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Hmm I wonder what it's like to go on an internship at age 70.
Well, how should we know, we're still young. However, there is a movie in theaters recently talking about that.
Let's talk about that vid.
You're watching VidTalk on VoiceTube TV, I'm JR.
I'm Ray, and today we're talking about a movie. The Intern.
-That's right. -Is that why we're all dressed up today?
-Yeah look at us, all formal with suits and ties. -With our ties.
-Yeah, looking good. -It's the real deal.
So we should blend into our roles, I could be the CEO.
-Okay then I'll be... -The intern.
-Why am I the intern? -Get my coffee by the way.
Wait, hold on. That's actually a very good idea because we're talking about the movie "The Intern" today.
So fine. I'll be the intern.
-Get my coffee. -Let's talk about that first, I'll get your coffee later.
The Intern, it's a movie directed by Nancy Meyer. She's known to produce these kinds of feel-good comedy.
-Those warm-hearted... -Warms you up from the inside. -Touching movies.
And the cast is huge as well. Of course we've got Anne Hathaway, we've got Robert De Niro.
Wow talking about Anne Hathaway, I've been a huge fan of hers since Princess Diaries.
-Wait, what? Princess Diaries? -Should I feel ashamed?
Did you really just say that? I find it hard to picture you in front of the TV watching Princess Diaries.
-I know, I totally should be watching MI5 or Batman or something like that. -Stereotypes much?
But I have to admit, I've been a huge fan of hers. You've got to admit, she's very talented.
Yeah, you have to say that about her.
-And needless to talk about her movie, The Devil Wears Prada. -Right. -Several years ago.
That movie was classic.
And of course, when you talk about Robert De Niro, he is a bucket full of awesomeness.
He has been in movies like The Godfather, Shark Tale, he's a very versatile actor.
This movie is talking about a very successful entrepreneur, called Jules, cast by Anne Hathaway.
She started a very blooming business and at the peak of her career, they started a senior internship program.
They hired Ben, cast by Robert De Niro, to come in and see what he can do for the company.
So this movie is very much about the clash between the old and the young generation.
About how they differ but also complement each other.
So I think it's a very interesting movie to see how these two types of generation work together to go to a better place.
-I actually have this idea, last time on Halloween we played a game right? Fact or Fake. -Yeah.
-Which I won. Thank you. Thank you. -I hate you. I hate Ray.
You've not seen the movie, I've seen the movie. What about right now, let's a play a trivia game on some of the plot and story of The Intern.
-If you win, I'll give you a ticket to see The Intern. -Wow, really? That good?
Wow that sounds great! What if I lose?
Then you don't get to see the movie.
Sounds like I don't have anything to lose. Let's play!
Wait, that is so much better than last time! Last time our prize was a candy bar. What?
Okay, let's just jump right into the game.
Welcome to the Trivia game featuring movie: The Intern.
-Are you ready for the game? -Oh I'm totally ready. I'm fired up for this.
Let me talk a little bit about the rules of the game. So I've prepared five questions. They each have four options and out of the four, one is correct.
And because multiple-choice questions, they're a bit harder than true or false questions, so you'll be able to have two life lines.
One of which is a 50-50, where I'll eliminate two wrong answers; and the other is a tip, I'll give you a tip on what the correct answer might be.
So the rule of the game: there is a total of five questions with four options each, one of which is correct.
Because it's a multiple choice so JR has two life lines. One is a 50-50 where I eliminate two wrong answers and he's left with two options.
The other one is a tip so that you know better what the answer might be.
-Sounds good? -No it doesn't sound good, it sounds like I'm going to go to a movie!
Okay, you have a lot of confidence, let's see how you do.
Ok, first question. What kind of company did Jules start?
Because she's an entrepreneur, she started a company.
-You said this was gonna be easy! -This one is easy.
A: Food & Beverage, B: Fashion, C: Phone, and D: Human Trafficking.
-Human trafficking? -Yeah, human trafficking.
-You know, my gut feeling tells me it's human trafficking. -Wut?
Cause Anne Hathaway is a very intelligent woman and she definitely has the brains to do that.
-Are you sure? D? -I'm just kidding.
But if, in real life, she probably would have the brains to do that but... in this question.
Give me a tip.
You're gonna use your life line right away?
Well I only have five questions right? So I might as well use it right now!
Okay, the tip is: think about a previous very successful movie that Anne Hathaway has been in.
Oh, this is a giveaway! It's a total giveaway.
Well if you think of the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. Of course it's fashion. Is that B?
-That's B. Are you sure about this answer? -B: Fashion!
-That is correct! The fashion industry. -I feel like I'm in the theaters already!
Not yet, not yet. You're two points away. So 1 to 0 right now.
The answer is fashion, so Jules she started a fashion company, it's an e-commerce fashion company, so she sells clothing online basically.
