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Question: How much of this is all gonna be public like if I write in there about
my deepest darkest fantasies, will this be displayed to the people of YouTube?
Life Change
Life Change- 30 Days of Journaling
We asked four people to try journaling for 10 minutes a day, for 30 days straight.
Journaling regularly is thought to be a healthy way to help a person deal with emotions
and improve mental health.
So I was thinking about my first time journaling and I was in sixth grade and
I'd written this journal and my friends found the journal and read it out loud and
laughed at me so I threw the journal in the trash.
I kept several journals as a child.
I would write who my crush was and what I wanted to do to my enemy.
I'm coming in as a grown woman with no journaling experience.
I had this red Ferrari notebook and like every other journal I've ever had
I did about three entries and then that was the last entry.
Kind of hoping that maybe I'll at least fill up half the book.
I'm excited to journal because this is gonna be retribution for
my stolen journal when I was abroad in college.
Week One
Ok, it's journal time.
I'm in my bedroom. There's my journal.
it's happening.
I'm hanging out in the back of my minivan and I'm about to do
my first entry in my journal.
So far it's been kinda tough cause I'm out of practice
my hand hurts and I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed be writing about.
I have usually been journaling so far in the evenings in my dining room which is where I am now
Um... I haven't been doing it that well. Gonna be honest.
Halfway Point
We checked in with our journalers to discuss their experiences and share their entries
I spend way too much time sitting there going I should be journaling I should be journaling
Don't you guys do that?
Um, it just comes out. It's like word vomit for me. And drawing vomit.
and I'm just like all over the place in this thing and then my cat plays with this string
And it's so cute and amazing.
At first I was like, what do I want to write about? What I might
And it's just kind of like coming out of me.
I mean it is interesting to have a journal which
feels like the offline like most inner thoughts versus like all the social media that I work in
To me it seems like Instagram and Twitter and all of those things are
such a carefully architecture version of how someone wants to present their life
and journaling is essentially at least for me about the messy complicated
not so subtly thought.
You know Hillary got that journaling vs Instagram thing in my head
and I haven't stopped thinking about that and she's totally right it's very
it's very introspective.
Journaling is the opposite of Instagram and I've never journaled before
and I've definitely Instagramed before and it's interesting to do both in the same day.
I'm a journaler at heart. It's just a way to create every day in some type of way.
When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories?
When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?
I think the question I would ask myself is when did you stop creating?
I'm enjoying this, kind of just taking this time for myself every day.
So I've been journaling a lot in my van, parked places
I like to do it cause new environment is kind of inspiring.
My boyfriend is recording with his band right now.
And I'm doodling in my journal.
It's really fun to draw and write my journal while I'm around such created and inspiring people.
So I think I'm getting a little bit better at this journaling thing.
I've realized I can write down the weird dreams that I have about Tina Fey,
I've been trying to have a little bit more fun with the journal and do drawings and stuff.
But it also just feels like a chore all the time, just like my nightly homework assignment,
draw in the journal.
Final Thoughts
This one I think you'll all enjoy: I am so overwriting in this damn book all the time. I quit.
So I'm not that into journaling.
What are your reasons? You don't like it? I've written nothing important.
It's like, I bought a projector today. Let's see how I like it.
I've been trying to figure out the best way to set it up. I need a screen.
That... like this. Why do I write that down?
You know, in retrospect I wish I'd hired a journaling Ghost Rider.
I think the number one thing I learned: I don't want to journal to like reflect on my life.
I think it's more fun to talk about silly weird stuff.
Red ink, red book, red shorts.
I was writing this while wearing red shorts with a red pen in a red book.
so I was really excited about that.
I realize that being looser really allowed me to have more fun with it.
Instead of going through Instagram or going on Twitter whatever,
I would doodle in my journal for a second.
And I liked that a lot.
I learned there's a reason I haven't been journaling for so many years.
Cause like journaling is not my fav.
I think my big take-away is that journaling should be used as a sketch pad
for your ideas and your thoughts. A place to let your mind wander.
I feel like there will be another period after this when it'll make sense to journal again.
Well I love that my cat loves the string. That's like my favorite thing ever.
My cats love journaling just as much like I do.



