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What is up? Andy with MyTechMethods.com.
True detective season finale is about to come on, and I thought what better way to celebrate
that is to give you guys a video. The best free Mac apps 2014.
So that's what I'm gonna do. Let's get right into this. This is just my personal favorite
of all the free apps for Mac that I always recommend to people so
Let's do it right now. Best free Mac apps 2014. All these apps will be linked in the blog
post link below so if you click that blog post link that will take you to
the page on my website where it lists all these apps where I link them all
and you can download them for free for the Mac. Kicking off this list deservingly so
is caffeine. Caffeine has been with me through the years for
I don't know how, ever since I've gotten a Mac. Basically it just does it's very simple. It keeps your
awake. It doesn't let your Mac go to sleep. It comes in handy, trust me
its does it's very simple that's all it does. But it does come in handy I use it
all the time so caffeine is number one
number two on the list is actually two applications they're both web browsers and
its Google Chrome
and Mozilla Firefox those are both free web browsers. I'm going to list them
together because I use them both equally the same and they both do different
for example Firefox has some awesome addons that I can't live without
chrome on the other hand is very fast. It also has some addons as well but
firefox does have some addons that chrome does not have that I use so I
use them both hand in hand
they both work great I always install them together so chrome and firefox free
web browsers
definitely cannot live without those number three on the list is transmission
It's a free Bit Torrent client for the Mac and I've always used this
as my BitTorrent client it is is lightweight it's simple
it's free it allows you to add block lists all kinds of stuff
and is is probably it's just the best BitTorrent client I've tried uTorrent
for the Mac
and I i went back to transmission transmission is the best BitTorrent
client so if you need something
to download torrents from, use transmission for the Mac
it is by far the best cloud storage of course I can't just choose one
so Dropbox and Google Drive both use those every single day
they both hold a very special place in my heart so i can't put one on the list
and leave out the other so they're both included free cloud storage
Dropbox and Google Drive I'm sure you've already heard of them Google Drive is
with a Google account also Dropbox is free
to start out there's actually a paid plan as well but
I use the free versions for both of them and they fulfill all my cloud storage
so Google Drive and Dropbox definitely a must-have for Mac users
better touch tool this is a fantastic free app for the Mac
if you have a trackpad or a magic mouse this is
this will let you customize different gestures
just totally customize the heck out of it so I right now I don't have
a magic mouse or trackpad on this Mac Meaning so I don't have it installed on this
but on my MacBook Pro I do and so if you have a a magic pad
or trackpad anything like that on your Mac get the better touch tool
and you can customize it it is definitely awesome next on the list
is the veteran, the all-star handbrake this has been on the best free Mac apps list
ever since I can remember ever since I was a young lad this is a video converting
application it also does some other things
as well so if you want to convert a movie
to mp4 to put on your iPhone or iPad or you wanna
convert all kinds of it's just a very good converting application to have
for videos and also does some other things as well definitely got to have that
on your Mac that's handbrake now sticking with the converting applications this is
called smart converter
it does the the same thing it converts video files but it also converts
audio files as well just a very quick and simple
converting application to have alongside handbrake and
it's it's good to have I use this a lot when I just want to do a quick
conversion for any time of specific device or an mp3 conversion if I want to
something to an mp3 audio file I use this application
awesome application it is called smart converter another free converting
application for the Mac is called adapter
I'm not going to include it on my list because I personally do not use it but
I've heard good things it gets
a lot of praise it's very popular if you want to check that out it's called adapter
again I don't use it but
it's free and I've heard good things converts videos and audio files
VirtualBox this is an awesome application it's a free virtual
Machine Manager for the Mac so if you want to install Linux or Windows or just
virtual machine on your Mac this is a free
application that you can do that with it's awesome it's what I started out
with when I installed Windows
on my Mac for the first time since then I've moved to a
a premium application call parallels because it has some added features and
added functionality but VirtualBox works awesomely great if you don't wanna spend
any money and just try it out for free
VirtualBox is the way to go if you're looking to install Windows
on your Mac now this next app I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce it but
I'm gonna do my best its Libreoffice
that's what I'm going to go with right now I don't know if that's right but it's
basically a free
office suite for your Mac so if you don't want to shell out the cash for
