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silence shared in words
Silence Shared in Words
The way I talk
is a little strange.
No speaker in the world
talks like me
technically it is wrong;
it takes almost double the time!
But those speakers
have a different purpose
my purpose is absolutely
different from theirs.
They speak because
they are prepared for it;
they are simply repeating
something that they have rehearsed.
they are speaking
to impose a certain ideology,
a certain idea on you.
Thirdly, to them speaking is an art
they go on refining it.
As far as I am concerned,
I am not
what they call
a speaker or an orator.
It is not an art to me or a technique;
technically I go on becoming worse every day!
But our purposes are totally different.
I don't want
to impress you
in order to manipulate you.
I don't speak for
any goal
to be achieved through convincing you.
I don't speak to convert you into a Christian, into a Hindu or a Mohammedan,
into a theist or an atheist
these are not my concerns.
My speaking is really
one of my devices for meditation.
Speaking has never been used this way:
I speak not to give you a message,
but to stop your mind functioning.
I speak
I don't know myself
what is going to be the next word;
hence I never commit any mistake.
One commits a mistake if one is prepared.
I never forget anything, because one forgets
if one has been remembering it.
So I speak with a freedom
that perhaps nobody has ever spoken with.
I am not concerned whether I am consistent,
because that is not the purpose.
A man who wants to convince you
and manipulate you through
his speaking
has to be consistent,
has to be logical,
has to be rational,
to overpower your reason.
He wants to dominate through words.
One of the very famous books of Dale Carnegie is
and influencing people
as an art
it has been sold second only to The Holy Bible
but I will fail his examinations.
He used to run
a course in America
to train missionaries, to train professors,
and to train orators. I will fail on all counts.
First, I have no motivation to convert you;
I have no desire anywhere to impress you.
And I don't remember what I have said yesterday,
so I cannot
bother about being consistent -- that is too much worry.
I can easily contradict myself,
because I am not trying
to have
a communication
with your intellectual,
rational mind.
My purpose is so unique
I am using
just to create
silent gaps.
The words are not important
so I can say anything contradictory,
anything absurd, anything unrelated,
because my purpose is
just to create gaps.
The words are secondary;
the silences between those words are primary.
This is simply a device to give you a glimpse of meditation.
And once you know that it is possible for you,
you have traveled far
in the direction of your own being.
Most of the people in the world don't think that it is possible for mind to be silent.
Because they don't think it is possible, they don't try.
How to give people a taste of meditation
was my
basic reason to speak,
so I can go on speaking eternally
it does not matter what I am saying.
All that matters
is that I give you a few chances
to be silent,
which you find difficult
on your own in the beginning.
I cannot force you to be silent,
but I can create a device in which
spontaneously you are bound to be silent.
I am speaking, and in the middle of a sentence,
when you were expecting another word to follow,
nothing follows
but a silent gap.
And your mind
was looking to listen,
and waiting for something to follow,
and does not want to miss it
naturally it becomes silent.
What can the poor mind do?
If it was well known
at what points I will be silent,
if it was declared to you
that on such and such points I will be silent,
then you could manage to think
you would not be silent.
Then you know: "This is the point where he is going to be silent,
now I can have a little
chit-chat with myself."
But because it comes absolutely
I don't know myself why at certain points I stop.
Anything like this,
in any orator in the world,
will be condemned,
because an orator
stopping again and again
means he is
not well prepared,
he has not done the homework.
It means that his memory
is not reliable,
that he cannot find, sometimes,
what word to use.
But because
it is not
I am not concerned about the people who will be condemning me
I am concerned with you.
And it is not only here,
but far away...
anywhere in the world
where people will be listening to the video
or to the audio,
they will come to the same
My success is not
to convince you,
my success is to give you a real taste
so that you can become confident
that meditation is not a fiction,
that the state of no-mind
is not just a
philosophical idea,
that it is a reality;
that you are capable of it, and that it does not need any special
Copyright© OSHO International Foundation, Switzerland
OSHO is a registered Trademark of OSHO International Foundation


宗教哲學大師「奧修」:分享話語中的寧靜 (OSHO TALKS: Silence Shared in Words)

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