A2 初級 1844 分類 收藏
We've got a lovely bunch of teachers are all different
you see a stick as well of course has been full qualified and experienced
I studied English for many years in Korea,
but I couldn't speak a sentence
now I can speak English.
So amazing school,
teachers are good relationship with students
And I learned a lot of English.
The best possible experience for students in Brighton would be they go home having achieved their goal
they've learned that they've a good time socially and culturally
going back thinking they've had one of the best times of their lives.
Here is like more relax life.
Lifestyle is not hurry like in London.
I really like to get to know how English people live.
I enjoy social activities,
because I can spend my time with my new friends here.
Wednesday we go and play football there just in front of it.
Si, I go to the night club in Brighton.
It's summer now and sometimes go to enjoy a barbecue party.
Brighton is right in southeast corner of the UK
which is the warmest in the summer.
And we have the most of sunshine.
Before I came to here I want to see the sunshine.
I'm really impressed.
You must come to Brighton,
it's really a lovely and friendly city.
We have the best teachers in the UK.


【英國遊學】語言學校介紹Oxford International Brighton

1844 分類 收藏
CUChou 發佈於 2015 年 11 月 18 日
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