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  • Your body is made up of many atoms,


  • around 7 octillion to be exact.


  • These make up the 37 trillion cells in your body, which are actually much younger than you think.

    這些原子組成了我們身體裡 37 兆個細胞,而且他們比你想的都還年輕許多。

  • The cells that lie in your stomach regenerate every 5 days,


  • which makes sense as stomach acid can dissolve metal.


  • Your skin's outer layer, known as the epidermis, is shed every two to four weeks,


  • meaning after one year you'll shed roughly 0.7 kilograms of dead skin,

    也就是說,你一年會脫去 0.7 公斤的死皮,

  • and only some cells have been with you your entire life,


  • those of the inner lens of the eye, the muscle cells of the heart and the neurons of the cerebral cortex in your brain which is largely responsible for your memory.

    包括眼球細胞、心臟的肌肉細胞、還有大腦皮質層的神經細胞神經細胞,主要掌管你的記憶 。

  • And while the brain may seem small, all those wrinkles are for a good reason.


  • Spread it all out, and the brain would be about the size of a pillowcase,


  • which is great for the trillion nerves powering your memory.


  • In fact, studies have shown that after viewing 2,500 images for only 3 seconds,

    事實上研究顯示,即使只花 3 秒快速掃過 2,500 張圖片,

  • participants could recall if they had seen one of the images with 92% accuracy.

    受試者還是能夠以 92% 的準確度,指出他看過了哪些影像。

  • Don't believe your eyes? Maybe it's because you spend 10% of the day blinking,

    你不相信你的眼睛嗎?可能是因為你一天之中有 10% 的時間都在眨眼,

  • but they can actually distinguish between 2.3 to 7.5 million colors.


  • Your nose is able to discriminate between 1 trillion different smells,


  • meanwhile your fingers can feel a ridge as small as 13 nanometers in size.

    還有你的手指也能感覺到 13 奈米的突起。

  • That's 7500 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

    13 奈米相當是一根人類頭髮直徑的7500分之1。

  • And while you may not think much of your pinky finger, without it, you'd lose 50% of your hands strength.

    你可能覺得你的小拇指沒什麼用,但沒有他,你手掌的力量就會少掉 50%。

  • Sure, the index and middle finger are essential to help pinch and grab with the thumb,


  • but it's your ring and pinky finger that give your hand power.


  • Now clasp one hand into the other - that's roughly the size of your heart.


  • It beats 100,000 times per day, pumping 5.5 litres with each pulse, which is close to 3 million litres of blood every year.

    心臟每天跳十萬下,每個脈搏輸送 5.5 公升的血,一年大約輸送300萬公升的血。

  • If you live to 75, it would fill 90 Olympic size swimming pools.

    如果你活到 75 歲,心臟的輸血量能灌滿 90 個奧林匹克游泳池。

  • When it's all said and done, human decomposition begins around 4 minutes after death.


  • This process is known as self-digestion, in which your enzymes and bacteria eat you away.


  • In fact, three to five pounds of your body is made up of bacteria.


  • In an unclean mouth alone, 100 million to 1 billion bacteria can grow on each tooth,


  • with 32 teeth each, some of us have more bacteria in our mouth than there are people in the world.

    有些人 32 顆牙齒上的細菌總數,甚至超越地球上的人口。

  • If that leaves you weak in the knees, don't worry, your bones are incredibly strong.


  • When testing compression strength for a rate of 1 second, an 83-kilogram person with US shoe size 11 could have 16,000 people stand on their bone at once.

    拿一個 80 公斤、穿 11 號鞋的男生來說,他骨頭一秒能承受的重量是 16,000 人一起站在他身上的重量。

  • That is, of course, if there was enough room.


  • And from the bones of our ancestors, we can extract DNA to learn about them.

    我們還可以從祖先的骨頭中,萃取出 DNA 得到類似結論。

  • But if we were to take all of your DNA from your entire body and uncoil it,

    但如果我們把你身體裡的 DNA 全部拿出來並且展開的話,

  • it would stretch about 10 billion miles, which is from here to Pluto and back.

    他會有 100 億英哩長,相當於地球到冥王星來回的距離。

  • And if you took all of your veins, capillaries and arteries, and laid them end to end... you'd die.

    如果你把身體裡的靜脈、微血管和動脈通通連在一起... 你就會死掉。

  • So... don't do that.

    所以... 別這樣做。

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Your body is made up of many atoms,


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