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How to roast the ultimate marshmallow? Roasting marshmallows may seem simple. But there's
a right way and a wrong way. Here's the right way. You will need: a campfire, a package
of medium to large marshmallows and a roasting fork or long wooden stick.
Step 1. Check the fire and make sure it has areas that have burned down to embers.
They should be orange, but not bursting with flame. Sit upwind of the fire. You don't want smoke and flames in your face.
Step 2. Choose a marshmallow and place it at the end of a roasting fork or a long wooden stick.
Step 3. Place your marshmallow approximately 3 to 5 inches above the hot coals.
Now slowly turn the stick so that the marshmallow browns evenly on all sides and gets warm and gooey inside.
This should take about 15 to 30 seconds. If you burn a few marshmallows, don't be discouraged.
Remember the Buddhist saying Fall down seven times, get up eight”.
Step 4. Now that you've perfected the marshmallow basics
you can move on to more advanced techniques. These include: roasting multiple marshmallows
on a stick, making a classics' more, and the controversial Joan of Arc marshmallow.
Experiment! Soon you will become a marshmallow master.
Did you know the original marshmallow contained extracts from the root of the marshmallow plant, which gave it its spongy quality?
Now most marshmallows use gelatin.



軟綿綿的甜蜜滋味!這樣烤棉花糖最好吃 (How to Roast the Ultimate Marshmallow)

24981 分類 收藏
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