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What's up everybody! We've made a video called "Things Asian Girls Like"
With me, Jessica! We got a lot of comments about that video, now here is the flip side.
Things Asian Girls Hate!
#17 Asian girls hate the sun
You know we're inside, right?
It's peeking through the windows!
Your average American girl wants to be tanned, while your average Asian girl hates to be tanned.
Yes, it's like a culture thing from Asia.
That was what I was told growing up
The more Americanization girl is the less she's likely to care about having that snowy white skin.
Hey, I've tried to tan, I just burn every time.
#16 People who don't share food
Yeah! Why would you only want to eat one thing? Just share with me!
When you are with an Asian girl DO NOT try to finish all treat by yourself.
Especially at a restaurant that serves family style.
And always offer to share!
We like good food, okay? Sharing is caring?
#15 Asian girls hate parallel parking
Oh...guys, that's a stereotype.
Okay...look, I can parallel! I...just really try to avoid it.
A lot of people don't like parallel parking, but Asian girls...they're not afraid to admit it.
#14 Asian girls hate hardcore music
Like death metal. Yeah, it's just noisy, screaming in my ears...awwww
Most Asian girl is listening either EDM , pop, K-pop, R&B or hip-hop.
Yeah, you know that smooth stuff like Drake or G-Dragon.
#13 Western standards of beauty
aw...so much stress for us Asian girls.
It is slowly changing the America.
But beauty is still pretty much defined by how white you look.
And looking like a tall, leggy, blond with huge boobs is not something that Asian girls are particularly good at
Yeah, it's kind of sad... but we are always trying to contour our noses and make our eyes look bigger.
It is what it is, and we kind of accepted.
And we Asian guys don't fit the western standard on the beauty either.
Team don't buy into the standard, break!
#12 Being told they look really young
Aging well... it's a gift and a curse
Some guys in the club will hit on my friend and say "Hey, how old are you? You look fifteen.”
If she looks fifteen, why you try to hit on her, creep! (Hey, baby)
#11 Asian girls hate when the guy doesn't pay on the first date
Just be a gentleman and pay for the first date!
Don't be a cheap ass.
Hold on, let me... let me get my phone. That's a fake move, I'm not trying to pay.
#10 Asian girls hate working out
Yes! So? We don't really need to!
A lot of Asian girls have naturally high metabolism, so why even bother?
What? If I feel fat, I'll work out. But then I just go back eating whatever.
This is mostly true for fobby Asian girls. The more americanize they are, the more likely they are to work out.
#9 Asian girls hate being told they're fat.
Yeah! Stop it, mom, dad, grandma, entire family!
No girls like be told they're fat.
But in Asian families, parents and relatives somehow feel like it's okay and always point out that you're getting a little chubs.
Wow, Jessica you look like to gain some weight.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Very healthy! You eating good!
We've been called fat even when we're not fat!
I can fit a small in the American sizes, but I'm an extra large in Asia.
#8 Being told they're in an Asian bubble
Who have been told they're in the bubble, even if it's true.
Not all Asian girl only hang out with Asian people,
but even if they do, they hate the idea that they're stuck with it.
If I am in a bubble, it's by choice.
I can get with whoever I want. I'm versatile! I got options, I got options!
On the other hand, the Asian guys are usually more willing to admit they're stuck in an Asian bubble.
#7 Asian girls hate other Asian girls
It can get a little competitive. Fight!
If you don't think this is true, think about the girl in your life that you're most likely to get to a fight with.
They're probably another Asian girl. Yeah, don't mess up with me. Just get in a little fight.
#6 Asian girls hate how they are treated in a patriarchal family structure
This is kind of old school, but it still happens.
So a lot of traditional Asian family will put more value on the boys because they carry on the family name.
Sorry! We didn't ask for, but we'll take it!
Asian girls have every right to take this.
#5 Asian girls hate Asians who try too hard.
Yeah, we like to keep it a little humble.
This comes in the form of Asian guys trying to act too gangster. Eww...
Asian girls trying a way too hard to be sexy. Eww....
Asian girls who are crying for attention. Eww....
Asian guys who haven't figured out an identity that works with them.
They look stupid.
#4 Asian girls hate being told they look really Asian.
I don't know what you're trying to say, but I don't like your tone!
Whenever someone says you look "really Asian", it's usually never meant as a compliment.
That messed up that what we are is used to against us!
Oh my god, you're being so Asian right now!
It usually means you look like a walking stereotype.
I like looking Asian, I hate that it's a diss.
I don't know why looking Asian is a bad thing. Do other types of girls do that?
#3 Asian girls hate...Asian guys?
Sorry! Wait, wait, wait! Come back, you guys. Not all of us, some do, but not me!
So right now a lot of you Asian girls are thinking...
What you guys are talking about? I don't hate Asian guys......do I?
And a lot of the Asian guys are thinking...
That's so true, man! Nobody ever wants to talk about it, but it's true!
Obviously, most Asian girls don't hate Asian guys. But there seems to be a large amount of them do.
Just say... way more than other groups of people.
I don't hate Asian guys, but if it is true...it might be because of PAMS
Passive Asian Male Syndrome
#2 Asian girls hate hairy chests... Eww....
Eww...why? Not a fan.
Asian girls are just not on that hairy arms and chest train.
They like shaved clean. You can be a sexy man and not have hair on your chest.
We good!
and finally...
#1 You may have disagreed with this entirely list so far, but this is the one thing that Asian girls all hate.
Hate it, hate it, hate it! Don't do it!
Being hit on with Asian pickup lines
Ha Ha... Ni How Ma? Did I say that right?
Hey, where are you from? No, really! Where are you from?
Oh my gosh! You look so exotic!
Aren't you guys basically all Chinese?
Hey! Let me take you out sometime! I know there is a really great pho place. It's really authentic.
Hey, I heard all Asian girls like white guys, it's true huh?
Don't think that the easiest way to connect with us is through our culture or what you think is our culture.
You ever want even the slightest chance to get on an Asian girl, don't ever approach with that s**t!
All right everybody, that was a list of things that Asian girls hate.
I do hate most of these things and even the thing that I don't hate, I don't really like.
So this list was... Asian girl approved!
So make sure you let us know in the comment section below what you agree with, disagree with, and what we left out of the list.
You guys, I'm... I'm hungry, let's go eat!



