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The Internet of Things is dramatically enhancing the way citizens are served,
and municipalities are managed, with smart technology
that makes the impossible possible.
Here's how. Smart municipal buildings will be equipped to self monitor
and automatically control heating, cooling, blinds, doors, and lights,
saving governments time and money.
Schools will be transformed with smart cameras to increase student and staff security,
as well as asset tracking to prevent equipment loss. For better
security and scheduling, parents and administrators will be kept informed the location,
and expected time of arrival of every school bus. On the street.
In-ground sensors will detect leaks in the water system, and order repairs.
The city's smart public garbage cans will save taxpayer dollars by ordering truck runs
only when their full. And connected street parking will alert drivers of available spaces
cutting down on cars circling the block, reducing pollution and saving
drivers time and money. especially in busy areas like downtown.
connected public transit will tell commuters exactly when to expect the next bus,
setting past your expectations and delivering better service levels.
transit vehicles will also have on-board wifi, for passenger connectivity convenience
as well as HD screens that will generate advertising revenue.
Subway travel will be safer as stations are equipped with smart cameras
that protect passengers waiting for trains, and automatically shut down power if
somebody falls onto the tracks. First responders will be connected in new ways,
with wearables that allow for two-way communication. Wearables will also help
pinpoint the exact location of every responder, and where incidents occur,
giving dispatchers and commanders more insight and better control.
Technology will connect paramedics and doctors to help save lives
Hospitals will know when to expect in down ambulances and patient information
will be transmitted in advance,
enabling doctors to understand patient history before they arrive.
Minimizing paperwork and providing better medical care. We're working hard
to help you get more from your technology. Another reason you can
expect more from TELUS. The Smart City, it's possible.
Learn more about the Internet of Things at TELUS.com/IOT/smartcity


【IoT】物聯網讓城市更智能(TELUS shares how IoT makes cities smarter)

1628 分類 收藏
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