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Next stop is iPhone.
iPhone has been embraced by customers around the world
and it's growing by leaps and bounds not only in the United States
but in all corners of the planet from India to Turkey to Spain
in fact, at a worldwide level last quarter
iPhone grew at three and a half times the rest of the industry
this is truly remarkable and in China it's even more incredible.
iPhone grew a stunning 75% versus the rest of the industry in decline.
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus has been truly amazing.
It's been a phenomenal year.
iPhone 6 is the most popular iPhone ever.
in fact, these are the most popular phones in the world
but more important to us, they are the most loved phones in the world
with customer satisfaction literally off the charts
and far above any other phone. thank you.
So, how do you follow a success like this?
I got a question a few times. I am thrilled to show you the newest iPhones.
Introducing the Iphone 6S and the Iphone 6S Plus,
we are driven to innovate Apple you've seen that all morning and no product is more about innovation than the iPhone
from the very start, the iPhone has been about bringing innovations
that really important in people's daily lives
and as a result iPhone has changed the world.
but we have to show you today is really awesome and while they may look familiar,
we had changed everything about these new iPhones.
the team has worked incredibly hard to deliver new capabilities that are truly meaningful in our lives.
the iPhones , you are about to see are the most advanced iPhones ever.
and in fact they are the most advanced smartphone in the world.
To walk you through them, I'd like to invite Pill back up to the stage. Pill!
I'm truly honored to represent all of the incredible team that Apple
that works so hard on this product and be the one to present them to you now
because these new iPhones are absolutely beautiful most incredible iPhones we've ever made.
this is the brand new rose gold aluminum finish. while may look the same,
this is an entirely new aluminum, it is an apple custom alloy of 7000 series aluminum
the same alloys that are used in the aerospace industry.
the new iPhone success comes in four metal finishes:silver,gold, space grey,and the new rose gold.
it comes in two sizes, the iPhone 6S, with its 4.7-inch Retina display
and the 6S Plus with its 5.5 inch Retina display.
and those displays are covered by brand new glass.That's the strongest in the industry.
it's made with a dual-ion exchange process and they're incredibly durable.
perhaps the most profound feature, iPhone has ever brought to the world is multi-touch.
Multi-touch has changed how we interact with other devices
and taught us about pinch and zoom and swipe.



【蘋果最新發表會】6S最新功能有哪些?跟著庫克一起學時事英文!Iphone 6S - Official Video By Apple

20342 分類 收藏
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