That was a good call, on the tip. I think that was too much of a tip, gave away too much.
But it's okay, let's go on to the next question.
Second question. What is the name of the company Jules founded?
-What is the name of the company? -This is so not fair.
A: About the Fit, B: Ostentatious, C: O'Apparel, and D: Fabulous Undies.
-Fabulous Undies? Did you make that up? -No, no, it's a possible answer.
What kind of stuff do you have in your brain man? You're a weirdo.
Okay, A B C or D?
Okay, About the Fit, Ostentatious, O'Apparel, and Fabulous Undies.
It's hard. I'm gonna use the second life line.
-Are you sure? -Yeah. I'm using it now.
-You're going to go all in right now. -Before it's too late. I'm gonna use it now, I'm gonna build up my confidence and I'm gonna crush you in the next three answers.
So 50-50. Now we get rid of two. The two remaining answers: About the Fit and Ostentatious.
-About the Fit and Ostentatious. -Which one do you think?
Ostentatious. Cause it sounds classy, like Anne Hathaway.
And plus, Jules, her name is Jules Ostin. So Ostin, Ostentatious maybe?
It should be Austin Powers.
-So Ostentatious? -Ostentatious.
-Okay... that is wrong! -What the hell! No~
-It's About the Fit! -It's About the Fit? What kind of weird name is About the Fit?
Because Jules, she started this company by understanding women wanting fit clothing.
About the Fit doesn't make sense... oh man.
About the Fit, about the clothing fitting the different body types of different women.
So that's the idea that started this company. So her company is called About the Fit.
-Oh man... -It's not Ostentatious.
-So I don't have any life lines anymore. -Yeah, you have zero life lines now. But you have three more questions to go.
Ok, now the score is 1 to 1. You've got one point.
-This is more fun than I thought it would be. -You're having fun. Not me.
Next question. We all know that this is the intern being the senior right? So how much older is Ben than Jules?
A: 16, B: 26, C: 38, and D: 118 years older than Jules. How much older?
-I'm gonna go with 38 years old. -What's your logic behind it.
What I'm thinking is, in real life, Anne Hathaway is probably in her early 30's. And that's my guess.
And Robert De Niro probably 70, so if you do the math. It's probably 38.
Okay, that's smart. Okay I think this question is kinda easy yes. The answer is C, 38.
-In the movie, Ben... -I don't need no life lines.
Ben is 70 years old while Jules is 32 years old. So, if you do the math, that's 38 years of age difference.
I can't help but give myself a round of applause.
So 2 to 1 right now. This is an easy question right? You could just guess.
So I got two, you got one. I got two more questions. All I need to get is one more.
-You're one more question away from your ticket. -And you'll see me in the theatres tonight.
Ok, but the next one is gonna be challenging.
Fourth question. What is the craziest Ben did for Jules to avert a crisis?
A: Fist fight with a gangster to protect Jules. B: Breaking into Jules's mother's house to steal something.
C: Speeding and almost getting into a car crash. And D: Jumping into the Pacific ocean and battling a shark.
If you didn't add the shark part, I would probably go with D, since you add the shark, no. Definitely not D. So we've got three more.
The first one: fist fight; second: breaking into her mother's house and stealing something; and C: speeding and almost getting into a car crash.
-And D! It's still possible! Jumping into the Pacific ocean and... -Nope it's not possible. -It's still possible.
Jumping into the Pacific alone is possible. Battling a shark. This is not Shark Tale.
So I'm gonna eliminate D and I got three more options but then I'm gonna eliminate C cause Robert De Niro is 70 years old,
and it's hard to imagine him speeding in a car.
But you have to think, you have to consider the fact, averting a crisis. It's like a dire situation that Jules needed to get out of. So, everything is possible.
So I'm gonna eliminate C anyways. And I still have two more alternatives right?
-Fist fight or stealing from mama. -Yeah.
This is hard, so I'm gonna flip a coin. I'm gonna turn a coin here and decide.
-So which one's going to be... -If it's heads, it's fist fight. If it's tails, it's stealing from mama.
Okay, let's turn this coin here and let fate decide.
-And the answer is... stealing from mama! -Stealing from mama? You sure?
-So it's tails? -Yeah. -And you're going to go with stealing from Jules's mother instead of the fist fighting.
Stealing from mama.
-The answer is... -Robert De Niro is definitely a thief.
-It's B! You're right! -Yes! Score! Fate decides!
-You got it right! Oh my god... It's a fifty fifty chance. -I already won.
I'm already in the theater, tonight see you guys at VShow or probably some other theater tonight.
I'm gonna buy you a ticket in Tainan so you have to go all the way down there.
-Yeah, you won anyway. -I win anyways. I'm going to the movies. See you guys tonight in the theater.
