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You are on the cover of GLAMOUR, there you look gorgeous, congratulations on that.
Thank you!
When I was reading an article here, they said
What is the one thing you can teach a master class in? Uh-hm.
And your answer was, you could teach a master class in the, the...
The bitch face. The bitch face? The bitch face.
Explain to me what bitch face is again,
Coz I remembered I brought this up with a friend Todd, he gave it me once, but what is it?
Yeah, I've been told all over the years by my mother and some boyfriends that I have a very good bitch face
And so I perfected it for the show, Scream Queens
Coz I, Chanel, my charactor gives a lot of bitch face.
Okay, could you teach me how to do this or anyone at home how to ...
-Okay. -A bitch face?
So firstly, you have to narrow your eyes, like you're really mad
And then purse your lips
And the key is to tweak your mouth a little bit,
Like, "Oh, you don't know what I'm about to say to you."
So it's a little like,
And then the key is to exit.
Flip your hair and exit, very quick. Okay.
Or otherwise people are like, "What are you doing?"
So you have to like get out.
-You gotta get in, get out, right? -You are like, bitch face and then get out.
Look at me, bitch.
Look at me. Let's see it. Look at me.
Narrow the eyes
Hair flip! Hair flip! Left!
Oh, I like that, like looking to around the corner.
I think that's a good add-on.
I think people will think I'm flirting with them.
Yeah, I think I have to drag you out of it
Like if we were in a bitch face standoff
I have to literally drag you away.
Like in the double bitch, coz I'm laying in my bitch back.
Yeah I know.
You know double bitch back, man, that's like...
-That's my new favorite thing! -Right?
I can't wait to go back to Scream Queens and show all the girls.
Yeah, you do. You gotta get double bitch back.
They're all gonna be like ...
You leave and you go, then you leave the scene and never get done.
Yeah! That's it.
Just when you thought I was gone, you know what's up.
-Yeah, absolutely. -Definitely.
And now Scream Queens is playing as murder on the loose, right?
Yes, it's bascially out of the sororities and, umm, people start dying.
Every episode and the whole season, by the way, at least one person dies.
So all of us, every week are terrified when we get the scripts.
We are gonna be killed off.
Because you go out like "Oh, why is Ryan Murphy calling me?" -Yeah.
Am I, am I dying in this episode?
And I told him, too. I was like, "Oh, I'm safe, right?"
And then he was like, "No one is safe, Emma."
I was like, "What do you mean? What are you talking about?"
And as a great cast, oh my gosh I love Jamie Lee Curtis
The original scream queen we have on the show!
-I mean that's my girl. -It's amazing. -Yeah.
And did you have audition for this? Of course, he knew you're from...
No, Ryan actually called me, "Are you filming Freak Show?"
I got two missed call from him, I was like, "Am I being killed of Freak Show?"
And he was like, "Yes, but also I called to talk to you about another show."
And I was like, "Wait, what?", so I couldn't ...
Give me your bitch face over the phone right now.
-Yeah, so this is phone bitch face. -This is phone bitch face.
Um, no, he told me about Scream Queens, he's like,
"You, Jamie Lee Curtis, Scream Queens, and your name is Chanel."
And I was like, "Yes, sold. Yes."
Do you have to scream a lot? Are you a good screamer?
We have to scream all the time on the show.
And to get to the point, we actually all lost our screams, collectively as a group.
Coz there's like, basically eight young girl all the time on set every scene.
We all lost our screams. We have to learn to fake scream.
And they laid the scream in over later.
So it's like a lip scream?
So literally we would be like this.
Just for hours and hours all through out the day.
And then they'll put it in after.
-We have a scream effect that we can put in? -Yeah, do we?
Yeah, we do. Yeah, which camera should you looking camera to?
-Give us a good fake scream. -Ready? -Yeah, we'll laid in.
That's so good, alright, good!
And then your scream can go like forever.
-Forever and ever. -Yeah.
-I'll try it. -Yeah, let's do it.
And then bitch face.
You are a good hair flipper
Emma Robert, everybody.



【吉米秀】艾瑪羅伯茲教你如何擺出「壞女人臉」!(Emma Roberts Teaches Jimmy How to Perfect a Bitch Face)

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