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It is over!
The six day rise of European stocks, the longest since July has ended.
It peaked the Stoxx 600 39 minutes after the session begun and then it was downhill all the way.
Investors are pondering their next move in U.S. interest rates and hoping for more stimulus from China.
The FTSE 100, snapping its eight day winning streak, mining shares ending their longest run since 2000.
Before today, they rose for nine consecutive days and added 26%, or 45 billion Euros of value.
It's over, I can say that many many times today.
Those are the big moving shares in Europe today.
RWE, earlier, up as much as 15%, the biggest increase since 2008.
The German government announcing the industry has enough funds to pay for the shutdown and cleanup of its nuclear power plants.
A huge sigh of relief for RWE and E.on investors.
Glencore down by 6% today, it's in talks to sell two copper mines in Chile and Australia,
after approach from buyers Citigroup and UBS says they could fetch as much as a billion dollars.
SABMiller down by 1.3%.
AB InBev proposing a new offer, 43.50 pounds versus 42.15 pounds, well below the offer price.
What does that tell us?
Investors still don't think it's gonna happen.
That's it from me.


【彭博商業】歐股終止自七月以來最長漲勢 European Stocks Snap Longest Winning Streak Since July

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Ray Du 發佈於 2015 年 10 月 15 日    Jacky Avocado Tao 翻譯    Ray Du 審核
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