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Hey this is MatSan
And again, welcome to our life section!
today we're going to talk about
we are...
we were together
we are...
we are! Sorry!
we are together after knowing each other for only
2 days
sound so cheap
after the party that we met each other
as we mentioned in the previous video
and then we just went out for a separate date
and then we are together
Sansan is so cheap
why am I talking like this...
Mateusz has never being beaten
by his parents
never, in his life
and I had, once
in kindergarten
I didn't want to go to school
so my dad took the belt
and my mom took the hanger
the hanger?!
they were beating me at the same time
and then they threaten me that
they don't want me as their kid anymore
I was crying
but it was very funny
right now
it stays in my mind
as a happy memory
it's like tennis
you have the mix tennis
with male and female
and I got this imagination that
they're playing in the court
but dad and mom don't worry
still love you guys so much!
I used to fight with boys
when I was in primary school
and I won
actually she sounds very tough
about her past
and everything she says is very tough
but she looks too cute
I don't believe in this
I really win
I push them into the river
small river
and then they die?
small river at school, in the campus
it's not going anywhere
it's those dirt river (ditch)
I used to have 2 pets
one was a turtle
called Stefan
which is like Steven
the other one was a crab
I don't even know what's the English name for that
I don't even know wha was the sexuality of Marian
what was the sex of Marian
like, she's a girl or it's a "he"
doesn't matter
I think it was a "he"
but about Stefan
for lots of years
I thought it's a guy
then I just found out that
it's a girl
but still
it was Stefan
I mean, still after that
I called her Stefan
doesn't matter
because I was already up to this name
I used to have two car accidents in my life
one was in primary school
I was hit by a scooter
and the second one was in
I was hit by a grandpa
from the back
when I was on the scooter
so I was like shooo
flying out
I'm still ok
still doing good
yea as you can see
and I never have car accident
any kind of accident
I wasn't even in the hospital
in my whole life
whole life?!
not a broken leg
so you're a healthy boy!
Mateusz has being obsessed with Asians
since...don't know when
since don't know when
it's like...
I don't even remember
when it appears
I'm always thinking about Asians
sound so sick
you're sick
and pervert
when I was in secondary school
I start to like Western music
Western culture
outfit and so on
but not that sick as you
I used to be choked by a huge candy
when I was in the car
because the car was shaking
we were driving on the highway
it was pretty bumpy
I was having this kind of big pinky candy
and it was like..
I remeber my family stopped the car
they were flapping my back
and then it was out
last holidays
we spent all the time in Czech
and we just spent all the money
totally all the money
we had nothing
nothing on my bank account
only few coins
left in our pockets
and the last meal
the last supper...
the last meal we had was
we just ordered the rice
for 2 zł
it's literally a rice
a really small one
so we add pepper, salt
anything with taste
it looked really sad
two of us
in the bar
with all the luggages
and sharing that small piece of rice
we couldn't even give the tips to the bartender
but it was fun
a fun experience
we left the love lock
in Wrocław
on a bridge in Wrocław
there is a love bridge
lots of people buy the lock
with their names on it
and just lock it on the bridge
it's full of locks
and of course, this cheap but romantic stuff
there are 2 keys
one key is still in my car
and the other key
we have to throw it into the river
it means our love will last forever
I was trying to make it so romantic
and Sansan said
"The fish ate it."
I love you!
I love you too
we just visit few of them
but we love it so much
we love this atmosphere
it doesn't have to be a haunted house
it just has to be abandoned
we went to atomic research center
and it's abandoned
it's so scary
there's no light
this humid air
yea, the water dropping
and lots of creepy demon graffiti
and we were like: Woah!
this is awesome
great place for a date
we recommended
has a brother
yes I do!
so that's the 10 facts about us
hope you guys enjoy it
hope it's fun
and if we're in the mood
we will make part 2 for this
please LIKE!
and Subscribe!
visit our Facebook fanspage
we love you
see you next time!
I miss my brother


【超爆笑】 關於我們10件蠢蠢的小事 (MATSAN: 10 Fun Facts about Us!)

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