just above Michael Jordan.


  • During his run, he captured five championships, two final's MVPs, and seventeen all-star game appearances all with the Lakers.


  • Not to mention his two gold medals.


  • He's come a long way since setting a record for being the youngest player in an NBA game, but like anyone else, his youth has faded.


  • Welcome to the Weekly Challenge part of VidTalk, and today we're looking at this particular sentence.

    歡迎來到 VidTalk 的每週挑戰,今天我們要看的句子是

  • Bryant wrote a poem published in the player's tribune announcing his decision to hang up his sneakers and call it a career.


  • Now we want you to make a sentence with "call it a career", and what does that mean JR?

    我們要你用 "call it a career" 來造句,他的意思是?

  • Well call it a career you've probably heard of the phrase "call it a day"? Which means to wrap up the day, to finish the day's work.

    你應該聽過 "call it a day" 這個詞,意思就是結束一天的工作

  • So call it a career means to finish your career, make an ending to it.

    所以 call it a career 就是結束你的職業,收尾的意思

  • So call it a career is to end your profession. End you life as a professional.

    所以 call it a career 就是結束了你的職業生涯

  • And call it a day is ending a day's work. So call it a something.

    那 call it a day 呢是結束了一天的工作,所以 call it a something

  • You can make a sentence with either call it a career, or call it a day, call it a night.

    你可以用 call it a career, call it a day, call it a night 來造句

  • And leave it in our comment section right there, we might choose yours for the next episode.

    然後在留言區留言!我們也許會選來做下一集的 VidTalk

  • Thank you for liking, commenting, and sharing this video!


  • And remember to subscribe to VoiceTube TV right up here and come back every Thursday night for a new episode of VidTalk.

    記得要訂閱我們的頻道在這上面,然後每個禮拜四晚上回來看新的 VidTalk

  • And also, subscribe to both of us here: rayduenglish and jrleeradio.

    也可以訂閱我們自己的個人頻道 rayduenglish 跟 jrleeradio

  • And let's go to our comments left by you guys in our last episode. Last time we talked about bucket lists, kicking the bucket.

    好我們去到上一集你們留下的留言吧,上次我們講到 bucket list, kick the bucket

  • Things that you want to do before you die, and we wanted to cover as much ground as possible so we've chosen 10 of your comments.

    就是死前想要做的是,我們想要 cover 到很多人所以選了十個留言

  • -I have 5, you have 5. -I have 5. Let's start with yours.

    -我有五個,你有五個 -我有五個,你先開始

  • First of all we have YuChen, "Before I kick the bucket, I want to go hang-gliding." Okay cool.

    首先 YuChen 「我死前想要去滑翔飛行」酷

  • Chia Min, "Before I kick the bucket, I want to travel around the world within 80 days with my lovely family."

    Chia Min「我死前想要跟家人在八十天環遊世界」

  • Sounds expensive.


  • And Odette, "Before I kick the bucket, I want to live with my family on an island and be good friends with dolphins."


  • (dolphin sounds) Can we be friends with you? We're dolphins.

    (海豚聲音) 我們可以當朋友嗎?我們也是海豚

  • Yu Ting, "Before I kick the bucket, I want to be a person with strong self confidence."

    Yu Ting「我死前想要,我想要當一個很有自信的人」

  • And Tseng Yu, "Before I kick the bucket, I want to be a person who can influence people around the world,

    Tseng Yu「我死前想要當一個很有影響力的人

  • -and then teaching them the specific location of Taiwan." -Tell people we're not Thailand, we're Taiwan.

    -然後教大家台灣正確的位置」 -對,告訴他們我們不是泰國,我們是台灣

  • -What you got there? -Well what I got here is 5 comments, Benson Wang,

    -你有什麼? -我也有五句,Benson Wang

  • "Before I kick the bucket, I want to see JR and Ray with my own eyes."

    「我死前想要親眼看到 JR 跟 Ray」

  • -Before that though, you can see us every week on VidTalk. -And stop brown-nosing.

    -在那之前,每個禮拜的 VidTalk 都可以看到我們 -然後不要拍馬屁

  • Ok next, automatic230, "Before I kick the bucket, I want to become a professional dancer and finish a wonderful performance."

    好下一個 automatic230「我死前想要成為專業舞者,完成一個超棒的表演」

  • That sounds lovely! Next, her name is I want to be a nutritionist, bless you.


  • She said, "Before I kick the bucket, I want to be an honored guest on VidTalk."

    他說「我死前想要當嘉賓上 VidTalk」

  • -That won't help you with your exam though. -But it'll be fun!

    -這應該對你的考試沒什麼幫助的 -不過會很好玩!

  • Alright, next! Sunny820714, is that your birthday? Happy birthday by the way.


  • "Before I kick the bucket, I want to become a person who doesn't give a damn about what others think of me, I just want to be truly be myself."


  • You do you. You do you.


  • Last but not least, Mong Chi Shi. Sounds like a monkey.

    最後 Mong Chi Shi 聽起來像猩猩發出的聲音

  • "Before I kick the bucket, I want to use the rest of my life to accompany my family, especially my wife." That is sweet.


  • And those are our comments for today! Thank you very much that's a wrap for the show.


  • -And I'm JR, -I'm Ray, -and we'll talk to you next time.

    -我是 JR -我是 Ray -我們下次再聊

-Today we're talking about writing poems to inanimate objects. -WHAT? -Yeah. Let's talk about that vid.

-我們今天要來寫詩給無生命物體 -什麼? -沒錯,我們來聊聊這個影片吧

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