microsoft office for mac
you can use this as an alternative you know it doesn't work
as great as microsoft office but it is the best
free office suite for the Mac you can have a
It's got a writer document calc spreadsheet so you can do all the basic
things you can do
slide presentations you can do word processing and excel sheets
You can do all kinds of stuff like that also database for access alternative but yeah
if you were looking for a free office suite for the Mac
Libre office is definitely the way to go next on the list
is Evernote evernote is one of my favorite
applications period I love this this is cross platform so it's not just for the Mac
it's free
it's a web app that allows you to store all your notes
on in evernote so it's a note-taking cloud app that syncs
with the cloud to all your different devices so you can never forget
anything again you can take notes write things down it will sync up to
your your Evernote account and then be synced to
your devices so if I'm on my Mac and I want to take a note
I can put it right here on my Mac it will sync to the cloud instantly and it will be
synced on my iPhone my iPad and on my Windows computer
so it's basically one of the best applications to have period
its it's free and I love it it'll definitely
it works as a productivity app you'll never forget anything again I use it to
store all my ideas for videos
anything I need to to write down and just remember so its a virtual notebook
pretty much
evernote if you don't have it get it right now
the creators of evernote also created another awesome application called
this is free and this is a way to add annotations and arrows
and text to a screen grab or certain picture
it's basically just a up a team app if you if you're sending something to
somebody and you want to actually
draw their attention to something or explain something on on a from a screen
grab or picture
this is a great application to have it's definitely the easiest way to edit
info into a picture or screen grab
this next app is one of my favorite all-time applications ever
for Windows and Mac as it works cross-platform VLC
VLC is a another all-star this is a media player
it will play any type of audio or video file
I don't care what it is it will play it if it's a video or audio file
and it also has some other functionalities as well this is definitely one of my
all-time favorite applications I love it
I install it this is one of the first applications I install on a computer
Mac or Windows so check that out that is VLC media player
this next app is not for everybody but if you're getting into programming or
you want to
edit some code Sublime Text is the best free
code editor on the Mac so if you're looking to
edit some HTML documents or any type of code document
Sublime Text is the best for that Sublime Text for the Mac
next up is FileZilla this is a free FTP application for the Mac
and it's actually cross platform as well but there are some other ones for the
Mac called I think Cyberduck
is one but I've always used FileZilla for
the FTP that I need to do on the Mac I've never had a problem with it
it's worked great for me so I always recommend it and I haven't really tried any
other ones so
FileZilla a free FTP app for the Mac
okay so this next app is for everybody out there who gets on the computer at
so everybody it is a life saver it's called flux
if you've never heard of it it's F.LUX and it's a very simple application
it runs in the background of your Mac and it will adjust your screen brightness and
actually your screen color according to what time of day it is so as the Sun Goes
your screen will start to become warmer more like warmer colors
and it will it will be easier on your eyes
when it's night time so it definitely it will definitely like
it helps you sleep better I think because if you if you have it running
you will instantly see the change of what it would look like
if you hadn't had flux running and it's really bright when flux is not
your screen is really bright and that's why I always leave I always
leave flux running in the background
so my screen adjusts to time of day
it's easier on my eyes helps you sleep better it's honestly an awesome app
so get that it's flux this next app you probably heard of it
it's called Alfred and it is a an alternative to your finder
it's basically finder on steroids okay
You can you install it what you install it has a bunch of features but basically
what I use it for
it has a a quick shortcut a quick keyboard shortcut that you can use so if I do
alt plus space it will bring up the Alfred search bar here and what it does is it
you can search
anything and everything it'll search it searches your Mac but also
searches online too so if I wanna search true detective
i'm about to watch that here can't wait true detective okay when I start to type it in
it'll give me these lists if it doesn't find anything on my Mac it'll give me
I can search google I can search Amazon I can search Wikipedia and I can also
customize this list to where it gives me different results I have different
options to choose from but I'm just going to choose Google
and it'll automatically bring up my web browser and search Google for true detective
or whatever I searched so
its it's just basically a better way to find
certain things it just saves a ton of time instead of having to bring up your web
browser and do that you just bring up Alfred and search
