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  • Hi! today I wanted to explain to you what is a pet peeve

  • Pet peve is something that bothers you, something that annoys you

  • Something that makes you go URGH Something that you hate

  • I've looked up on the internet all the lists that suggested the pet peeves

  • and they didn't seem to irritate me that much so I've created my own list

  • so let's begin with things that drive me crazy My first pet peeve is when people wash their

  • hands and don't dry them with a towel

  • and water drips on the floor and then you step on it

  • there is a reason why there is a towel near the sink

  • when you wash your hands use it!

  • number two cigarette smoke just cannot keep it together when

  • I walk into a room and there is cigarette smoke

  • or when people smoke near me and feel like it's ok

  • I don;t wanna inhale your smoke I don't smoke I don;t want it

  • I hate it My head hurts STOP!

  • We are living in 2015 Why do you smoke?

  • the air is so dirty number three is people who are not accepting

  • that they are wrong I was a the restaurant couple of weeks ago

  • and I was eating a dessert and I've found a nutshell in my dessert

  • when i told it to the waitress she was like: uuuuummm

  • there are nuts in your dessert soo that's why there is a shell there

  • Yeah!there are nuts in my dessert But there not supposed to be any shells

  • and she did noting like what?

  • number four cold light at places where you consume food

  • fror example restaurants,cafe,kitchens It is supposed to be a law

  • that in palces where you consume food there is supposed to be warm light

  • otherwise you feel like you are in hospital I don'twanna it in a hospital

  • The other pet peeve that I have is when people are on a street and the throw

  • garbage on the ground ther is definitly a bin somewhere near you

  • why would you throw a garbage on the grond? like, put it in yur pocket!

  • or, I don;t know, find the bin This is so dumb to throw garbage on the ground

  • you are walking there why would you wanna walk on the dirty pavement

  • and my last pet peeve is when people are snaping their gum

  • why woul you do that? This is so annoying.It sounds terrible,

  • you look terrible. People are,like,yelling at you for that

  • why woul you do that? So these were my pet peeves

  • I hope you didn't get the impression that I was a very angry person cause I am not

  • this is just the topic so I told you things that irritate me the

  • most and now you know what is a pet peeve

  • Tell me in comments your pet peeves so I will not irritate you accedentaly

  • I hope it was helpful and I will see you in my next video

  • Bye

Hi! today I wanted to explain to you what is a pet peeve


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