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So, you're thinking of moving to Mars.
Have you picked out a spot for your new home?
No? Well, I'm here to help.
first things first
here are some of the things you'll need to bring to The Red Planet:
a high tolerance for cold, loneliness, and radiation;
a lifetime supply of breathable air and food;
a multibillion dollar spaceship;
a desire to just get away from it all;
and water.
You're definitely going to need water.
So what sort of real estate are you looking for?
How about a mansion in the maze-like Noctis Labyrinthus?
A hideaway in the Happy Face Crater?
A fortress on the Face Mesa?
An oceanview?
Uh, bad news on the last one.
You're about 4 billion years late.
We're pretty sure that Mars used to have oceans, lakes, rivers,
the whole package
But over time, almost all of it froze beneath the surface, or evaporated off into space.
There's probably still some trapped beneath
the seasonally expanding and contracting carbon dioxide ice caps, though.
So what might Mars look like today if it had surface water?
That, of course, depends on how much we're talking about,
but maybe something like this.
The relatively flat northern hemisphere is below the average elevation,
so it would become one giant ocean,
while the crater-ridden southern hemisphere would stay mostly high and dry.
That difference between hemispheres is a bit bizarre,
and we don't know why it's like that.
The southern half is probably much older,
judging by features like the number of craters,
and the evidence of increased volcanic activity in the north.
Okay, so who knows?
Maybe one day Mars will have oceans again,
but for now, what we've got is essentially one giant dusty desert.
In fact, it's similar enough to deserts on Earth,
that we've been able to learn a great deal about Mars on our home planet.
For instance, Martian sand dunes form and behave similarly to our sand dunes,
though the Martian versions often grow twice as large
thanks to a gravitational pull that's about a third as strong as ours.
And Mars has some features you won't see on Earth,
like tars, which are crestless sand dunes up to fifteen meters tall,
whose formations we have yet to understand.
You're probably wondering,
What do you get when you combine a planet-wide desert with an atmosphere that,
like ours, is subject to wind-generating pressure differentials?
Dust storms.
These will be your main weather hazards on the Red Planet.
They play a large part in making the planet red.
by distributing rusted iron particles across the surface and into the air.
Thanks to the low gravity and lack of moisture,
these dust storms can last for months and cover the planet.
So, you might want to build your home as high as possible.
Well, look no further.
This is Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the Solar System.
Even if Mars had a breathable atmosphere,
you'd find the views from the 25 kilometer summit breathtaking.
Or are volcanos not your thing?
Then how about Valles Marineris, the largest canyon in the Solar System?
It's so wide that from one side,
the opposite rim would be below the curve of the horizon.
Still, you'll catch some spectacular blue sunsets in the normally red sky,
which gets its color from the dust absorbing most of the blue light,
and the way sunlight is scattered by the atmosphere.
Have you got spirit, curiosity, or are you just looking for opportunity?
Then stop stalling and make the move to Mars today.
Mars: Redder than Ever.



【Ted-Ed】我們真的能夠在火星生活嗎? (Could we actually live on Mars?)

27343 分類 收藏
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1first things first0:19
first things first 這個用法代表「首要的、最重要的是」,最常被使用在勸人做事的先後順序應該遵循重要性,要先把要事做完,要懂得 prioritize (把東西、事情排出優先順序)。
I know you really are looking forward to next month's trip, but first things first, you've got to finish that project.

與侏羅紀世界男主角一起來探討恐龍世界! (Jurassic World Science feat. Chris Pratt and Jack Horner)

2the whole package1:08
the whole package 在影片中是「一應俱全」的意思。在日常生活中,我們較常會看到這個被用在人上面,指的是「擁有所有理想條件」,如果有人對你這樣說的話,可以多注意一下,戀情搞不好要來囉!
He's handsome, rich, and humorous. He has the whole package.

3play a part in2:59
play a part in 是「與...有關、對...有影響」的意思。play a part 也可以指「扮演一個角色、參與」,這也常被用來指在戲劇中扮演一個角色。類似的片語也可以用 play a role 替代。
His instincts played a part in his decision.

He played a small part in the recent school play.

breathtaking 這個字指「驚人的、驚險的」,是由 breath「呼吸」+ taking「帶走」組成的。如果有事物讓你十分吃驚、驚艷,就有可能帶走你的呼吸 (讓你忘記呼吸) 噢!
The scenary here from the top of the mountain is breathtaking.

astonishing 令人驚訝的、驚人的
His achievement in this area of study is astonishing.

magnificent 壯觀的、華麗的
This painting is truly a magnificent piece of art.

stunning 令人震驚的、極好的
Phoebe looked stunning in that dress.

六分鐘帶你環遊紐約大蘋果! (New York, United States of America | Expedia)

stall 除了名詞的「馬廄、停車的地方」等等意思之外,也可以表示「推辭、拖延」。
在影片中的 stop stalling 就是「不要再遲疑了」的意思噢!
He keeps playing dumb, trying to stall for time.

hinder 阻礙、打擾
This project's progress is greatly hindered by the storm.

postpone 延遲、緩辦
The teacher postponed the date of the exam.

put off 推遲、拖延
Because of the heavy snow, the game was put off until next week.

看完這麼有趣的火星介紹,是不是對火星有更深的瞭解了呢? 選好你的家要蓋在哪了嗎? 選好了的話,stop stalling,出發吧!

文/ Christine
編輯/ Tina Hsu

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