basically use it to search anything it's your main search functionality for Mac
so Alfred that's an awesome application the unarchiver this application can
compress and uncompress any sort of compressed file
for the Mac and it does it bam instantly it's really fast
it's definitely one of the first applications I always install on
a new Mac so if you if you like 7-zip if you're a Windows user and you use 7-zip
this is basically 7 zip for Mac I mean it is the best
zipping compressing application for the Mac
and that's called the unarchiver now I love this next app so much
it's called app cleaner and it will uninstall
any application on your Mac fully it'll get rid of all the junk files left over
if you normally do it with the Mac when you delete an application you just drag the application
to the trash
and then empty the trash well this actually will do that it does that
plus it finds all the junk files left behind from that program that you no
longer need
it's very easy to use you just find the application that you want to uninstall
say if I want to uninstall caffeine if I search for that
it'll give me my main application file and all the other junk files
as well and then all I have to do is hit delete and it will delete
that application along with all the junk files so just it's a better way to
keep your system optimized
and clean and I i love it appcleaner
if you're a smart person you will be backing up your Mac and one of the best
ways to do is using a free app called super duper
if you never heard of this this is one of the another all-time favorites for Mac
Super Duper is a free backup and recovery software for the Mac
you can use it to back up your Mac you can use it to create a bootable backup
of your Mac
there's a paid version that you can you can buy
which gives you some other features like scheduling but if you can also just
stick with the free version the free version will back up your Mac no problem
so if you don't want to use Time Machine and you want to use something more
conventional super duper is the way to go
another productivity app for the Mac is self control
if you've never had a problem drifting off to different web sites time-wasting
web sites Facebook Twitter reddit
like any of those things if you have a problem with that when you're trying to get
something done you can use this
app to get rid of that it's self control what it does basically you
it will blacklist any website that you tell it to it'll block it completely
cannot access it for a certain period of time whatever you tell it
and you cannot undo this that's the thing once you set this for an hour say if you
if you set this for an hour it will last an hour no matter if you restart your
computer or not
so it's a it's a great productivity app even if you delete the application it
will still block those web sites
for that allocated time now I wonder if you if you delete it with app cleaner
will that still work hmm haven't tried that self control check that out
this next app is called cloud app or just cloud
basically the easiest way to share screenshots
very simple application trust me it'll come in handy you can use it to share
very easily very quickly and without any hassle
so cloud app that is a good one so let's keep this productivity thing going here i
guess I'm a productive guy I don't know
Wunderlist similar to evernote in a way that
it will sync your notes or your lists
on to the cloud and it's cross platform it has an iPhone and iPad app as well
so and it's free it's the best way I use actually just use it specifically for
any type of list not notes I use Evernote for notes and ideas and stuff like
that but
lists if I have an actual list especially like grocery lists
or things I need to buy or like movie-list I use this because it has a
wonderful way that you can actually check things off just one of the best
applications to manage to-do lists
you can collaborate you can share access from anywhere just probably
the best
to-do list application out there wunderlist that's spelled with a U
wunderlist for the Mac if you haven't been living under a rock you know what this next
app is
Skype okay another all-star skype is a
is a way to make free phone calls to anybody else
using the Internet it's voice over IP it's great for
interviews podcasts or you just messaging people
and it's just a staple that everybody should have on their computer
cross-platform works with Windows and Mac it's free so Skype
this next app is not as popular as Skype but it should be I'm telling you I
absolutely adore
this application it's called plex and it's cross platform
so it not only works with Mac it works with Windows and it is a
a media lovers dream
okay what this does when you install this you can set it up to where it looks to
a certain folders on your Mac so it basically
its movies music and pictures so if I want to set up
a media experience where I can start up Plex
I can start plex on my Mac and it will look
onto certain folders that I've designated so it'll look on my movies folder my TV
shows folder
in my music folder and plex will set that up all
automatically as a media hub and when I start my plex app on my Roku if I have
a smart TV
or a Roku that has the Plex app installed on that I start that up
and it will see it and I can browse my media library on my Mac
on using my plex app on my TV and in it does it automatically syncs it gets all
the information automatically so if I copy
a movie into the movies folder plex will automatically
