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Hey this is VidTalk and I know that we told you we're ending...
We lied!
That's right, we're back and better!
He's JR.
And he's Ray.
And this is... VidTalk!
So JR what is VidTalk?
Well VidTalk is a show we've been doing for the past six months with ICRT radio,
and for each episode of the show, we do bring you a video, and we talk about the video content,
then we break down the English for you, we teach you the English within it.
It's kind of cool.
But now the project has ended, but we've decided to take it into our own hands and take it to the next level.
That's right, we're going to a better place now.
A lot of you, either VoiceTube users or ICRT listeners, you've requested that we continue this program,
so we've decided to transform this radio program into a video program.
It's still gonna be the two of us, we're still going to talk about interesting videos, we're still going to teach you useful and fun English,
but most importantly, we will provide you with both Chinese and English subtitles with every episode!
That sounds awesome. So don't forget, every Thursday night, starting from October 22nd,
every Thursday night at 8 p.m. sharp, tune in to our channel cause we will publish a brand new video every Thursday night.
Okay? Once again, do log on to our YouTube channel.
So our YouTube channel, we will include the link somewhere here?
Here? You know, we haven't decided yet, but here? Here?
Click on Ray's face. We're gonna put it right here. Just click on Ray's face and subscribe to our channel.
Click on my face to go to our VidTalk channel, subscribe to our channel,
there's nothing there yet, but come next Thursday night 8 p.m. sharp,
there'll be our first ever episode.
That's right, till then! See ya!
See ya!


【阿滴】VidTalk 預告片 (VidTalk Teaser)

9221 分類 收藏
Ray Du 發佈於 2015 年 10 月 14 日    Ray Du 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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