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silence shared in words
You Have Everything but You Don't Have Yourself
Do you think its true that the more light you have
the better you can see what is trivial
and outmoded in your conditioning?
The more comfortable you are
the more luxurious you live
the more
in all the dimensions of life
more is the possibility
for you to become aware of one thing:
that you have everything
but you don't have yourself —
that you are surrounded by all the luxuries
there is nothing more to be added to it,
but who are you?
Living in a palace
but what the hell you are doing here?
The question is bound to happen.
The poor man cannot ask it.
He is looking for bread,
he is looking for his children's medicine,
he has no house
You think he will
start inquiring about his
about truth,
about the meaning of life?
It is impossible for a poor man
to be religious.
That's why I say I am the rich man's guru.
It has nothing to do
with me.
Only the rich man
has the opportunity
to inquire
the mundane things
The poor man
I feel sorry for him
but I cannot think that
I should go to Ethiopia and teach meditation there
They will kill me.
And I am not suicidal.
The world
has enough
technology now.
If its
prejudices and stupidities
can be dropped
we can make the whole world
a paradise.
Nothing is lacking.
If we can reach to the moon,
if we can create so much destructive power,
why we cannot create
creative power?
The same power can be transferred
into creativity
because power is always neutral.
You can burn your cigar by the lighter
you can burn your house too
Cigar does not...
lighter does not give you
any instructions what to do.
Science has made available
all the energies.
You are using them in the service of death.
Use them in the service of life.
I would like the whole world
to live so luxuriously
people start becoming
bored with luxury.
You should ask me
how I am bored with Rolls Royces.
How are you bored with Rolls Royces?
Ninety Rolls Royces
anybody will be bored.
And my people
are going to try
to have three hundred sixty-five.
They are bent upon to bore me.
What you can do?
And the whole earth
is capable for the first time
to be so luxurious
that you don't feel
any material need.
All material needs are fulfilled.
Then what you are going to do?
There is nothing else
than meditation.
That is the only door that is left
still open.
All other doors you have knocked
and seen there is nothing.
Only one door
is still open, inviting.
And whoever has entered that door
has never come
disappointed —
not a single case in the whole
history of humanity
that anybody who has
the center of his being
was disappointed,
felt meaningless,
was miserable,
committed suicide.
Not a single exception.
That's why I say meditation
is a scientific thing.
That's how science works:
if you can find something without any exception
it becomes rule.
Meditation is a scientific method
because in the whole history
nobody has
that it does not lead you
to the ultimate
This is such
a strange phenomenon
that these politicians go on
sympathizing with the poor people,
with the starving people,
with the dying people,
and the same politicians go on
throwing food into the sea.
Ethiopia is dying
and Europe has thrown
thousands of tons
of fresh oranges
into the ocean.
And the political leaders go on talking
about sympathy, compassion.
The religious leaders go on
talking about sympathy
and they are against birth control.
They are against
it should not be legalized.
they are responsible for creating more population;
that means more poverty.
The politicians are putting seventy-five percent
of their nation's income
into wars,
nuclear weapons,
and people are dying —
even their own people.
Thirty million people in America itself
are on the streets.
And you are creating nuclear weapons,
and you are
making efforts to reach to the mars
or to the moon.
You must have gone nuts!
Source: 'The Last Testament, Vol.2 # 3' Copyright © Osho International Foundation, Switzerland. OSHO is a registered TM.
Featuring: 'Music from the World of OSHO' Copyright © Osho International Foundation, Switzerland. OSHO is a registered TM.
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宗教哲學大師「奧修」:你擁有一切 但卻沒有你自己 (OSHO: You Have Everything, but You Don

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