get the name of that movie and I can browse all the Plex folders
using the Plex app it is so awesome I'm telling you if you're
if you're a media lover if you're a movie lover a TV show lover
this is absolutely necessary to have
I'm not going to go into all the tutorials on how to set it up but it's fairly easy
to set up for now just go ahead and get plex and get started on that
super awesome alright so now you know I love movies and TV shows but
I also love music and of course this brings me to the next app which is
Spotify it's a free music application you can stream
any song on demand now using this application on your Mac so if you don't
already have it
it's gained a bunch of popularity lately recently I've been a Spotify user for a
couple years now
ever since when they were trying to get it to finally let it into the U.S. United
so I've been following Spotify since then and it's grown a lot
Spotify for the Mac it's free on-demand music streaming music
you can set up different playlists it also has an iPhone application
and if you're a music lover you definitely need Spotify TeamViewer is the best
remote desktop application for Windows
or Mac or Linux it is the best all-around
it's free I've been using it for years and I don't know how anybody could
have gotten scammed into using any other paid solution
TeamViewer is the best and it also has iPad apps as well
so basically you can control your Mac desktop from
remotely works great if you need to help your grandma
across the country you need to help her set up Plex app
on her Mac you can do this so all your grandma has to do is go on teamviewer's
website and run the free
download and it will run TeamViewer's application
so as long as you have TeamViewer installed on your computer you can
remote into your grandma's computer and bring up your grandma's
desktop on your on your Mac desktop and control it remotely
it's definitely one of the best free Mac Apps of 2014 TeamViewer
now this next app is hot it's called burn it burns discs it burns CD disc
it burns DVD discs data discs
audio discs video discs video DVD's
everything just makes it a very simple way to burn
discs I don't like using iDVD to make a video DVD disc I don't know why
I just like using burn burn just seems a lot simpler and easy to use and is fast
so whenever I wanna make a DVD movie a playable DVD movie from a certain
video file I use burn to do it and it also burns
audio discs, data discs so burn it's a great application to have on your Mac
so if you're too cheap to buy photoshop then you can use a free alternative
which is called get GIMP. Gimp is the open source alternative to Photoshop it's an
open source photo editor that has
a similar layout and has similar functionalities
to Photoshop but it's not as polished as Photoshop but it still does a great job
for for free open-source application GIMP
is the first thing that you should think of when you when you're wanting to do
something like that
again it's open source and cross-platform so it does work with Windows
and Linux as well
if you read a lot of blog articles online or you want an easier way to
to read those blog articles and also read them offline pocket
is a fantastic app to have it's a way of
pulling articles or anything off the web and saving it and adding it to your
pocket account it'll automatically add it to your pocket account
and it puts it in an easy to read format
and it saves it offline and actually syncs across all your devices as well because it has an iPhone
app an iPad app
this is pocket and these are different articles and web pages that I've saved
when I've stumbled upon them and I want to read them later I just add it to my
pocket account
very easy just one click and goes into my account here
and it syncs across all devices and it just puts it in an easy to read format here
so it saves me a lot of time because I can just batch read these blog articles
with my pocket account and I can read them anywhere with any device as long as I
got pocket installed
and last but certainly not least closing this list out
is clip menu this is a clipboard manager for Mac OS X
it's a very simple application traditionally with your Mac with
out clip menu installed when you copy and paste something it just remembers
the last thing that you copied well with Clip Menu
it will remember up to ten things that you copied
before so if you copy things copy like five or six things
you can actually use clip menu to paste something that you copied
five times ago it's a very saves a lot of times saves a lot of headache and it comes in
handy for sure
get that thats clip menu closing this list out the best
free Mac Apps for 2014 personally by me
Andy MyTechMethods.com the link to the blog post
where you can get all these applications for free will be right in the description
I'm sure I forgot an application that you use
that's free that's awesome so if you could just leave a comment
down below and let me know what free applications that you love or
something that I missed or
if it I did list it on the list let me know which ones you absolutely love the
that has been it for me I'm going to go watch True detective right now and see how
this whole thing folds out
thank you so much for watching give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my
I'll be doing a lot more videos like this in the future keep having fun out
there and I will talk to you


【軟體開發】2014最佳MAC APP你下載了嗎! (Best Free Mac Apps 2014)

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