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Hey this is MatSan!
and welcome to our life section.
today we're going to talk about
good things of living together
since last time we did the bad things
this time of course, we need to balance a bit
so let's get started
number 1
it's great to have a helper
it's like a balance between us
I love to, and I can fix things
for example
TV is broken, pipes are broken
everything is broken
I like to fix it
so I'm helping you
and I can't
she can't do anything about that
so she really needs me
on the other hand
about organizing the room
he is kind of messy
as we mentioned before
still love you
but it's true that I can organize things more
yes, I wake up
I'm like: ehhh I don't want to do anything
such a mess everywhere
and she's just putting everything back to where they should be
so it's good to have a balance
and to have a helper
for each other
second thing is
after a bad day
something terrible happened to you
or it was a messy day
anything like that
you always have this feeling
that you're going back
and someone is waiting for you there
yes exactly
so it's very nice, it's like
yes, yes
it's not only about living with the other half
also living with the family
you feel the same
there is someone waiting for you
for you to cry
and number 3
supporting each other in daily life
because sometimes you might be
so lost in your life
you don't know what kind of decision you should make
of course you can ask friends
lots of times your friends are busy as well
this person will always support you with everything you do
but at the same time
it's so awesome that
you will listen to that person more
about the things you've done bad
she is saying:
I will always support you Mateusz
but maybe you can change this and that
you wouldn't really, listen to your friends that much
you'll be like
No! they're all wrong
they don't understand me
only I understand myself
people are so blind when they're in the whole mess
it's good to have this person
who is your own advisor
who is always standing by
for you
who is always supportive
this one is kind of selfish, but...
like me, I don't have car here
so I always need to take public transportation
to live with the other half
when he got the car
so he can actually drive us everywhere
drive her anywhere she wants!
anywhere! everywhere!
it's more convenient about the things that
we want to chill
and travel somewhere
so we don't really have to take the bus
and take the schedule with us
we can just share the fuel, go to the car
drive and go back
yea exactly
sometimes you have to go to work
after taking the public transportation, it takes you so long
but by driving
it saves you a lot of time
so I'm like: so nice that I can sleep later
because he can drive me to work
but you enjoy it, right?
yes, I do
see, we find the balance
in the winter
it's so cold
at night we are sleeping
and he's like a mobile radiator
that you can just cuddle
to get some warmth
in summer is pretty annoying
because his legs
are so hairy
so when he put his legs on me
I'm like
it's so hot, go away!
but other than that
when you're sad
you want to have a shoulder
he's always there just let you...
hug with, cry with
I don't know about men
is it also the same?
not about crying
it's also very nice to go to sleep and to have someone there
to hug
to hug, like pillow
so it's nice to have your own teddy bear
I don't want this to happen to anyone
but sometimes
you can be ill
so it's always so nice to have a parter in your life
who helps you
for example
we had a situation in Wrocław
I was very ill once
it was a 3 weeks vacation
and we got so wasted
we...honestly we party a lot
I was so...dehydrated
I felt so bad
I was even calling the hospital
almost calling the ambulance
I was so panicking
she just took care of me
she went to apteka (pharmacy)
yea I went to the pharmacy
you know, I couldn't speak Polish
but the pharmacy guy still gave me the medicine
even though you need the prescription
but he was like: nah
it's ok
it was so nice
she helped me with everything
then I felt so good
it's so nice to have...your own nurse
yea, my own nurse
sounds pretty horny
but on the other hand
because when I come here
if I'm ill
since I'm always having some stomachache problem
so he's always helping me
to tell me maybe it's because of this and that
and taking care of me
so it's really nice to have someone who...
cares about you
who can take care of you
thank you
yes, because
when I'm alone
I'm always going to sunbathing, that's it
because I'm too lazy to explore something by myself
when I'm alone
I'm always
staying at home
so this
little person there
she's really pushing me so much
to just travel, to go somewhere
it's so awesome
don't stay at this home for the whole day
to travel, to see more things
because it's amazing that you're expanding your own knowledge
even though you just go to
a normal, nothing special place
still, you see one more thing in the world
I have to say
previously when I was single
without her
I was thinking: traveling?!
it's so boring
waste of money
waste of money...I can buy new computer
or a new TV
that's so nerdy
I know
after we meet each other
I'm so up to travel
I would love to...
travel anywhere
your knowledge is expanding
your resistence
to weird things
is expanding
doesn't have to be - traveling to fancy places
it can be anywhere
abandoned, haunted
it's just like
you see one more spot
you check one more place on the map
and it's amazing
I would even say
it shouldn't be just going to fancy places
because everyone knows these places
yea exactly
so it's really amazing
to have a person to travel with
and the last thing
to have
ok! Hope you like this video
hope you enjoy it
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there all so awesome!
thank you so much!
we're so happy!
see you next time in the next video
see you guys in the next video
we love you
byebye! cześć!



【超爆笑】 情侶住在一起的好處 (Good things about Couples Living Together!)

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