【超中肯】亞洲女孩最討厭的17件事 (Things Asian Girls Hate)

153466 分類 收藏
Loïc 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 12 日    Loïc 翻譯    Jack Lu 審核



parallel parking0:52
Parallel 是平行的意思,parallel lines 是我們常說:互相平行的線,然而,在這裡 parallel parking 是「平行停車」? 是「並排停車」?錯!這裡的平行指的是車子與人行道邊角 (curb) 相互平行,也就是路邊停車!阿!但是路邊停車並不是我們口語說的臨停哦!暫時停在路邊,我們會用片語 pull over
I’m green at parallel parking Can you help me?

Could you please pull over for a while, I want to buy some drink.

green 在這裡像我們常說的 「很菜」,尤其是指駕駛交通工具的新手,我們就會說 somebody is green at...
● Double parking 並排停車
● Angled parking 斜斜地依序停車,如圖片

覺得好像漏掉了嗎? 不!!倒車入庫在西方國家並不那麼流行,大部分的人都直接將車頭停進車庫、車格,再倒車出來。
● Double parking 並排停車
● Parking lot (劃格線的)停車格
● Parking space 平面停車場
● Lifted parking lot 升降式停車塔
● Garage 車庫
● Disabled parking stall 殘障專用車位

但就是不能停到 TAZ = Tow Away Zone 拖吊區 ,也就是紅線禁停處啦!

A gift and a curse1:49
這個俗語在網路語歌曲中比較常見,在正式的字典查不太到,但卻是生活中常常會講到的哦! 他的意思和 pros and cons, plus and minus 相近,指事情的好與壞、正面與負面影響。
gift 除了有禮物,也可以指上帝賜予的東西,引申為各種好的事與幸運,curse 則是相對於恩賜,是撒旦的詛咒,引申為不好、不如意的事。合在一起,可以說是「天賦與缺陷」或是「好事與壞事」,就看你怎麼用囉!
To me, being petite is a gift and a curse.

Things always have its gift and curse. All we have to do is to accept and break through it.

很相似的用法還有 a blessing in disguise,其實也就是中文常說的塞翁失馬焉知非福
Losing the competition was a blessing in disguise. I get to take my flaws seriously and improve them.

看看 a gift and a curse 的其他用法、例句
小小吸血鬼( Young Dracula- BBC Series- Season 2 Ep 1’Kidnipped’)

hit on1:52
hit on 這個片語千萬要學起來,和你所以為的真的不一樣! 沒有拍打、敲擊的意思,在這裡是對某人有興趣,要展開追求的意思:
Joseph: How’s you and the girl you hit on last time, huh?
約瑟夫: 你和上次你在追的女生怎麼樣啦?
Leonardo: Oh! Forget it! She said I’m not her type.
李奧納多: 噢!算了別提了!她說我不是她的菜。

除了 hit on 之外,還有一個男孩女孩都要學起來,hit it off!一樣不是打的意思!但我們可以從傳接球去聯想,一個話題、暗示傳遞出去,對方也順利接到了,我們就會說「很投緣、相處融洽」。
Joyce and her boyfriend hit it off at the first sight.

versatile 是個很好用的字,它可以指東西、產品是多功能的,人是全方位、多才多藝,事情是有很多面向的。 相較於 various 這個字更廣更靈活,是個小編自己很喜歡的字,中文裡相對應的意思有「五花八門、多才多藝、多元、多面向的」。
Johnny Depp is a versatile actor in Hollywood.

這個字源於拉丁文,它的字首: vers 相當值得一提,有翻轉、改變方向的意思,在學習 versatile 這個字的時候可以把它想成,能靈活字在的改變方向的感覺。

patriarchal family structure3:40
patriarchal 最初是指以前部落宗族,以男性為首的家庭社會型態,現今指父系社會,母系社會則稱 matriarchal ,大家在學習時可以從字首 pa= papa / father, ma= mama / mother 來分出是父系還是母系社會。換成名詞則做:
patriarchy, matriarchy
The Chinese patriarchy today can sometimes be
considered as a form of gender discrimination in modern society.

Malala, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, comes from India a society with patriarchal family structure.

【TED】我的女兒,馬拉拉 (My Daughter, Malala | Ziauddin Yousafzai | TED Talks)





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