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Hello friends, so today we are going to get organized together I have got a massive
stationery haul. I'm really looking forward to filming this, like, superbly excited.
I went to Paper Chase and WHSmith so that all high street things and I will
link everything down below and let's start straight on that and have a look!
I'm gonna start off with Paper Chase which is my all-time favorite stationary shop everything in there, it speaks to me emotionally
and if you've been in that you know exactly what I'm talking about
on twitter the other night I showed some of these and everyone was asking where they
were from these are five cats highlighters. they've got little facial expressions of each got different little
outfits on and they are the cutest highlighter pack I've seen in my life
this pack only costs £3 and to me that's ridiculous because they're the shape of cats
and i fell as if they should worth a lot. Next is this spiral-bound light turquoise polka dot
notebook and I fell in love with it it's one of my favorite colors as you feel
I'm wearing a very similar color. it costs £4.50 and its lined inside I always always always buy spiral bounds
it drives me nuts when I have a note book and I want to get rid of a page where they're not meant to be
ripped out it just i cant do it so I like to be able to finish the page, rip
it out, put it in the bin and it's like I have a brand new notebook all over again
I like it I like you. Next its something a little bit more quirky and this is a set of 8 paper tapesand they're all different
patterns I think in America they call them washi tapes you can tear them right
over the top them I use them to decorate things like notebooks so I will seal
envelopes with them or I will make things in my calendar look really nice and pretty
and stand out I really really like these and I have started a collection which probably
isn't gonna end for a long time. these were £8 which works out for about one pound per roll
which i think is really good I really enjoy things like this like nice!
next I have bought this letter writing set, and again, it is my favorite color which is turquoise. this costs £5
you get 10 envelopes and 10 sheets of letter writing paper. they're really fancy. i bought these to thank companies,
friends or family... thats in email.
Again, my point being we email each other and we don't write things and
I think writing is a lot more personal so I can't wait to use these i think they're super super cute.
and super cute is what I live for. Next I have this list book, which, i fell in love with it.
it and I'll tell you why this is not just a notebook when you open it, you've come to two sides of it. and on this side you just have normal note
paper which my favorite thing about it you can rip it out. and on this side you have a
checklist thing that you can, again, rip out.
a little note bit, and you also have some sticky notes at the end I just think
that is the cutest little set for someone thats obsessed with writing lists like myself. there's not a day that goies by that I have not
written a list of something. Next is actually something that i bought for my mom and this is for the kitchen on the back there is
a massive magnet or there's actualy a hole if you want to put it on a hook. And this is a meals
and shopping list
lunch planner. So you've got monday to Sunday on this little pad over here and you
write all your weekly emails on and you can tear it off when you're done over here
is my favorite bit which is a shopping list so you plan your weekly meals you
put everything that you need to go and buy from the supermarket tear it off, take it with you
and it's the cutest shopping list in the world. so I hope you're gonna enjoy this mom I'm
really excited
on fridge free to use it and yeah the last thing I've got from paperchase is in here.
its not specifically stationary but I want to slip in and show you this is a unicorn
It's ceramic, it is white and gold - and it was the last one in paperchase where I was. It's a little cute money box and I love
it so much. This only cost six pounds and I have loved unicorns for a very long time
So I couldn't just leave little 'ol Frank the Unicorn in Paperchase by himself
So I adopted him, and I really like him. Next I'm going to move on to things from WHsmith,
which seems like the really obvious place to go and buy stationery, and they had some really nice
things in when I went. The first thing that I bought was this little pencil case I know it's not the biggest
but it's perfect for me because i dont need a pencil case rammed full of pens, I can just
keep my favorite pens in a few highlights and a pencil or whatever it's
my favorite colour, i love the pattern, I like that it's got birds on, and it's got
paisley patterns on there as well I just think it perfect and I really really
liked it so yeah this is called the song bird pencil case, and its slim and stylish. Next is this little notebook which I think it's absolutely
adorable, it cost £4.99 - it's a lot smaller than most of my notebook so I can keep it in a
handbag and I like that it has elastic to keep it closed, because you don't want your notebooks to get ruined
when they're in a bag full of other little things and it's
really really adorable I love the color I love its asthetic
You're a good notebook book, congratulations. Next is something not that exciting, but something that I do
get excited about - and that is biros - I like biros. This is a massive set and it cost
£3.99 and it was in the sale, which is like yaaaaaas! There is Black, Blue, Red and Green.. which are like normal biro colours,
But I liked that they have Purple, Pink then some neons at the end.. like that's really unusual to see in a bic biro.
So I like these I just want to write for like a year and just use all of my pens.
Next is another notebook and i know some of you are like "Cherry do you really need this many notebooks"? Yes I do. I use notebooks a lot, I can promise you that!
This one was a little bit of an impulse one, which is because it says yolo, it's pink and has a panda on it.
The thing that I really liked about this was how chunky and thick it was - and how big the spiral was. This is going to make a great desk
notebook I just think it's really really cool, so yeah - yolo! Next is another biro which sounds completely nust cause I know I have a lot
of biros now. But this one is a little bit special - I used to love these pens in school it is a 4-color bic biro
in one pen and its metallic - and it's turquoise. I love this a lot and they were just
always my favorite pens, and I saw it and I was like I need to have you. So this is my very special 4 way biro. And I like it - I'm excited.
Next is a pen and pencil set - and they are Pink Polka Dot, it only cost £1.49
I don't really have an excuse to why I bought another pen - I just like the way they looked - I like Pink, I like Polka Dots. and they were cute so... That's a good enough reason for me.
Now the last thing, I think is adorable - and I hope you will like it too. These are sticky notes, and they're in the shape of clouds. Look how cute there are. I can't even!
I want to take them and plaster my bedroom in clouds, just because I can.. but I'm not going to. These are great if you are
wanting to remember something. Here it says do not forget! So you can write your little note on a
cloud and then slap it somewhere like a wall, or a door, your computer screen, on your wallet you
can stick it anywhere, where you know you're going to remember it. I just think they're
adorable I like them alot. They excite me, A LOT. And that is the end of the stationery
haul and I have so much joy in my heart which I know sounds really silly because it's just
stationery it really does fill me with so much joy and I hope it filled you with joy as well - I hope that
you enjoyed this video - if you liked this video and would like to see more like
this then please do give a massive thumbs up, comment down below of what your favorite bit of stationery is - what drives you a
little bit wild or is that just me? Thanks for watching I will see you next
time! Bye!


【開學季】文具大採購 (Huge Stationery Haul 2015 | Cherry Wallis)

1569 分類 收藏
Lily Chen 發佈於 2015 年 11 月 15 日    metonymy 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核


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