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  • Youve tried taking your crush out to the movies, giving them gifts, youve tried foot rubs, dressing up, dressing down. Man, why aren’t they in love with you already?


  • So how can you make someone fall in love with you... with science?


  • Hey, lovers, Julia here for DNews.

    嗨,戀人們,我是 DNews 的 Julia。

  • Just a foreword: You can’t force someone to love you. There’s no love potion, no spell. You aren’t entitled to someone else’s time, attention, and affections.


  • Sorry, alpha males and followers of the game; it just doesn’t happen that way.


  • Forcing someone else to love you always ends badly, like, you might wind up creating one of the darkest wizards the world has ever seennice going, Merope Gaunt!

    強迫對方愛上你的結局總是不好的,你可能最後會創造出有史以來最壞的黑巫師,Merope Gaunt 做得好!(註:此處引用《哈利波特》,佛地魔為黑巫師、Merope Gaunt 為其母親)

  • But according to some studies by Arthur Aron, psychologist from State University of New York at Stonybrook, there might be a few ways to set the mood.

    不過根據紐約州立大學石溪分校的心理學家 Arthur Aron 做的一些研究,可能有些方法能幫你培養氣氛 。

  • Probably the best way to fall in love is intimacy; the act of sharing a little bit about yourself and having someone respond in kind. Of course, this happens naturally, usually.


  • But scientists being scientists, they wanted to create intimacy and bonds between people in a lab, and make it happen fast.


  • So Aron and his colleagues made a 36-question quiz published in the journal "Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin" to create closeness in an experimental context.

    所以 Aron 跟他的同僚們創造出了一個含有 36 個問題的測驗,並刊登在「個性與社會心理學公報」中,想藉此在實驗環境下創造出親密感。

  • In their study, they paired up strangers and had them take this test.


  • It features alternating questions and they get increasingly more personal,


  • stating, "One key pattern associated with the development of a close relationship among peers is sustained, escalating, reciprocal, personal self-disclosure."


  • So basically, in other words, I tell you something about my childhood, then you tell me something about your mother, and it goes back and forth like this for 36 questions.

    換言之,基本上就是我告訴你某件關於我童年的事,你告訴我一些關於你母親的事情,然後就這樣來回了 36 個問題

  • At the end, you stare longingly into each other’s eyes for about four minutes.


  • At the end of their 45 minutes or soafter the quiz and staringby one measure, 30% of participants rated their relationship to their partner, who was a complete stranger, as closer than their other closest relationships!

    在這測驗及互望的 45 鐘結束之後,一個調查指出有 30% 的受測者認為他們這些完全陌生的搭擋,比他們其他親密的感情關係來的還要更親密。。

  • So that’s definitely interesting.


  • Does getting super personal and staring into someone’s eyes for four minutes sound scary?

    所以變成極度私人及與某人互望 4 分鐘聽起來很嚇人嗎?

  • Oh, yeah, that’s part of the thrill!


  • A writer for the "New York Times" who did this experiment on a date said, "Two minutes is just enough to be terrified, four really goes somewhere."


  • And there’s something to be said about being terrified and falling in love.


  • There are certain scenarios where love blossoms like scary movies.


  • I’m not the biggest fan of them, but apparently, they help set the mood.


  • Basically, your body is aroused and stimulated by the movie; you start sweating, your heart is racing.


  • But the funny thing is, when we feel a certain way, were not always sure why.


  • Mostly we figure it out by context clues.


  • So you might accidentally mistake those feelings you feel for the movie as arousal you might feel when youre attracted to someone.


  • This is called "misattribution of arousal".


  • Aron studied this phenomenon back in 1974 in a study published in the journal of "Personality and Social Psychology".

    Aron 曾在 1974 年針對這個現象做了研究,並將其刊登在「個性與社會心理學公報」上。

  • In this experiment, he had a group of men walk across a scary bridge and a group of men walk across a less scary bridge.


  • At the other end of the bridge was a woman who showed them pictures and asked them how sexual they thought the pictures were, and then she gave them her phone number, just in case they had any follow-up questions.


  • What Aron found was that the men who walked on the scary bridge rated the pictures as more sexual and were more likely to call up the woman than the guys who walked across the not scary bridge.

    Aron 發現那些走過比較嚇人的橋的男士們會認為這些照片格外地性感,且比起走過一般的橋的男士們,他們更會打電話給那位女士。

  • So just in case you don’t have a suspenseful suspension bridge near to take your date on, a scary or suspenseful movie will do, according to another study published in the "Journal of Social Psychology".


  • In this study, the researchers found that couples had more afflictive behavior, like touching and talking, after watching a suspenseful movie than those who went to a less arousing movie.


  • Or, another study published in the "Archives of Sexual Behavior" found similar results after couples went on roller coasters.


  • So if youre terrified of getting intimate with somebody by asking their personal questions, no problem! Just head to the movies or a theme park near you.


  • And once you find that lucky someone, you can show them how much they mean to you by giving them jewelry.


  • Thanks to Kay Jewelers for sponsoring this episode. Every kiss begins with Kay®.

    謝謝 Kay Jewelers 贊助這集節目,每個吻都因 Kay® 而生。

  • Or if you're really lazy and you want a girl to like you, maybe you should just stop shaving.


  • Anthony and Cristen explain why ladies love beards in this episode right here.

    Anthony 跟 Cristen 在下面這集解釋了為什麼女士喜歡鬍子。

  • This new study is saying, "...across the board, all women prefer facial hair."


  • Well, it depends, though, Anthony, on the amount of facial hair that you have.

    不過 Anthony,這跟你鬍子量的多寡也有關。

  • It's the whole ten-day stubble thing that you're talking about.


  • As for the recent trend of man buns, well, more research is needed.


  • So, have you ever fallen in love after a scary experience?


  • Tell me your story down in the comments below.


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    別忘了按個讚,並訂閱我們的頻道,這樣你才不會錯過每集的 DNews。

Youve tried taking your crush out to the movies, giving them gifts, youve tried foot rubs, dressing up, dressing down. Man, why aren’t they in love with you already?


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你能讓別人愛上你嗎? (Can You Make Someone Fall In Love With You?)

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