Okay, so for those of you who haven't seen the movie. Although, you're already going to the movies.
We're going to show you the trailer to The Intern, and after the trailer we're going to go into the section of the Weekly Challenge,
where we give you a sentence and make you learn something out of it.
Let's check out the trailer.
Retirement is an on-going relentless effort in creativity.
I've tried yoga, learned to cook, bought some plants, took classes in Mandarin.
Believe me I've tried everything. I just know there's a hole in my life and I need to fill it, soon.
I'm Ben Whittaker, I have an appointment with Ms. Ostin.
I thought she's meeting with her new intern.
That's me.
How old are you?
Seventy. You?
I'm 24, I know I look older, it's the job it ages you, which won't be great in your case. Sorry.
Hi, Jules. I'm Ben your new intern.
I'm glad you also see the humor in this.
Be hard not to.
Don't feel like you have to dress up.
I'm comfortable in this suit if it's okay.
At least I'll stand out.
I don't think you need a suit to do that.
Do you want the door open or close?
Doesn't matter. Open actually. You'll get used to me.
Look forward to it.
Our investors just think that a seasoned CEO could take some things off your plate.
I did not see that coming.
She's just trying to do right by everybody: the company, the family, the pressure is unbelievable.
Okay after watching the trailer I'm even more excited to watch the movie tonight. Free tickets on Ray by the way.
Before that though, let's go into our Weekly Challenge for today.
Again this VidTalk so we will give you a sentence from the trailer just now and teach you some of the English within it.
So our sentence for today is: Our investors just think that a seasoned CEO could take some things off your plate.
So JR, what does take something off someone's plate mean?
Well it's equivalent to take something off your mind, take something off your chest, which means to lighten your burden.
That's right. So take something off someone's plate it means to lighten someone's burden.
Because plate it's used to put food. Maybe you have too much food and you can't finish. So you take some away to feel more at ease.
So take something off someone's plate, that's how it's used.
What we want you to do for our Weekly Challenge is to make a sentence with "take something off someone's plate".
It can be anyone's: your plate, my plate, JR's plate, Ray's plate, anyone's plate as long as you leave a comment in the comment section below,
and you just might appear in our next episode of VidTalk.
That's right and that's about time for today on VidTalk. I'm almost late for my movie so we need to move.
Thank you for liking, commenting, and sharing this video.
And remember to subscribe to our VoiceTube TV channel and come back every Thursday night for weekly episodes of VidTalk.
That's right, last week we asked you to leave your comments with us and to use the word "ruin" to make some sentences.
-What does "ruin" mean again? -To destroy, to wreck.
Yeah, to destroy, to wreck. And we've chosen from your comments five sentences and the first one comes from Joe.
Joe wrote: "It would ruin my whole life if VidTalk changed the hosts."
Thank you for saving our jobs.
-Did you hear that, Richard? Please don't replace us. -Don't replace us.
-Well if you have to, you can replace Ray. -Wut!? -But not me, I'm ratings guaranteed.
-Let's just go on to the next one. -Just kidding.
Next two: Yujay and Chenchen. Actually they used the word in a wrong sense, but for everybody's benefit, on behalf of everybody, we're gonna correct it.
So that everybody can learn along.
Yujay wrote: "You guys are really funny on the videos, it completely ruined my boring life."
And the next one: "This video ruined my bad mood."
So "ruin" it's usually used in a negative sense. You ruin something that's already good, perfect, so you make it bad.
You don't go around ruining something that's already bad. So it's not like you plus two negatives together, getting one positive.
Negative plus negative gets positive. No.
-Unless you are... -You're wordplaying.
But we'll still take it because you're still paying us a compliment. So we'll take it. That's alright, thank you for participating.
Good sentence for everybody to learn though.
Okay let's go on to the last two sentences here, and this is from Zoe and Sunny.
Apparently they're both office ladies cos they're both talking about their bosses. And this is very good material cos today we're talking about the movie,
-The Intern. -The Intern, so we're talking about our bosses.
And Zoe wrote: "I have to attend a meeting because of a sudden call from my boss. He ruined my weekend."
-We all know that familiar feeling. -Very familiar. I bet that happen to a lot of people who's watching right now.
Sunny! Last but not least Sunny wrote: "My boss sent me a friend request on Facebook. He ruined my day!"
You just made our day. That's funny.
The moral of the story is, don't let your boss get a grip on your Facebook account.
Well it's kinda late for the both of us cause Richard already has ours.
He said that, I didn't say that. Replace him.
I'm sorry Richard. You know I'm just kidding. You know what I mean right?
And that' all for VidTalk for today. Thank you for joining us. It's a pleasure to talk to you guys about the movie, The Intern.
-I'm Ray. -And I'm JR. -And we'll talk to you next time.


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