你做得到嗎?挑戰連續寫日記30天 (30 Days Of Journaling • LIFE/CHANGE)

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Diana T. 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 31 日    Diana T. 翻譯    Jack Lu 審核



journal 在影片裡有動詞跟名詞兩種用法,名詞指「日記」而動詞就是「寫日記」。此外,journal 還有「期刊」的意思,指的是學術性、研究型的期刊等用詞較深、篇幅也比較長的刊物;相較於此,magazine 則是較為生活化的「雜誌」。
不過值得注意的是,Wall Street Journal (華爾街日報)其實是屬於金融、商業領域的日報而非學術性期刊哦。

另外, journaldiary 兩種日記的差異為 diary 通常是記錄自己的心情、感受,比較私人;journal 偏向記錄一天發生的事,通常比較正式、也有特定的格式

crush 這邊當名詞指的是「迷戀的對象」,而 have a crush on someone 則是指「喜歡上某人」、「迷戀上某人」,是一個非常口語的用法。值得注意的是,lemon crush 用來指「喜歡上同性戀女生」。
Don’t tell anyone. I think Harry is having a crush on Sarah.

I think I have a serious lemon crush on the girl. I wonder how her girlfriend would think of me.

除了迷戀之外,crush 本身還有動詞和名詞的形式。動詞有「壓壞」、「壓碎」、「壓垮」的意思;名詞則為「壓碎物」之意。
The fallen tree crushed the car. Luckily, no one got hurt.

I would like some mango crush on such sweltering day.

愛上了怎麼辦?教你如何處理意亂情迷的迷戀! (How to Handle Crushes)

minivan 是「休旅車」。這個字可以拆成 minivanmini 這個字首有「小的」、「短的」的意思;van 則是「貨車」,所以 minivan 就是小型貨車,也就是休旅車。

sedan 轎車
convertible 敞篷車
sports car 跑車
hybrid car 油電混合車
electric car 電動車

chore 指的則是比較廣義的「家務」,除了打掃、整理住家之外,餵狗、澆花、跑腿、外出辦事都可以算是 chore 的一種。而家務之中,我們可以分為「在家做的」及「外出辦的」,此時我們就可以分別使用 houseworkerrand 來代表。

housework 指的是在家中清洗、打掃、整理的「家事」。
errand 本身有差事、短的行程的意思,所以諸如寄信、領錢、買菜、領乾洗的衣服等必須外出辦理的家務則可以總稱為 errands ,通常會搭配 run errands 這個片語來使用。
Kim always takes initiative to help with the chores.

Dad always asked me to do the houseworks that Mom assigned to him.

Mom asked me to run an errand for her.

doodle 是「隨手畫、無心的畫」的意思,所以畫出來的作品我們會稱為「塗鴉」。
Google Doodle (Google 塗鴉),就是我們時不時會在 Google 搜尋引擎首頁上看到的小插畫或小動畫,每次的設計主題隨著節慶、歷史事件、偉人等變化會有不同的呈現。1998 年,Google 的創辦人 Larry 跟 Sergey 透過改變公司標誌向員工傳達自己參加活動不在辦公室的消息,而這便是 Google Doodle 的概念雛形。直到現在,Google 已經為世界各地創造 2000 多幅的 doodle 作品。

Google Doodle 例子

對某些人來說,日記可能只是記錄生活雜事的工具;然而對另外一群人來說,日記給予自我對話的空間,幫助人們認識自己。相對於 Instragram 或 Facebook 這些「寫給朋友看」的貼文,開始寫日記吧!也許你會發現持續三十天的日記生活之後,你對生活會有不一樣的感觸。歡迎留言分享你們對日記的看法哦!

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